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  1. Adding the forum to top lists and also adding the forum site to Google Lists are ways of getting the site popular quickly. Even if top lists sound dodgy many people do visit them. Depending on the category you can easily google top lists, for gaming or support forums, there are many out there. Also one way I would go about is to get people you know to promote the forum site and also get others to either moderate or become new members on your forum, this will help get traffic onto the site.Hope I helped
  2. I haven't been on Xisto since last year and I cannot remember my Xisto Account password, I have also tryed to reset it with no luck. So I have created a new Xisto Client Account and was wondering how to get the MyCent to transfer to the new Xisto Billing Account?Basically I want to start fresh with my same forum account but with a new Xisto account. My email is now also changed, it is the same for both Xisto and Xisto.Please help?!...
  3. Over the last few years advancements in Hard Drive technology, and USB storage have risen. I remember when a 128mb USB Stick was the must have item. Now people talk about how they have SSD's that exceed in 400gb, and are only the size of a small pack of cards. The creation of a 1TB USB Drive will eventually become a reality.
  4. I was once told that Norton create virus type codes that hackers counter use against Computer systems, Nod 32 is a trusted third party software that is trusted. I use it my slef
  5. Well I totally agree on your opinion, the fact that people want to compare a PC to a Console, it's a stupid Idea. The graphical ability in a computer is far greater than that of a PS3 or an Xbox 360. I also agree to your coment; "You can't compare game controls, as anyone can give a computer a gamepad". I use a gamepad on my PC, I used to play Prototype now I play Dark Sector.
  6. I wonder what the specs would be on your Free Laptop. Well if you in australia, probs get something bad, like some old Dual Core with only 1gb ram. Me personally I'd like power hogging in my system, 64bit system with graphics power for gaming, and other applications. Mabye an Alienware laptop all the power of their desktops in a small package. Hefty price tags though, around $5000.
  7. Argh yes, World of Goo is sorta expensive on Steam at the moment, about $19.99 USD, which is alot for an Indie game in it's class. Although I might add the game is outstanding in it's genre, sorta like how Audiosurf stood out when It was released. World of Goo is very hard for people who just want to play for fun, or a 5 year old. It requires brainy skills and good eye coordination for that you have to act quick in most situations. I'd like to buy it too when It is $9.99 on Steam or on special. At the moment I have Audiosurf, I recommend the $9.99 is worth it. ps. Well music fans would love Audiosurf... might be boring for the average gamer.
  8. Not a fan of KAV, btw BitDefender is the one to use these days, so try and find a working version for your OS. Me personally I use ESET NOD 32 Antivirus.
  9. Yes, you have a good point there. Also for MAC users [btw i despise Machintosh] can use Safari.
  10. Halo is a game that I find to repetitive and there is no variety in the gameplay that is involved in both single player and multiplayer modes. I thought that as Halo progressed to UI system was getting less popular with me, the crosshair was not centered in the middle of the screen, which should be a factor for all FPS games. Also the story got weaker by each chapter, aliens after more aliens and so on, no variety.... Also the AI system is So, So. Each difficulty had a harder degree of damage impact and more damage done to the Master Cheif. No variating movements, enemy flack, etc. There was no interaction with the Halo engine, map making is hard, no as hard with Halo 3, but limited.Half Life 2, even Half Life 1, had a story that was much better, yes the theme is still aliens although it's a variety of different kinds, better characters, etc. Half Life 2 was astonishing with the release of the Source Engine and the story of the decade also following with The Episodes. "HL2 Episode 1 & 2"The Combine was the best enemy character to ever be created, such a mystery about them to. You also have all the enemy's from the Episode Pack. The interaction with the game was massive with the edition of the Source Engine. You could solve little puzzles that allow you to access certain areas. The vechiles were also good, makeshift vechile made from scrap parts with Gauss cannons on it. Map making and the mod community is very huge. Source SDK allows players to create close to anything.Hope this comparison brought some insight into these two game series'.
  11. HAHA, This is what I was thinking about, alternate browser. Argh anyway glad your using "Google's Insane Creation". I used to have this as my main browser. YUCK . Now back to Firefox thank goodness.
  12. I'm using Paypal at the moment to accpet payments via email. I don't have a connected banl account or credit card, etc. This is because I am selling things + getting hired to to Game Server Tech work. I have received a hefty amount of money on Paypal, and I have used Paypal to buy things online, so you see you don't really need the credit card, but that is only in my case. If you didnt receive money like me then you would need a credit card or bank account connect to your corresponding Paypal account.
  13. This just means that it won't cost money to setup your website/hosting account, which is good, because personally I don't like to pay those types of additional fees. The Ideal hosting pack comes with free stup, although the Logic Pro or host account addons have setup fees.
  14. Welcome to Xisto Forums. Hax,It's good that we are getting a vareity of members from all over the world. The 'post for host' idea also known as the MyCent system is great for young people and people that are new to the world of the internet, etc. To be able to be closer involved with the internet iin allowing you to get your own website hosted. It can be from anything such as a community forum, clan site , games site, company/business page etc.Just remember the main point of Post For Host, is not to spam random one liner posts. This is bad because it doesnt get you many MyCent credits and it can get you blocked/banned from the forums which is something we dont want :S.Your english is fine btw, it's all easy to understand .Hope to see you around.
  15. Well, I'm a firefox fanatic and so I hate to look into other browsers. Although if this fails I decide that I just use Windows Internet Explorer. It depends on the OS on what version I use. At the moment i'm running Windows 7 RTM so it's version 8 at the moment . I know other people that prefer Opera but I find that browser is to cluttered and uses alot of RAM.
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