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  1. uhh, tihs spelled backwards. i really just want the sword to have a gleam going accross it. like if a light was shined on it and accross it
  2. more like this, mabye just add *BLEEP* onto it, i made it. but i want animations
  3. k, hoping to get a few ppl to try, want some variety
  4. if you cant do 20 pushups without any prior excercise. you are in terrible shape. my fat brother weighs like 140 at 5"2 he can do 20 pushups.in my gym class i did 42 pushups in a min, and im not in great shape. sry to pick but, just 20 pushups isnt alot.
  5. Size: 400x100 Theme: Bleach Render: Yes. ichigo in either bankai form, or hollow form. (just mask, not full hollow) with his sword out. Render Theme: (anime) Bleach Color: any Text: My nickname JRocK and NeRDz need to be in sig. preferably left bottom corner for NeRDz and JRocK in bottom right. Other effects: i really want the sword to have like a shine to it, like a streak of light flashing across it from left to right or vice versa. and the text maybe in a ghetto/graffiti font. maybe a 15 heighted banner with the words inside it. msg me if you need more details. thanks much, would be a very nice late bday present kinda like my old sig ive had for a year now
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!

  7. Ever wonder what would happen in Halo 3 when a Spike Grenade hit a Frag Grenade? For those of you who have never played Halo 3 the Spike Grenade is a sort of grenade that sticks to things makes sort of like a clamping into flesh sound when it hist something sticks there then after like a second explodes sending shratinal every where. ( Hope Spelled Right ) Shratinal little pieces of sharp metal that can cause damage on impact. Frag grenade is a grenda that once hit on the ground explodes a half a second latter. ( Is what was said in Halo 2 I am just assuming ) So here is how it went down one player threw a Frage the other a Spike Grenade they stuck together and one player got killed. Very funny no staged, real game, and is real. I think same can happen with a sticky too. It is funny and you have to see it. Evidence
  8. This has just made me realize how easy it is to edit pictures to make it look like a real ghost. Hmm why do people fake things like that anyways? But still nice tutorial I like it looks really good and makes it look like its supposed to be there.
  9. Hello everyone one day I was bored so I decided to make an Amv. Now for you people that know what it is thats good but people who do not it is A Anime Music Video, you just mix up some clips of anime and add some music. Well anyways this one is mine I have never made one before but I think it is ok. Tell me what you think. Click Here To Watch
  10. Yea But just because it changes color does not mean police could not find you if you had this car only. It looks nothing like other cars belive me it is small and round shaped it looks really futuristic in a way.
  11. Hmm this seems to happen alot. Next time say your computers Os and all that other stuff. But I am assuming it is Xp if it is try to turn you computer on tap F8 over and over untill you get to a screen that lets you choose some option go to Safe Mode and undo all of the changes you did. If worse comes to worse just put in a recovery disc. Tell me if this helped you or not.
  12. Yes this is some wierd tecnology if you heard of a mood ring how about a mood car? Sounds wierd well Ill explain it. It is a car small and compact it's Headlight are like eyes its mirrors are like ears and front grill is like a mouth that will light up the whole body lights up and changes color when certain things happen. It has a monitor showing the mood. When you swerve or tke a rough turn it will turn blue for scared. If you crash it will change red showing it is angry. When it sees its owner aproach it turns yellow for happy and also it has a intenna on the back that wags like a tail? It may sound stupid which it kind of is. But still it might be kind of cool.What will they think of next?
  13. Come on why get a laptop? In my opinion I think that people should steer away from laptops because I think that they got more problems then desktops. Maybe I am wrong but I don't know I just think that they have so many problems. But I guess it is just my laptop.
  14. Wow are you in luck of what? Xisto is the best. Even me a complete noob to the Cpanel found my way around with Xisto's help topics and other help faqs. So enjoy your stay and make good quality posts.
  15. Yea I know how you feel man this stinks right? I did not know that either and went through the same thing. That is why I should of read all of the readme and rules and all the other things. But it is ok I bet you can get those credits back in no time.
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