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Michael Jackson Was An Alien? michael jackson, theory, alien

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lol i have been like hearing a ton of stories about MJ lately but this is just hilarious. Like an alien? yeah ok ima go and eat someting


In my country there are a lot of teachers that expose the human possibility admiring the Michael Jackson work. They exposed the dance and tricks made by Jackson and I got surprised when someone in the main table said that if someone can be considered like an alien is Michael Jackson I could believe it someone exposed the same theory I read a years ago. Maybe Michael Jackson is not prepared to Rest in peace because some respected teachers in my university exposed something like this. I think that some of you let you took your conclusions like me that MJ?s a alien is ridicoulus but when some people so intelligent expose something like that, you have to think.Was Michael an alien? The answer maybe is yesssss.......


Yeah, I agree with most people here... this idea is too far fetched... I really don't hope that you really do believe in it, fermin25... :PBut then, yes, he was talented, yes, he did do all the things that was listed in the theory that you found in this random magazine (apart from using telekinesis to save his boy, that is), but seriously, aren't there more logical and more explainable, and more possibilities that are more likable to explain all this? You see, the moonwalk isn't uniquely only a move that can only be done by him. Us "humans" can do it too, if we put the effort into it and practice, we will be as pro as him.And trust me, nearly everyone (apart from the people in third world countries and stuff) can get cosmetic surgery anywhere and everywhere in the world nowadays, so, what's the big deal?Of course, this isn't to say that this theory isn't valid... a theory is only invalid if it is proved to be wrong, so first things first... how do we prove that Michael Jackson is actually a human and not an alien???Haha, I don't think that this is worth your time though.


It sure make me Lol'd :PI dont know Jackson had really much talent that people can just point him as alien rather than thinking other acceptable things because of itThat just doesnt make any sense to my most alien mind :)But anyway, there's no proof here that support this alien thingWhat they gave are just some opinion and fact (and some funny one)Let's just say in conclusion: i dont believe it :P


One of the weirdest theories I've heard on Michael Jackson, but it makes more sense than the idea of Elvis being abducted by aliens.


this only proves that Michael Jackson is extremely popular to the point that some people think he's not of the same kind as other human beings. That's because no one will ever compare to his craft. People have this tendency to believe that if someone is "that" great then he/she must be from the heavens. Like those old movies about tribes worshiping humans just because they dress and speak differently.


Thats a pretty messed up thing to say to a guy who just died! He inspired Millions of people around the world. I have been listening to him since i was little! That offends us , the fans of him. RIP KOP - August 29, 1958 to June 25. 2009!


Well I found the magazine some days ago in my vault and can?t resist to re-read the article about Michael Jackson is an alien. So I remember this post and couldn?t to avoid visit it and let this comment to all of you who see the forum and comment in this topic. Thank you very much for your comments. You are welcome if you have a doubt or something you want to ask to me about the topic. Ok!

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