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  1. I didn't state that spending a lot of time online is a bad thing. It's not, as I mentioned though it's the parent's responsibility to monitor what their kids do online. The second statement represents myself pretty accurately.
  2. That's a rather poor opinion of kids who use the internet. I grew up around computers and the internet. I spent a lot of time outdoors as well. Joined the military shortly after high school and am making more money(outside of the military, of course) working with computers than most of the kids I knew in school who never touched a computer. I'm glad that my parents allowed me access to the internet when I was a kid. The world today revolves around technology, growing up around it makes it easier to transition into a technological role. There are plenty of ways that a parent can monitor their children online. Numerous programs allow parents the ability to restrict websites based on category/meta data. They can also limit the amount of time you have access to the internet. It's up to the parent to be responsible about what their kids do when they're online. The simple fact that a child uses the internet certainly doesn't make them fat and mentally/socially inept
  3. As far as I'm aware, there is no software capable of porting from IPS to Wordpess. Plus, the functionality we require would not likely be available without extensive custom modifications.
  4. GoDaddy gives the licensing for WHM/CS for free, but you have to pay for the server. Not sure what you expect to find, you're basically asking people to give you free money.
  5. Toaster and Strudel were running in the mouse wheel together...trying to go the opposite direction.

  6. *BLEEP*ting with the colonel as I drive him all over the state..better then being in the field for sure.

  7. The first phone I EVER break I opted in on the insurance plan.

    1. Nameless_


      Aww. UNLUCKY! :/

    2. deadmad7


      isn't "opting in" a good thing? you have insurance now right? or did you "opt out"?

  8. 1. You should be compensated 2. You can upgrade at any time by simply paying the prorated fee to move to the new plan 3. Call Hosting Support and explain your needs, you will be adjusted accordingly 4. Refund for the unused time 5. Unlimited Bandwidth on all plans 6. You'd be notified of the breach in terms and giving a grace period to correct the action. That's what we do at GoDaddy..I deal with stuff like this alllll day. People wanting ASP.net 4.0, needing IIS6 for frontpage, coldfusion even dedicated IPs. They can make almost any modification to there plan that they need with very little down time. Generally changes to hosting features aren't difficult to make. Granted we can never beat ComputingHosts prices, it's all down to personal preference. Xisto - Web Hosting was my first hosting provider and they're great.
  9. If this battle between the 2 of you keeps going on I will apply a warning to both your accounts. That being said it looks like we have to monitor the image gallery more closley since people can't seem to be mature about it. In regards to the concern about it being slow for dial up users - putting it at the top or bottom of the page won't matter. It still has to load when you come to the website. Only alternative would be removing it completly from the home page.
  10. There is nothing wrong with the image. It doesn't violate our ToS and is far from "scary" or "frightening". It's an orange with eyes and a mouth. Nothing more. It doesn't make the home page more or less inviting. If you don't like the image you can block it from being displayed via a browser function. There is no reason for the staff to remove it.
  11. It's Thursday and you know what that means! That's right, it's Pie day.http://omfgpie.com

  12. Server migration for PVNGaming was completed! Check us out on our shiny new host. (You won't notice a difference, I promise). http://pvngaming.com

    1. zanzibarjones


      Interesting site. I'm gonna check that out.

  13. Got promoted to the Hosting Support Team! :D. Now I have to work in gilbert though :(

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