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  1. Oh my god! Clearly you are very insecure if you let little things like this affect your relationships. This girl's parents are human, they make mistakes and have accidents just like you. If you were to come and tell them what happened, sure they might giggle a bit and you will be embarrassed, but trust me, they will appreciate your honesty. For you to say you are going to dump this girl at Christmas shows you were never really interested in her to start with. Why did you even bother to go out with her?Geez man, have some guts and face up to this little challenges as they occur instead of running away.'I Eat Kittens'? It would appear you are the scared little kitten.
  2. Congratulations you seem to have beaten the odds! I too used to frequent the IRC chat rooms and saw many cyber relationships grow and the ultimately fail. In your case, not only was it a cyber relationship but you also had the additional hurdle of distance to overcome. I wish you and your partner well and hope you have a long and happy future together.
  3. For me I have found that listening to music, (relaxing music, not metal or techno stuff) in a dark room works well. The dark room allows you to really listen and immerse yourself into the music. Of course, the choice of music is critical. It must be something that you find relaxing, this will no doubt be different for everyone. For some people it will be a 'Whale Song' track, for others it might be a Country ballad. Whatever it is, the dark room will help you focus on the music and take away other distractions.While stress is an everyday part of life, sometimes we stress over things we shouldn't. Next time you are stressed about something, ask yourself if you had any control over what has happened. For example, a storm destroys your home. There is nothing you can do to prevent it so there is no point stressing over it. Just pick up the pieces, so to speak, and move on with your life. Do whatever it takes to fix the problem and move on.
  4. While Dr Hawkins might be very smart, rather than travel to another planet, why further our use of this planet? By this I mean, we have a very vast largely untapped resource we could use in the oceans. If we are smart enough to travel to other planets, why do we not have the technology to successfully build an underwater city? We are able to travel in space and build structures that can house and support life in space, surely we could do similar in the oceans?The ocean is a renewable resource that we can draw clean energy from, this has alady been done, we just need to refine our techique so that is more efficient and cost effective. I see this as a much more viable alternative to traveling to another planet. Support to the underwater complex is more available, travel to it is much simpler and cheaper, not to mention safer. I think we need to look down before we look up.
  5. Musiconly, things like this are a part of life, how you deal with them is a reflection of your character. If you let these things eat you up then you will be the only one suffering for it, you need to get on with life and put these sort of things down as 'life experiences'. Forget about how others performed on the day and what others think, it is how you performed and what you think of yourself that is most important. If you feel you can't rely on other people during a performance, why not do a solo performance then?Get on with your life, don't let little things like this hold you back. Trust me, you will most likely have greater disappointments to come.
  6. I'm not sure, but perhaps the last line of code with the "$fp === false" is the problem. Shouldn't that be "$fp == false"?
  7. Here's a thought, when you enter a shop that has products on display, it doesn't say anywhere that you can't take these items without paying for them does it? Does this mean you can? Of course not, like I said, no matter how you sugar coat it, it is STILL stealing. It is expected that you will not try to take products from the Coke machine without paying for them, just like the product display in a shop.
  8. Not only do you not have any meta tags, there is also a LOT of code and blank lines to get through before a <body> tag is found. Then there is a lot more code to get through before any content is found. I'm wondering if the Google bot is seeing this as rubbish code and therefore not indexing your site? Perhaps instead of putting the functions in the header of your page, use a script file and call the functions from that, it would make for much neater code. The Google bot is interested in meta tags and content, nothing else, a lot of tags before it finds these things could lower your index. A trick that I have found works well, is in addition to the Meta tags which you should have, I add text to the body of my page at the very top that includes every possible search word that I can think of people might use to find a site like mine. The text is the first thing the Google bot finds after the <body> tags. I do this in 1 point font that is the same color as the background, this way visitors to the page do not notice it, but the Google bot does. It seems to work for me, as my Fantasy Gallery site (http://www.mudmall.com/) regularly is listed in the top 10 when you use the search term of "Fantasy Gallery" in Google. It usually finds my site via the "Description" meta tags, but depending on the search term used, it will also find it on the body text.
