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  1. Dear friend just don't loose your confidence have a firm decision and go on. Rest everything will be according to your hard work. To be a good designer and site developer you could discuss your problems over here and search for contents for the solution of your problem online. But many a times just reading does not solve the purpose so you have to discuss the problem with some experts in the field which you could find many over here. Best of luck for your future. God bless you dear.
  2. Thanks for the information I am updating the terms and conditions due to which you had the inconvenience sorry for the same and I will update the same today itself. Dear friends of mine as I have promised I have updated and uploaded the terms and conditions page. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Thank you very much dear friends for your positive response for the application. Please continue the same.
  4. I joined (Xisto) Xisto on 26th Nov 2008. Hoping that I could get something good in terms of dynamic programming and web development knowledge. As I was fed up of joining many theoretical classes on the same. But after being member here I was helped by all you friends over here in refreshing and gaining practical knowledge regarding the field of website development, that within 1 year I was so confident on starting my own website development that I succeeded in doing so. Now I have my own website development company named as https://x10hosting.com/suspended even my website was first hosting xisto with the mycents earned here. Today I have lots of private as well as government website orders and am fully satisfied with the carrier led with the help of (Xisto) Xisto. Frankly speaking I don’t have words to thank all of you over here. Only I can return the knowledge to the new members over here. Moreover I would like all my friends over here to use the applications on https://x10hosting.com/suspended for entirely free. The first in this series is a visible and hidden hit counter which I have developed and uploaded on my site to be used for free by all of you. For which please register first on the link https://x10hosting.com/suspended and then login from the client login section in the site. After logging in click on the ‘Track Show’ button on the blue colored menu bar and then click on the link on the right named as ‘SO-Tracker Code’ here you will get the code to be copied in your webpage for which you would like to count the hits. After copying the code just relax and let it do its work. One more thing just don’t worry about the number of hits per day limit etc. as other counters are doing. You will get complete hit counts and that too 100% free. Any suggestions regarding the application i.e; SO-Tracker as I have named it are cordially invited. And if you have any problem regarding the same then please post the same over here. Thanks and Bye for now and I will soon return with new free apps for my Xisto friends.
  5. A very Happy and prosperous Diwali to all my friends out here. Wish you and your family a prosperous Christmas and New Year in advance.
  6. Dear friends, How r u all of you. Hope you all are doing well. I am back from my work I was busy in developing some websites and now on vacations. Just remembered my favorite forum and am back. Lot of changes in the forum look and all.
  7. Dear friend of mine I am pure vegetarian but I have heard a lot about KFC that these guys serve chicken based dishes which are really tasty and delicious. By the what ever is the truth I don’t know about the same. If they are not using real chickens and if it is not hygienic too then it is not that good a behavior with their customers.
  8. I would like to part the 24 hours into two that is 12 each.I will spend the first 12 hours with my parents serving them with what ever happiness I could be able to give them in this 12 hours and pray to God that again in the next life if any I should get my parents back (as we believe in reincarnation). And the remaining 12 hours I would like to spend with my wife and would like to die in her lap as I love her the most. That’s it my dear friends.
  9. If I am going to get the same dear friends, first of all I will buy my self a good house and a good car for which my wife always quarrels with me and obviously the remaining amount will be saved by me for my children’s studies and future. Basically I have very limited desires but I would like to fulfill all the desires of the my family. I am living for them only, always thinking about them and their well being. But unfortunately right now I am not having sufficient earnings for the same. But I have the positive belief that one day I could be able to achieve every thing desired by my family and for my family.
  10. I was born on 25th of November and according to the list given here I am a Sagittarius. But in my birth chart made in Indian style its mentioned that I am a Scorpion. Why is such a difference. Is this difference due to different astrological methods or is it some other reason due to such differences occurs.
  11. Dear friends I would like to know that whether we can geo reference a vector map or not. Basically we have geo referenced many maps in our Digitization project and in which we have geo referenced it in the raster map and after which we have digitized it. Now I have the doubt regarding the point mentioned that whether is it possible to geo reference a vector map. One more point which geo referencing is successful raster or vector. Please share the answer if any body over there is well versed with the subject matter of geo referencing. Thank you in advance.
  12. Dear friends anyone here working with some GIS based project. If so please share your experiences here. What I think GIS is becoming one of the progressive fields to be opted as a carriers. What’s your view dear friends. Right now I am undergoing three GIS based projects. Which software is being used by you people for GIS projects. Which is the best GIS software worldwide. Please share.Thanks in advance.
  13. Dear friends today I would share some thing regarding Land information management. The efficiency of Land Information Management System will be assessed by its capacity to meet the needs of the land managers and users in urban and rural areas. Land forms an important part of development activity. Land revenue is one of the sources of income for state governments. It may come from land holdings by private individuals, real estate transactions or other natural resources being tapped by various sections of the society. Hence, creation of a Land Information Management System involves: Collection and depiction of accurate information on boundaries, land holdings and ownership, with reference to other spatial information. Collection and depiction of topographical and attribute information regarding land use and natural resources. Updating and maintenance of the information. Soon I will return with some more info regarding Cadastral mapping and LIS or GIS.
  14. Dear friends I would like to geo reference a raster map for which I have collected the coordinates in Lat. and Long. but I would like to have the coordinates in easting and northing. I would like to know how to convert the same. If any body have any desktop application for the same then please help with the same. Thanks in advance.
  15. My daughters name is "Shreya" . This word is in Sanskrit and the meaning is Beautiful. So dear friends I would like to know the word used in your language for Beautiful. Please spell the word with the language here. Thanks in advance.
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