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  1. that is fine...and it's not too late. thank you! wasn't sure if anybody was going to help out ..glad somebody did
  2. Can somebody make me a benner witht he following please:size: 750 x 94colors: blue (sky blue or some kind of light blue) and whiteText: Perseverance i think something with only brushes would do it..no need for pictures..it should have kind of a professinal look.some kind of sparkly things or fractals would be most appropriate for this. The banner will be used for a website for an Business Informations class.I need it asap. It doesn't require much work i don't think. I just don't know how to do it myself.
  3. no, it's not really a template, this is PHP NUKE , i don't know what xanthia is, but nothing is in html on here, all files have the extension .php, every part of the page is basicaly seperated on different files, body,php, header.php, footer.php, etc..
  4. hi, i'm trying to put this google adsense code into my site but i don't know where to put it or what file..i want it to show on all the pages, this is those type of ads where it finds a word and when you scroll over it a box pops-up .. basically content ads.do i put this in the index.php or where? can anyone help me?
  5. hey im not sure if im posting this int he right place but is there anyone who can edit a flash header for my site? i don't have the program and i don't know how to work so if anyone wants to help me..i can either post the file on my site so you can get it or i can send it through msn/ aim.
  6. ok what aboout viewwing the files than? and why i cant link to those other files inside another folder in public_html
  7. here are the pics... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/djluki/bar.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/djluki/pic1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/djluki/pic1.jpg
  8. this is not related to my domain...because when i visit my site through my domain it does not show up.. this has to do with the cpanel. when i go to the cpanel login window, i get the certificate error thing, it says that it is not safe. and i can still go log in.... but the address bar on ie becomes all red and that certificate error logo shows. and also, i can't view an of my files from file manager....i have made a new folder inside the public_html, and none of the files under that folder are working.. i can't link to them anyhow.
  9. ok is anyone going to look into this??? i opened a support ticket, sent an email, post here and have not received anything from anyone.. it says customer support 24/7??
  10. i'm having a problem with this... im getting a certificare error everytime i log into my cpanel and the file manager... i think this is causing some problems with some of my files to because im not able to view them. how do i fix this?
  11. well, i wasnt using an image , i was using text and it kept doing that but i think i got it fixed now.
  12. hey, i made this template in photoshop and i have coded and everything but the problem is that the content boxes are stretching and its messing up everything. how can i make it so the "cells" i guess don't stretch.. because when i add stuff to the boxes they are stretching and its starting to duplicate.
  13. well my computer is in german.. and i don't know what iexplorer is on my comp...
  14. hi, im having an issue.. i have a window stuck in my desktop and i can't get rid of it.. i can't see the toolbar at the top to exit out and i have restarted the computer but it will not go away. its stuck right there. how can i get rid of it? or is ther way to move it down?? its not a full screen window.. its only like 1/3.
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