  9. Sorry, I don't know how to program in C, but I did do something a little similar for MS Access. I had to write a script that would convert numerals into text for the printing of cheques with a maximum value of $99,999.99. e.g. $158.50 = "One Hundred and Fifty Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents". I managed to do it using If... Else statements, but it took me a very long time to do it with a lot of lines of code. When I was doing it, I found it easiest to start from the lowest value and work my way up from there. Perhaps someone with knowledge of C can help you more. Good luck
  10. This is a tutorial? You have got to be kidding! Telling people how to steal is not cool, yes it IS stealing no matter how you want to sugar coat it. I wonder if the side effects of interfering with a machine like this is that it doesn't work when other people want use it and it takes their money without giving them anything? Sounds funny? Not if it's you and you really wanted that Coke and it was the last of your money. Just for a change, I wish people would think about others and the consequences their actions may have on others. /end rant
  11. There are many programs you can use to make gif images, I assume you mean animated gif images. If you have Photosop CS2 you can make them directly in this using the option in the program or with ImageReady. I suggest you just search with Google for animation programs and you are sure to find a few free ones along with the many shareware ones available. It's just a matter of finding one that you like.
  12. Yes Albus, some parents can seem like they are smothering their children, but as you have acknowledged, they are doing their very to protect from the dangers they see in the world, like any parent should. There are parents that are too self-centered to be concerned about what their children are doing and this is very sad. As parents, we walk a tightrope every day trying to do the 'right' thing by our children. It's hard to know when to 'loosen the reins' as Kipling would put it. Then when we decide the time is right, how loose do we make the reins? If we keep them too tight, you will not experience life for yourself and when it comes time for you to be truly on your own, you will not be prepared for life can throw at you. If we make the reins too loose, then with the world the way it is today, there is a very good chance you will be hurt, (not necessarily physically) by some of the bad things in the world, no matter how responsible you might be. My wife and I are at a similar point with our children, and it worries the heck out of us.Perhaps you need to try and rationally discuss this with your parents, but you will have to pick the right time. Once you are given more freedom, which you will eventually, be very sure not to abuse the trust they have instilled in you as someone else has said. To do so, will only put you further back than when you started.Have some patience with your parents, they quite clearly see a lot of danger out there and are just protecting you.
  13. Avalon


    I think the big question is what sort of relationship are we talking about here? If the attraction is purely sexual then chances are the relationship will not be a very long one. This may not be a bad thing, as both in relationship may be looking for that type of relationship, just to have some fun. If this is the case, then not much thought needs to go into the relationship. If however, one of the two in relationship is looking for a long term relationship, then sexual attraction alone will last the distance. I think is where a lot of people make the mistake when entering in to what they think is going to be a long terms relationship, they misinterpret the intentions of the other person that really only wants a short term relationship. Trying to keep the relationship going in the long term where the only real initial attraction was sexual, will usually fail. A successful long term relationship, (I have a 23 year marriage), is actually based less on the sexual attraction and more on the intellectual attraction. This sort of attract stands the test time, for me anyway.What I am trying to say here is, being shallow in a relationship is not always a bad thing, if that is the way both people view the relationship.
  14. I wasn't thinking so much that they created the planet, more they put us in this environment that already existed. As someone has said, maybe they are testing the planet to see if is suitable for their own habitation. While we have not found a planet with an atmosphere similar to ours that would sustain our version of a life-form, that doesn't mean there isn't one out there. Alternatively, the life-forms on one of the planets we do know about, could have evolved to suit their environment and look totally different to us, therefore we do not reconize them as an intelligent life-form. Take for example a frog. It starts out life as a water dwelling creature and evolves to become a land dwelling creature that looks totally different. If you didn't know, there is not much chance you would think the tadpole and frog were in fact he same creature if you looked at them in isolation. Most creatures adapt to the environment they are in, wouldn't this also be true for life-forms? As humans we cannot survive underwater, yet many creatures can. Perhaps there are intelligent life-forms on other planets that can live underwater like fish, who knows what they would look like.
  15. Yes it is kind of sad that in hustle bustle of our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the little things. Even little things like holding a door for a friend, offering to help someone carry a heavy load, offer your seat to someone on a train or bus. Think about the last time you did any of these things, assuming the person you did them for appreciated them, didn't it brighten your day as well as theirs? These are the little moments I treasure, when I have helped someone with something small like that and they respond will overwhelming appreciation. Most people don't expect these little niceties these days and when someone does them they are often pleasantly surprised. Try it and see what happens, I know it brightens up my day.
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