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Do You Enjoy Using Window Xp


I dont mind using XP. After when you turn off the many un needed services, windows xp turns out to be a good, reliable opertaing system.


I dont reall have a comment about it......I truly like how easy it is and how simple accessing everything is but really prefer linux due to its different functions and stuff...But out of all of the past windows distros....Xp has made its mark due to its amazing swiftness and not many snags other than constant viruses and trojans and hacks that have gotten out of hand....I just think alot of other problems have arrisen and caused many government issues to arrise....The whole Piracy stuff has causes a big issue with windows by how it is so easy to just copy it and run it....Also I would like to comment on its crack on this situation though which is causing those who cant afford a decent OS cannot obtain it unless they rob a bank to get the money for it hahaha....I dunno but no comment here :-\


Well XP its alright compared to some of Microsoft's old operating systems' features.




Anti-XP: The new XP visual themes can't be edited at all. You'll need either change a system DLL or get a third party application that can change the visual style. In 98? Pfft, plain, simple (I mean that as a plus) and EDITABLE.


Pro-XP: Paint can save in JPEG. Might sound kinda stupid, but I like that.


Oh no, I hate XP. In fact, it uses too much RAM and CPU. But of cause u can launch it on 500MHz Pentium III, but anyway you need a much faster machine.

I think that Windos XP is for users, not for those who use computer only for pleasure and not for them who want their software and programm be safe. There are a lot of wholes in Windows XP and so it can be hacked easily. For me Windows XP is bad Windows 2000 with graphics and worse defianse. And people who buy Windows XP are just users who like beutiful pictures on their screen.


Indeed. XP Uses many resources. In order to boost your system you'll need to install the PRO version and turn off unwanted services (google "windows xp services removal guide"). If you're going to do the last one mentioned, please use System Restore before you touch anything at all.


I enjoy it I geuss, I like it more than the other versions of Windows, and stay with Windows because Windows has much more program compatability, but I like Linux more because it's fast and powerful, I've wanted to put it on my PC, but I know it would make my mom mad.


Its definately easier to use, I tried out Linux a while back and had such a headache messing about with the fonts, not sure it compares today but back then, it took alot of work to get screen fonts to look sharp and crisp, I took XP and windows for granted, they make life so easy we forget stuff like there font technology and ease of use, mind you though, this easeness comes at a price (vulnerability), my linux box always felt secure!

Good Grief Graphics

I have pro, haven't had much experience with xp home.


By default XP does consume a lot more resourses than win98 or maybe win2000. But if properly tweaked, it can run fairly well on a 150mhz 128ram computer with an ancient video card. Win 98 still boots faster but its a royal pain in the *bottom* to set up a wireless connection with it...


That depends on what Im doing I mean If im playing a game or summat then yeah but If im (as I really should be doing now) doing my physics coursework or summat then no, but In regards to general use then I do agree that it is thier best OS yet as it offers more functionality and stuff like that, however I do not enjoy cleaning up the viruses it is very suseptible to. Also i do agree with the use of system resources, its high usage does occasionally cripple my less than great computer.


I have pro, haven't had much experience with xp home.


Windows XP Home Edition is a LOT slower than the Professional Edition. My old PC was an Intel Celeron 950MHz 112mb ram (16mb for video ram). When it ran under home edition, I had to wait around 3 to 4 seconds for menus to show up. But when it ran under pro edition, they popped up inmmediately. Everything else is the same.


When I actually had Windows XP installed onto my computer, I already had a bad feeling about it. I hate Windows XP. It was slow, all sorts ofweird pop-ups popped up every 10 minutes or so (and they weren't wholesome messages either), it had a lot useless stuff in it, my printer modem and sound card did not work on it (I wasn't going to buy XP-compliant hardware either) and apart from the graphics, in short, it was bad. Now, I'm just talking about Windows XP Pro. I won't even imagine how bad Windows XP Home is. I'll always like my Windows 98.


When it ran under home edition, I had to wait around 3 to 4 seconds for menus to show up. But when it ran under pro edition, they popped up inmmediately. Everything else is the same.


If you just hovered over them it might be the settings doing that, not the speed of your pc - you can tweak it so that it waits for a certain period of time if you are hovering. Or perhaps it isnt! Anyway...


I think a classic example of annoying-beige-popup syndrome is the one when you first install XP. It simply says:


To make this message disappear, click on the cross in the window.

...or something very similar. And thats it! I mean, honestly, you think I care?


I guess we are kind of stuck with XP, as it is the operating system most modern software is designed for. It also has a lot of new features over 98 and 2k, if you can find them... Yes I know, Linux etc but do you think I'm that smart?


