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  1. i'm not using windows 7 and mcafee both. and i think for business and commercial company ,it's a big attack from mcafee false identi,i'm using avast free,it's not powerful but it's all right now on my desktop.
  2. prefer modify other's CSS instead of creat a new one. xD
  3. after years,7-zip's new stable version "4.62" released yesterday. as we all know the previous version "4.57". this is the whole changelog http://7-zip.org/
  4. Hey folks,i am coming here just watching if something new there,but i find my link in signature, changed to "http://forums.xisto.com/redirect.php?93=http://mylink.com;.oh-_-&; it's not so good to me.why you couldn't accept a out link in signature. anybody know it just tell me.
  5. godaddy is your optional choice and which is my refer.i just dont know other registration but choose the larger one.. don't mind of money if you really hold a valuable site,if not,use free sub dns domain.like "yi.org".
  6. no ! no think of got a Free Domain.it's others who own the domain but not yours.just using a free subdomain with DNS management. like yi.org. uni.ccsomething like that.
  7. it's no problem i think,via you actions.just wait 24 hours for it's avalible.i'm always do need wait hours for my dns changing.
  8. seems as above says.i think there isn't so much idea about creat a new siteall minds got by otheres years ago.!maybe a little topic,a little forum,a little people on it but not a large topic like "game!computer" stuff?
  9. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ latest SXE version md5 is the same as official release
  10. hey folks i'm looking a domain for 2 years long,could you gave me some ?i could gave you offers
  11. i just wanna open an English site so that my price of per click of google ads would grow..now it's so low.. but i ve no idea what site to build,what sort of it. it's really a big problem to me.anyone could gave me some advice?
  12. i viewed your profile.php page,you got sadness for a long time then taking medications for it??i'm sorry for that.then for your website: maybe gave CSS anchor hover color? it's could be brown or some lightly deep color.i'm not expert on web design so i gave you this only one advice.:lol:i'm from china.
  13. years ago i did use Xisto host service. it's stable,but then blocked by china.then i changed to another host,it's no need you post so much and didn't take the "default page must be in english". so it's all right. maybe the rule change,years ago my site in here were full of non english. PM me or gtalk x#xdn. org. ru
  14. although that you got your own information on toolbar,but you also got your own malware or spyware which lag custom's view speed and thief their privacy?toolbar, is really a bad thing for me.on my opera,IE,ff,there is no toolbar,always NO.
  15. butcooleappieyour idea is fresh and seems really big project.even all education could make sense of got every word's pronounce?country education would solve this?
  16. i never heard of that or use that forum script. and i got a demo forum on opensourcecms.com http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and i can not found any differences between these so many forum (opensource) scripts like punbb phpbb usebb mybb,mini something like that. anyone could give me why we d choose aef? anyhow i find aef use "aef license" ,oh mad!
  17. the problem is why the scams got our paypal Email.that' coz we should give it to the world so that we could receive money,(as a webmaster)how solve the problem,i suggested paypal should not use "email" (the real paypal owner) as a paypal accountbut use "ID" as a paypal account, then everyone could receive or transfer the money to other paypal with their paypal "ID".do you know what i'm meaning?
  18. there is another file storage site: uploaded.tothey said ,when you register an account,upload some filesby the download mounts your file been downloaded,your points growing.and when you got 60,000 points you will got one month free premium account.i just don't know if it's true,but i found it's no use for me.
  19. hi folks i'm learning that the javascript and cookies sometimes leak your real ip and actions on surf ,some expert advice me close javascript ,stop the function of my opera and IE.so i did.then everytime i log into a forum i need opend it manually so i can log in. ;)and lots of website's using javascript as a necessary then i opened it manually..oh my life got boring. how your guys doing with that? is it really necessary or not?btw,opera got it's 9.27 version.are you still using 9.26? just download a new package and surf safely.( i don't know why opera not update itself automatically check the update then re start the programme, but we should download a whole new setup? )
  20. if you guys plz tell me how to apply google apps?and when i apply it,i should use english interface and choose "schools or organizations",but i can not choose"business",so that i could passed the registration,got a free account.but i don't know the reason.there then i couldn't chooose some specie country,coz it told me "we are not support this country to use this service".and i don't know the risk if i choose a folk country and write an organization without in the world.
  21. hey do you guys got some simple cms to make lots of sites quickly? maybe gonna with the collection functions? there i got some and let you know,anyone know more just reply, chyrp, it light weight,but it cost more cpu and memory. flatpress cool,no need to database textpattern i can not pass the w3 validator with it.
  22. google adsense is not so cute, i have a date site but there he displayed me a stock training ads which i don't know how to deal.maybe that your site didn't have enough contents,or enough related contents ,make it more so that google will recognize that OH,you are about that but not this.
  23. it's hard to say , i got the hell years but google still got my private for years. the site all gone for a long time,but my cache still there.google really sucks
  24. hey dude,if you dont' use yourname.trap17.com,you won't been index for that short while.i'm using a new domain,and it take me so long time to be indexed.maybe months
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