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  1. i'm not using windows 7 and mcafee both. and i think for business and commercial company ,it's a big attack from mcafee false identi,i'm using avast free,it's not powerful but it's all right now on my desktop.
  2. prefer modify other's CSS instead of creat a new one. xD
  3. after years,7-zip's new stable version "4.62" released yesterday. as we all know the previous version "4.57". this is the whole changelog http://7-zip.org/
  4. Hey folks,i am coming here just watching if something new there,but i find my link in signature, changed to "http://forums.xisto.com/redirect.php?93=http://mylink.com;.oh-_-&; it's not so good to me.why you couldn't accept a out link in signature. anybody know it just tell me.
  5. godaddy is your optional choice and which is my refer.i just dont know other registration but choose the larger one.. don't mind of money if you really hold a valuable site,if not,use free sub dns domain.like "yi.org".
  6. no ! no think of got a Free Domain.it's others who own the domain but not yours.just using a free subdomain with DNS management. like yi.org. uni.ccsomething like that.
  7. it's no problem i think,via you actions.just wait 24 hours for it's avalible.i'm always do need wait hours for my dns changing.
  8. seems as above says.i think there isn't so much idea about creat a new siteall minds got by otheres years ago.!maybe a little topic,a little forum,a little people on it but not a large topic like "game!computer" stuff?
  9. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ latest SXE version md5 is the same as official release
  10. hey folks i'm looking a domain for 2 years long,could you gave me some ?i could gave you offers
  11. i just wanna open an English site so that my price of per click of google ads would grow..now it's so low.. but i ve no idea what site to build,what sort of it. it's really a big problem to me.anyone could gave me some advice?
  12. i viewed your profile.php page,you got sadness for a long time then taking medications for it??i'm sorry for that.then for your website: maybe gave CSS anchor hover color? it's could be brown or some lightly deep color.i'm not expert on web design so i gave you this only one advice.:lol:i'm from china.
  13. years ago i did use Xisto host service. it's stable,but then blocked by china.then i changed to another host,it's no need you post so much and didn't take the "default page must be in english". so it's all right. maybe the rule change,years ago my site in here were full of non english. PM me or gtalk x#xdn. org. ru
  14. although that you got your own information on toolbar,but you also got your own malware or spyware which lag custom's view speed and thief their privacy?toolbar, is really a bad thing for me.on my opera,IE,ff,there is no toolbar,always NO.
  15. butcooleappieyour idea is fresh and seems really big project.even all education could make sense of got every word's pronounce?country education would solve this?
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