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  1. A blog is usually a online diary whereby the author will share his/her thoughts. As for a forum, it will be more of a community kind of website. So unless the author of the former is a celebrity or someone who can write pretty well, the latter will usually be more active.
  2. With the season a day away, who do you think will win the title. The usual suspect of Chelsea and Man Utd will be there. So too Arsenal. Maybe Liverpool and Tottenham. With the money Man City has, they are a force to be reckon with. After the ending of the World Cup, the start of the new season is just the right fix for the soccer withdrawl syndrome.
  3. I would say all can be called as She. I have never heard of anyone referring to the natural resources as He thou.
  4. Because with money comes power, luxury, status, and maybe woman. That is why money is so important. No longer is money an object that you will need to bring food to the table.
  5. Being rich or poor does not dictate whether one goes to heaven or hell. What will decide is the actions of the person. One can be rich and kind while the other poor and evil. Tell me who do you think will go to heaven and who to hell.
  6. For me, w3school, php.net and google was my mentor when I am learning php.
  7. When wave just launch, I thought it will be something big and good. But after using it a couple of times, I have dropped it totally. I don't know what it is for and I don't find it useful at all. A flop from Google I must say.
  8. You are lucky you still have a roof over your head. If you have your headphone, imagine what would have happened, the unthinkable. You must be thanking your lucky stars that you are still able to relate your story here.
  9. Instead of just html, why not go for html5. It is more powerful and by the time you have master it, html5 would have been the norm for the internet.
  10. Finally it is back up or is it? Even since it went down, I have stopped visiting the site until I receive an invoice telling me that my bill with Xisto is up for payment. So how to come back and check if all is ready.
  11. And Argentina got whipped by the Germans. And now my favorite for the tournament is out. I am going to root for Holland now.
  12. I too have an Acer laptop and have my fair share of craps from their support centre. Once, I dropped them some emails requesting for help with some issues. I have purposely chose to write and reply to them during office hours. However their response is always late. Not only that, they response ain't helpful at all. Most of time, they are just trying to swat away my enquiries. My next laptop definitely won't be an Acer.
  13. I have written to Opaque and he had help me get the website back up. I have just receive another invoice for the month. Mycents is not back up and there is every chance that my website will be down again. I know the people are working hard on getting mycents up but this is not good. Having the site down for a couple of days every month, and in no time, all the visitors will be gone.
  14. My favorite for the tournament were, Argentina, Holland and Spain. However, the two europe countries is not performing. So my guess is only down to one and it is Argentina.
  15. I have reached my minimum payout rate and have requested to withdraw the amount. It was about nine months back and till now, it is still pending payment. I have written to them and their response is that some auditing need to be done and asking me to be patience. I have and will clicking on the link daily. I have reached my second minimum payout amount. Patience is running out. Saw it the forum that some waited a year for it. If that is the normal rate at which they paid out, then fine, I will carry on waiting.
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