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    Into graphics, html/css, sports and music. I listen to metal, hard rock, r&b mainly but I like anything.

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  1. IF you're in a relationhip/married etc , how did you meet them and how did you know they were the one I love hearing stories!!! Tell meee
  2. Mines coming in the post for tomrorow I'm super excited for it to arrive!!! I was wondering if anyone else has gone and what do they use it for? I'm going to try running cron jobs / scripts to book my gym classes because theres limited of spaces everyday they get booked up as soon as they go online! I was also thinking of running a tweetbot and a Pinterest bot? Any other ideas would be cool I bought the Pi over Arduino as I hard you can run multiple tasks which is soo cool! I can't wait to get it yyeyeyeyeh
  3. Wow, that is such an interesting way to see it! I always assumed we inherit it from our parents, to begin with so the first 13 years (or so) of your life when you're under their roof you treat others the way your parents treat you. I think this is why sometimes there are bullies in schools because of their home life. Then your friends, surroundings sculpt that later on in life to tune who you are. But I do agree with a lot of the people from my school and my friends all have a similar mindset and I met all different people at University that's when the fun began ;) I also think maybe like attracts like? I read somewhere you are roughly the equivalent of all your friends put together?
  4. Interesting most of my friends are similar to me ! Did you read the 'information' on it? do you think it is like you ?
  5. I am an ENTP although I use to be INFP then I turned into ENFP now I am ENTP. It stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. (image source: https://www.truity.com/personality-type/ENTP) I'm curious what are you? There are free personality tests online you can do I like this one because the graphics are nice: https://www.16personalities.com/
  6. I don't have enough data to play any games any more but I used to play Heroes of Order & Chaos! It's a MOBA game similar to LEague of legends/Dota. It's best played on a tablet because the screens bigger but it's super fun! You team up with 4 other people and you fight on a map to kill enemy and shoot down their turrets to get their base
  7. Hi, I would like to create a subdomain in my Xisto hosting Cpanel.. and then host it on another server(a free one) so I can separate my content. How would I do this? The info of the other host is: [''] [TTL=86400] So In the Zone editor I created And I try to park it in the other server but it doesnt work? Any ideas on how to do this?? DO I put it in CNAME???? (I Have already tried making the TTL = 86400 and it doesnt work the other site wont let me park it)
  8. Thanks I saved important files onto another external as I wanted a clean reset I want to reset my old internal old HDD to use just as memory(not have mac OS running on it) but my disk utility wont let me????? I can't find any information online. Is there a way to stop it running an OS ??? Or run Windows on it so the coputer is dual OS windows/mac ?
  9. Hiiii . It was successful-ish =) I just had to unscrew everything and take out the optical drive and then put the SSD into a caddie case and slot it in. I booted it up and it works I'm trying to install macOS sierra in it now and change the start-up disk to my new one? I hope it works IrRead online if it doesnt... might have to swap the main HDD and 2ndary over which is annoying
  10. I only know how to take out RAM Thanks! My caddy has arrived now. I'm going to watch a youtube video and following it step by step! I never know how to do anything until I research and follow a guide. It should be fine
  11. Oh yeah I never thought about that you are so right!!!! I'm glad I asked. I can set up myself which disk to boot can't I? SO It doesnt matter that I've placed it in the cd area. Thanks Yordan!
  12. My macbook Pro 2011 is slowly dying. I've bought a new 500gb samsung SSD to go in there. My friend is telling me to take out the CD drive (as has never even been used) and to add it in that bracket instead and keep both hard drives in my macbook. In one sense Im like yeah that's well resourceful of space, time (not having to move all my files etc) but then Im thinking... that my macbook is going to be HEAVY I don't know what do you guys think? Thanks
  13. Becca

    Remember Trap17.com?

    I miss trap17. Im so happy all the old posts are here I can read back and laugh at my 14 year old self giving out dating advice when i know nothing about it myslf LOL
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