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  1. you just got hit by the chick!

  2. cutest marle in the net!

  3. the buffest buffalo in town!

  4. who is this S&M guy anyway :P:lol: i got spammed as well! >:)

  5. Ooh... much better. But it still needs a bigger capacity if it wants to compete with Gmail... (capacity-wise) At least now they're trying to prove that they can be a good competition. I might actually try this... it seems like a good alternative to Gmail which has a lot of security issues. It won't hurt to try.
  6. You just been spammed by that S&M guy XD.

  7. icemarle

    Hotmail With 1gb

    Well, gee... it's about time... I was wondering what took them so long-- not that I use Hotmail anyway. I was just wondering why it took so long for them to do it after Gmail and Yahoo! jumped into the heat. (Of course, Gmail's still in the lead when it comes to capacity.) Lack of funds? Anyway, good for those people who still use Hotmail. I know quite a handful that still do.
  8. Ugh... I was waiting for someone to vent this out too... I know what you mean. It's very hot where I live now and it's like the sun is burning my skin. Vehicles keep polluting the air and it stinks. Who cares if an alternative to gasoline is expensive? The earth is dying and we'd rather suffer temporarily while changing old ways instead of waiting 'til the place we live in gets destroyed by human selfishness.I also hate seeing trash on the streets. Is it so hard to keep that candy wrapper in your pocket or bag until you find a trash can? I even see litter when there's a trashcan... with a lot of room for trash! People nowadays don't care about such things until Mother Nature comes back and slaps them in the face.It pains me to see polluted rivers where I live. I haven't seen a clean river in the city areas yet... Even the bay is littered with trash near the shore. Why is it so hard for people to throw trash in the proper place? They just throw it there and forget about it. It's never gone... especially if it's non-biodegradable... Again, it'll slap you on the face eventually.
  9. Jeez... why are they making a big deal out of this? China can shoot down satellites! Yay! So what? It's none of our business and it's like they're looking down on China like this... "Oh, that kind of country was able to do it?" I mean... jeez... why do people think so highly of themselves? Just because China isn't America or Britain or whatever... doesn't mean that they can't do something great on their own.
  10. Let's see... I think cloning is useful when you use it to help people lives better in health-related issues. Though there's always a risk involved in it. The other side of the picture would be the moral issues involving human cloning. I'm against such concepts... We are all unique and having another you walking around won't make you special anymore. How do you think the human clone would feel? Then again... do they feel? It's too eerie to think about. We're humans... a superior race that is capable of logical reasoning. If we played god and made a clone of someone, who knows what they could do... They might revolt against the human race or something. It's scary...
  11. I believe in the concept of soul too. A lot of people have already experienced things related to it. We are also a highly complex race that has a huge variety of languages, cultures and races. We're much more than animals will ever be.I'm not sure about the part about us being aliens... I mean, aliens are generally foreign creatures. Are you saying we don't live on earth because we're foreigners?
  12. That's the worst thing I've heard all day. How could they do that to an honest student? So if the kid didn't turn the gun in the first place, he would've been better off? I can't believe how unfair they're becoming nowadays... They found the culprit, so what's the problem? Is handling a pellet gun now a good reason to expel someone even if that someone just happened to find it? I'd understand if the kid actually USED it, but he didn't. They really ought to do something about it. It's way too much...School meets gun... school freaks out and makes rash decisions... They're thinking about it too much... it's just a pellet gun and the kid didn't USE it.
  13. Oh man... it's giving Christians a bad impression. I assume this website was made ages ago and hasn't been updated since. Background... ugh... too much for me to take... It has some sort of weird hypnotizing effect on me.
  14. I used to have stairs in all the houses we rented in the past, but now we don't. I don't really mind it. I like being able to walk around with ease. Stairs are too tiring... considering my lazy personality.
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