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  1. I'd like to wish you a happy birthday!

  2. The only thing I can say is to darken the blue and make sure you have rollovers on the buttons on the right that darken when you go over them. I like it.
  3. There are two mistakes, look at the hair and look at the shadow close tothe third arm. (plus the shadow may be a little high to begin with)
  4. Oh and also... this isn't the final version. I keep forgetting to upload the image that has all of the little details finished. (Such as some slight mistakes you'll find)
  5. I love being able to have control over the photography and having good photos to work with... It's about choices, when you knowingly make one you know you shouldn't and that will affect you later.
  6. 8 It looks like you should have done the spider with the pen tool, it looks like the pencil tool was used.
  7. haha, calm down. (Some people just don't know) The ONLY thing I'm not quite sure I like are the black splatters nehind his head that blend in with his head. I would personally prefer they were a dark gray or something, but, that's me. Other than that, it's some freakin' good ps vector work.
  8. You click on the icons, you can then see larger versions of them. And I still can't figure out what everyone's problem is, I've seen my site on three different computers, one laptop and two desktops. I have absolutely no problem with readability. I just added nine more images to the Personal section. to panda- I doubted that the word "portfolio" was going to make sense to someone who obviously couldn't recognize one, so I didn't bother using it.
  9. I have no problems with readability on this site, and I'm using a 19" crt monitor at 1600x1200. I'm also about 2 1/2 feet away from the screen, and I can read it just fine. Also, there's rollovers on the navigation to make it even easier to see. I will admit, the white text is a little iffy, but if I can read it with what I'm using, I doubt that anyone else would have a problem. I would think that after looking at the site (andd perhaps seeing the name of the site) that what it's for would be obvious. How is it useless? You know, some people have websites that show off their work so that they can show potential clients examples, so they know what to expect and to see if they like it. And yes, I used Photoshop.
  10. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I got bored over the weekend, so I made this. Notice from cmatcmextra: Moved from Templates/Themes
  11. pay me a couple of bucks and I'll help I am a graphics designer, after all. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  12. graffiti font does not fit in at all with that picture. Especially the way it is. And yeah, contrast is good sometimes and I personally really like the oclor red in my work, but it's a little overdone.
  13. I need to access my website so that I can download it and upload it to my paid hosting and domain at accidental-design.com. I am currently in Alaska for Vacation (I live in Ohio) and I need to access my site by June 11th at the latest, now would be better. The main reason for this is I'm visiting http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ on June 13th and I would like to have my site up and running when I'm there. I just would like to know why my website is gone, I have plenty of credits and posted at least twice in the last month I believe. (11 credits or so left right now, I had 50 a while back.) A quick reply would be nice. My site worked on the weekend just fine and now it's gone.
  14. Basically, trying to learn own your own isn't a bad idea. Tutorials are there to help you learn some techniques and become more familiar with photoshop. http://www.bluesfear.com/ is a decent site, and http://www.good-tutorials.com/ is a good site with many tuts. I started out without tutorials at first, and I just learned what most of the tools and filters did. I then used tutorials to learn more in-depth on combining the many tools that photoshop has. I now just do everything on my own without tutorials.
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