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  1. It probably is true and Michael Jackson knew what type of life that child would of led if the media know about his existence. If you look at how protective he was of his other known children, then the answer is clear. Michael Jackson had the an easier option to hide this child in comparison to his other children. I totally agree with you, I'm not surprised at all.
  2. That's really sad. Just leave the guy alone, he's gone now let him rest in peace. As Michael Jackson once said in one of his songs "Just leave me alone".
  3. Great little F.A.Q there, I found that very useful. Just a little question, it may have already been asked but I'll say it anyway. Does myCent transfer into USD automatically or do you have to add funds using Xisto Client Area 'Add Funds' feature?
  4. This is a great idea, it really gets the community involved with the website. The prize is alright as well. Should get some good advertisement revenue coming in.I would enter this competition myself, but I don't really have the time at the moment. Good luck to all those who do enter!Good idea Xisto.
  5. Try to say it ten times fast? I can't even say it once. It looks like a made up word where someone has just hit random keys on their keyboard and added phobia to the end.I can honestly say I don't know anyone with Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.Good find though.
  6. Bill is still the richest man in my eyes. Just a sign of the times really. But I doubt Bill Gates is affected that much, he still has tons of money left.
  7. I'm not 100% sure about this video. I showed it to my friends and a few said it could simply be a shadow or reflection - some natural occurrence which in this instances looks strange. My other friends believe it is Michael Jackson guarding his house or still try to get away from the glorious world of fame and paparazzi. I personally would love to think it is Michael Jackson, I was a huge fan of his and I still am. But I'm a logical man and I don't believe in ghosts, so I would say it's just one of those random occurrences which at first look mystical and can't be explained but at second glance can be explained by science.It's an interesting video, interpret it how you please.
  8. I couldn't believe it when I found out, it was so surreal. I found out via people's status on Facebook. When the news came out initially they thought he had only had a heart attack. Then TMZ.com was the only site to confirm Michael Jackson's death before anyone else. Massive arugments brewed on Facebook which made people divided but still united in the fact that they'll miss Michael Jackson.One set of people denied that Michael Jackson had died and chose to believe he was alright and would make it through the heart attack. Whilst another set of people believed that he was dead. What I found extremely annoying was the people who made jokes, before it was even confirmed he was dead. I found that really disrespectful.I'd just like to say Michael Jackson was King of pop and a truly remarkable singer and dancer. He done loads of the music industry and blessed everyone with his music. Rest in peace Michael, we all miss you deeply.
  9. Yeah, I got told about this by my Business teacher. It's quite strange really. when the new coins came out I had a phase where I tried to collect all the new coins to make the coats of arms. I managed to get all pieces except for the 50 pence piece and the two pound coin. But I remember getting loads of the new 10 pence pieces and 20 pence pieces. If I had known what I did now, I would of checked them for the date.I could of been rich right now. My mum is the manager of a store and when she heard this news she's got all staff checking for the 20 pence coins. No luck find any so far.
  10. YES! I am so happy. I've always loved Futurama more then all the other cartoons made by Matt Groenin. Family guy is alright, but it doesn't have as strong of a storyline as Futurama had. And The Simpsons has become boring and predictable these days. Futurama was the perfect medium between these two shows and I loved it for that.Still my favourite episode would have to be the episode where we meet Fry's dog from the present (1999) and how the dog waited for him everyday for so long. Beautifully written and a truly remarkable episode. Futurama managed to mix emotional drama with high quality comedy and more importantly, they made it work. Can't wait for the new season, thanks for the post.
  11. One solution, is to drink plenty of water. Aim for 8 glasses a day. Ideally, your urine should be completely clear - as clear as water. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep. You're either having to much sleep or to little. Find the right amount of sleep which suits you the best.Some people use cucumber slices and place them over their eyes, I've tried them myself and got a bad reaction with my eyes. So proceed with caution.
  12. You shouldn't let him get away, you'll regret it forever. Take the chance now before it's to late.
  13. Isn't it on the back of the case? Or the back of the little booklet inside the case?
  14. Shot online? A completely different game to what you?re expecting from the title, like a book being named ?Pocket Massage for Stress Relief? being less about surreptitious masturbation and more about a small book of yoga tricks. When I first saw this title I thought ?Great, a free rip-off of Tabula Rasa?, with all due enthusiasm and decided to download it, before prematurely condemning it to the same hell as Knight online and any other free MMO that leaves me wanting. But there we go, ?free?, so no harm in giving it a ?shot?.What first struck me as odd were the lack of weaponry on the homepage and the surplus of golfing equipment. And that?s where I felt like I had been mislead into a game I didn?t want to play, like a bass looking at that brightly coloured bait and thinking ?Lunch?. And what?s more this isn?t just golf; this is ?sexy?, interesting golf, with women wearing tube tops and mini-skirts, rather than the prognostic, comical clothing that comes hand in hand with golf like fat people and sweets. Even the men seem to have had a professional stylist, but I digress.After the initial shock due to the change of game, I casually registered to ?Game Campus?, the game designers? for young people. The download only took approximately 15 minutes, even with my irritatingly slow 2 megabyte internet connection and, being the pessimist I am, I didn?t think ?Good, it only took 15 minutes?, I thought ?Oh great a sure sign for bad graphics and maybe even poor game play?. So after a short install, I took a deep breath and double clicked the oversized golf ball placed upon my desktop? updates. With the updates taking longer than the install, you would think that Game Campus would have updated the client to ease the pain of thumb twiddling for the people that didn?t play it from the start.When I got into the game I realized that this wasn?t actually your run of the mill golf game, meaning it can?t just be replicated in a flash game on Miniclip. This game actually had some sort of thought and grind involved, it was after all an MMORPG. I found the game rather addictive and, whilst it shows no real longevity, it includes features such as guilds, stats, leveling and equipment. But I get the feeling that this game is one of those, ?If you spend money on this ?free? game you get the best stuff?. But this claimed to be a free game and I was damn well determined to keep it that way.However, there is more than one thing to do in Shot online, such as a driving range, putting practice and? Well, so it is essentially a golf game and the only thing to do is golf but that?s why you download it, to play golf. You don?t have to be a fan of golf to play this game or even play golf as its game play is that of reactions and made so even a chimp could make par. At best this game is unimaginative but it has that certain shine to it that stop me hating it any more than I hate paying for games.
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