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  1. hello, i tried to send you P.M. but some sort of error appears. please send me P.M. so we can discuss about design.
  2. thx for the tutorial, but those flashy buttons are not solution.i need a bit more professional buttons for that website
  3. I need cool buttons for my website, for contact, pdf and more links,I'm willing to pay for that designsAlso if you know good websites where i can buy similar buttons that would also be helpfulThank you
  4. Google Chrome designer bug was found merely few hours after google releasted it. I really love google products. And while waiting for the NEW browser which will revolutionize the internet, as designer i really hoped that they will fix the stupid scrool bug by adding empty white space as holder of the scrool, so that you don't have to se your page shiver when loading from small content to content that has some scrolling to do" I also hope that google engineers find this notice before they reach zillion of uses of their browser. More news can be found, here
  5. Happy birthday, if it is urs

  6. aww... you're leaving trap? well, good luck on whatever you're going to do and have fun, ok?

  7. hey Ivan! Happy birthday!

  8. Ok, i'm just interested will my credits go to 0 couse now i have 150, if i get accepted for 30 credits application? :XD:
  9. Hy peeps. That forum "Post a new topic in My Ideas, Theories, Possiblities, Innovation" (possiblities is misspelled ), is forum forum for my first posts, and i guess for few last ones (unless it gets accepted :XD:) j/k (memories) Anyway trap has a good offer for 250 credits for one year of domain, and i was wondering why can't be an offer for 250 credits for one year of hosting. Here's how i think it goes, and why 250 credits application could be a good one. buying a hosting for a website, means that you have a good idea for your website when you are achieving that goal you don't have much time to post on forums, but you are dedicated to developing your website after development you need a good host to test your website if in your free time you managed to stay active on trap forums an gather at least 250 credit (which isn't that hard) you can go for one year hosting application one year hosting is approved, and you don't lose credits for one year after that approval if you don't have enough credits to buy another year of hosting then your account is canceled, or you just start to lose your credits unless you canceled your account Gathering 250 credits requires patience, and again if you gather so much you wouldn't have to wory about your credits going to be brought back to 0 after your 30 credits hosting application is approved. Thank you for taking time to read this. Notice from BuffaloHELP: Spelling corrected and moved to Feedback > Suggestions
  10. @ffanatics, i guess your comments were for the design in post no #1 please check out this my NEW design. this was not a good idea to put all designs in same topic :XD: just to comment on the image sizes of the new design, it's 33,3 KB (34.128 bytes)-> files 68,0 KB (69.632 bytes)->on disk and i'm going to edit the post#1 so people don't mistake designs again Thanks for the review
  11. oh, sorry i should edit that.. and change the link.. first design is old, and not in use i think.. i'll find it somewhere on my PC an change the link after not beeing hosted at trap anymore lot's of my links are broken.. :XD: thanks for the good comments on New design EDIT: repaired the broken link
  12. Ok, sorry mods for that way ot post in website reviews i forgot it's supposed to go in website showcase. Here is my second, latest design i wanted to show of, and here few good words about it. Thanks for replies! :XD:
  13. i was unsure wheater to post a topic about this subject, and then just few posts below i saw someone talking about lsd, and mentioning dr.Houses episode when he used it to treat migraine... anyway, dr House is only series i'm lurking for on TV, and i think it's great. It's power is in the brilliant new way of studying human behavior on whole new level. Psychological profiles of characters like House, and his crew are made to be conflicting but again show that line in each one of us which makes us humans. Anyway i just wanted to comment on last episode i saw, when he got shot, and had complete outer body experience, in which he realized that he's hallucinating, and strugling to stay alive. Also he mentioned ketamine, which is powerfull supstance that i know people used in heavy depressing states, when they had trouble dealing with deaths of their closest. ketamine is known to produce outer body experiences and so called astral projections, and many people noted that after just few trips they had chance to feel the presence of their lost family, friends, which helped them in accepting their deaths, and getting rid of depression. as for psychedelic writings, i do that in my free time, on paper and on web, but i'm writing in my native language, couse it's hard to express all those feelings and impressions in foreign language. thanks for accepting this topic, couse i'm sure many people will misunderstand it's purpuse
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