Conclusion: you have to live with it, so start putting up with it


- Vacant.


this is what im getting from all those posts, and it is that all of you guys/girls, like XP because it is more User Friendly, can change desktops backgrounds images blahblah. But yeah i also agree taht winXP is more targeted by coders, just bacause it is the OS that is most used. Therefore there are other OS that can be used so you dont get a virus, etc. I also think that people dont like linux because they dont know how to program, and that is ok, but i just think that is one of the main reasons.


I have used several of the Window products. I enjoy windows xp and have not experienced mamy problems with it. I am not familar with the other OS however.


Windows XP is really great. What is fantastic about it is the fact that because it's memory management is much more advanced and program orientated the operating system doesn't give way completely if just one program decides to crash. Remember the dreaded "blue screen" in Windows 98 that basically only left the user with one options, hit the reset button. Windows 98 was horribly unstable and just overall terrible. Microsoft have hit the target well with XP's stability and ease of use, not to mention just basically a cleaner and more pleasing general look too.One of my favourite features is also the fact that Windows XP is just champion at detecting devices and setting them up for you. With 98 you always had to look for the drivers on the web and everything or on the CD's that you probably lost about 2 years ago when you bought the PC. When you install XP it makes it a pleasure by setting everything up properly.Does anybody remember when Bill Gates did the first public preview of Windows 98 in 97 and within the first 30 seconds the operating system had crashed with the blue screen- how embarressing is that! In front of all those people. I guess when your worth several billions of dollars you can afford to be embarressed though.Overall XP is the bomb. The only *BLEEP* things are the fact that all it's components take up loads of space and require a fair bit of RAM. But hey, with prices as cheap as they are these days for big hard drives and RAM, people have no excuse to stay on 98, in fact, I feel sorry for anybody who still uses 98 because it is pretty horrid.


I think the best thing about XP is that it has been around for quite a long time. Unlike previous OSes Win 98, Win 2000, and the short lived Win ME the product cycle is significantly longer this time so people don?t have to switch to new ones and have to combat all those compatibility issues. The kernel of XP is reasonably stable then Win 98/ME, after all the Win NT/2000/XP series are built on a more decent kernel, keeping applications and debuggers further away from Ring 0, and thus provided better stability. However, in comparison with Win 2000 and the Linux Kernel, the XP kernel is not much superior, but the size of RAM it uses is much larger then those two OSes. Also, the XP kernel, like the 2000 kernel, reserves 1GB of RAM for internal use, even the kernel needs not such a large amount of RAM and so leaving only 3GB RAM at most for applications. This is one of the many defects of the Windows XP. The XP is solely built to run Intel and AMD CPUs, its compatibility is not as good as Linux. Unlike Knoppix, you can?t run XP on a Compact Disc. XP huge size is formidable. XP also does not offer options for different run levels. Either you are at the recovery mode, or you are at the safe mode, or the normal mode. You cannot choose which level you want to use and so is not as safe as Linux. It can only be installed on disc 1 (if you have two harddisks), unlike Linux. Anyway, I think the graphical user interface of XP is pleasing to the eyes. The built in technology like DirectX is indispensable for 3D games and video. It has a good library of drivers and good hardware support. It is a fool proof OS that dummies will enjoy using.


I?m not a great analist of operating systems. I like Windows XP because I think it?s really much more stable than previous windows versions (at least home versions). But I also find them too much colourful and it seems that they?ve intended to make it difficult to configure some settings by users. But maybe it?s only an impression.


all the windows xp series are good and awesome operating system in os field so far.i have used several os like other windows version and mac,linux.the mac give us a beautiful window and gorgeous feeling;linux bring us souce style when installing software much more convenient,but similar to microsoft product,which make people ignore its novelty.after all,xp come out with improve more bug and offer more useful and good function to us.i think if i am not a grafics maker i would like to work under windows xp os,otherwise,apple mac os must be the best.


Windows XP is good site as long as you dont mess with the whistles of it.i think i have enjoyed virtual desktop and transparency feature a lot.remote desktop connection,windows update,sp2 features are great.there are so many things you can explore in XP.More will be added in the Longhorn but i think we need to update our hardware before arrival of longhorn.i wish one day linux can be as easy as windows is now.


I have only ever used Windows 98, XP and Apple Mac but I think XP is my favourite, but after hearing from all the people that said Linux is good, I would like to try that!


I have used both Windows XP and Mac OS X Panther. I must say that I would take Panther over XP any day. I started out a Mac user and then switched to XP when I found out it had much more compatible programs. The programs, however, were mostly junk. I plan to switch back to OS X, not only because of the superior operating system, but because iLife is included. iLife is a great series. As far as the operating systems go, Mac OS X is much more stable. OS X is unix based, so it crashes far less than Windows. The system itself is much smoother and there are cool features like Expose and the Apple Dock that make using your computer much easier. The best feature about Panther is the simplicity. The computer as a whole is much more user-friendly than Windows XP. That is why I am switching to Apple as soon as a PowerBook G5 comes out. Hopefully sooner than later.

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