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  1. well if you really looked at it. even windows has some spelling mistakes. that what makes us human.
  2. well your psp can only play mpeg-4 videos. but downgrading/custom firmaware can make you play other file types like wma.
  3. well a plague or war can be a solution . but a more realistic solution is a government funded incentive to family with less than 3 children.
  4. just a note: when cars are invented, they are slower than the main transportation of that time which is horses.and a theory car crash is not worse than a possible end of the world. just hope they won't do the test with dark matter
  5. LOL seen that one way way before. i know there's a counterpart of that ( Boys are stupid?) but can't remember where ive seen it. ill post it here if i found it again
  6. what kind of memory card you use? is it the old mmc card? if so try this one it works. look at the contacts of your mmc the bronze thing. look for the most left contact and it is misaligned to others. just cover it when you put it in your computer. ex. paper with tape.NOTE: it must be the only one to be covered.if this works for you, then your camera, or digital device has an setup which is different to your computer. its kinda complicated just hope this helps, this is a temporary solution but one that works for me. better than formatting it.
  7. one of my emails is full of these one and most of them came from africa. but if i think of it. if these emalis are true, then ill be filthy rich by now
  8. well eating ice increases your libido dunno if its true
  9. well its too simple for me. its like using the doom skins but its not doom at all. there are sites where you can play the original doom pc game
  10. well disabling safe boot is a bad choice. i recommend using a software is like the "system restore" of xp. safe boot is a life saver when your windows is acting up.
  11. well not below 17 i think, just before they graduate. teaching this to little kids is insane
  12. yes still possible but i think you cannot live in the city. almost all things are made out of computers. guess youll be stuck in your bathroom (even my bathroom has a audio player guess im stuck in using computers )
  13. looking for a free webhost and the first thing that came out in google is 150m.com. i have used it way way back then its a good. but when i have tried using it again it turns out to be a scam. then browsed a little bit and found this one and im happy
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