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Do You Enjoy Using Window Xp


Enjoying Windows XP? Are you kiddin' me? It's ridiculed with bugs, viruses and a service pack 2 that degrades or destroys your machine! WinXP is the most bloated OS I've ever encountered. I use Linux, not bloated and definately not ridiculed with bugs and have service packs that are not machine degrading or destroying.I am part gamer, so I use Linux to the best of my gaming, if Cedega can't emulate it, then I use Windows. Even in the case of Windows; Win2k SP4 is faster and much stabler than WinXP.After 6 months testing, the results are from worst to best Windows OS:Win MEWin 3.1 and lowerWin 95Win 98Win XPWin 2Kand of course Linux is better than Win2K except for Mandriva (formerly Mandrake).Plus, KDE (using QT technology) has the best desktop environment I've ever seen, better than the Win32 GUI on WinXP.xboxrulz


lol no i xp! it is just a hunk of graphics and flaws... Now 98 2nd edition now there is a nice system


I enjoyed using Windows XP all the while. The user interface is friendly and many themes and skins can be applied on it. By the way, i hope i hope i can get the answer to this question (hope is not off-topic ):I have been told that Windows XP cannot use memory ggreater than 512MB. Is this true?Thank you.


i woudln't say i like it but i just use it because its there. The only think I like it for is the many software that is compatible with it. Like people build software mostly for windows computers. If only i could dual boot windows and linux... well i could but i gotta get linux first. lol.


Xp is mch better then win 98, ME and the others.I dont know if its better then linux or not because I have never used linux. But I really like xp, because most games can be played on XP. Many softwares only run in xp. And its looks are great, there are many themes which make xp's visual effects even better. With SP2 you can get much better protection so I really like it.

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