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Corel Vs Adobe. Which One's Better?

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O.K. I've been a loyal Corel Draw user for the last 9 years, but recently I had the chance to try Illustrator and Photoshop, and guess what? I see that in spite of being a little less friendly, the results you get are of a much higher quality, specially when it comes to gradients. For example, in my experience, with Corel apps you see bands making the gradients of the art you export and in Adobe's apps you don't.I've heard a lot of graphic design professionals prefer Adobe's stuff. What do you prefer???The downside of the Adobe stuff is its high price :D The Corel suite is much cheaper. But I guess that, once again, you get what you pay for. :P


I've heard a lot of graphic design professionals prefer Adobe's stuff. What do you prefer???

I prefer gimp, because:

1. It's free

2. I'm used to it

It can do pretty much everything photoshop can do and has a hell of a big library for plug-ins. You can ever make 3D text and change the angle of your image like in some 3d software! Again plug-ins are just great, there's a lot of them, I've got 98 of them on gimp and there's like 200-300 out there (if you count the un-official ones).

I think it's always PS because of it's reputation, "the best image-editing software in the world" I have no doubt it is, but most of the things in it aren't used by a average user, damn not even a professional!

I've never trieed out corel applications before.


Yay GIMP!Honestly though, I'm used to Photoshop and some of the ways GIMP works/ is designed bug me. That's probably mostly due to my not being used to it, of course. Though I was using it today, and the eraser tool just stopped working. I'm not sure if it was due to anything I was doing, or if it was completely random... but it certainly doesn't help appearances.I can't say too much about Corel stuff, because the last time I set foot in a Corel program was about 5 years or so ago, and that experience was terrible. I could figure out how to make a giant 3d bee appear on the screen, and that was about it. Perhaps once again due to my own inexperience with the program? (In my defence I'm usually quite quick with computer apps, so I suspect that Adobe just had a more intuitive design to things... at the time, mind you).BUT, after all that rambling... I hear Corel and Adobe are both good, and... COREL PAINTER. LORDY, that is the best thing I have ever seen.


I use photoshop for editing photos and corel draw for making logos, letter pads.In my view for photographer, editing photos adobe is better than corel (My friend said photo painter is little vast not design friendly). And designing logos and such materials Corel is good. Anyway photoshop also can design logos. I am not tried yet Gimp.


O.K. I've been a loyal Corel Draw user for the last 9 years, but recently I had the chance to try Illustrator and Photoshop, and guess what? I see that in spite of being a little less friendly, the results you get are of a much higher quality, specially when it comes to gradients.
For example, in my experience, with Corel apps you see bands making the gradients of the art you export and in Adobe's apps you don't.

I've heard a lot of graphic design professionals prefer Adobe's stuff. What do you prefer???

The downside of the Adobe stuff is its high price :D The Corel suite is much cheaper. But I guess that, once again, you get what you pay for. :P

I use Photoshop, because i'm already used to it and i have never use Corel before
and i also think that Photoshop is better than Corel or GIMP


Out of Corel and Adobe, I prefer Adobe's suite, although I have not used Corel's software for a number of years. However, overall I prefer the GIMP. The software is free, and can do pretty much everything Photoshop can, although the interface could certainly do with some improvements. However, to me (as a web designer) the interface is not worth the many hundreds of pounds Photoshop costs, plus Photoshop requires a much more powerful PC than my laptop.


Like some of the other members I haven't used coral draw in years and so I don't know they updated to get into web design or graphic design related things. I just remember using it for clip art and stuff like like that. Either way I would take Adobe over Coral any day.


My vote goes with no doubt to Adobe because even if they look unfriendly at first over the time you get acostumed with them and let's be honest that there is no real competition for them. Any professional designer uses Adobe's software. In the past I've also used Corel and Gimp. I liked gimp better because it's easy to use and fast. But the quality lacks compared to Adobe's one. But I have to say that Adobe has some really high prices.


I didn't even think Corel was still in business.


I personally also prefer as a home user to use GIMP as it's free, but at my work, no guys I know are using GIMP, all of them do designing using Adobe software and they just exchange PSD files and etc. as I'm not a designer, I don't really get into all that stuff, but some friends I know, they use some kind of Corel software/suit as they are studying in art academy and the things I saw they've done with Corel is really amazing, so I guess the software does not really matter if you're a Professional/Good with graphics. Some people still are great with Paint programs, pixel artists and so on.. And most of us don't use Paint programs, unless for simple things.Photoshop is expensive for a home user, but for a company I don't think it's so expensive to get, home users can get cheaper graphics programs like Paint Shop Pro or some Corel suits too to start learning something. :D


Best thing is to be intimately familiar with as many programs as possible. And I mean INTIMATE. Like wine, dine, 69, doggystyle intimate. The more you know, the more proficient you are overall.You may find that one is more capable of doing some things then others. Just as you might use Illustrator to create a logo, then import it into Photoshop to add a texture, you might use Corel to create a background and import it into Photoshop to manipulate.


HEY ADOBE IS BETTER BECAUSE ITS easy to learn and also it is available for some few bucks.Adobe has released many software in its official website just download the trial version and then order for full version or download from torrent.


I use Adobe CS4 and Corel products regularly, my issue with Corel is its interface is just weird, I like Adobes interface much more. The functionality of all Adobe's programs is very high and you always get a high quality output. I am an Adobe man so it is definitely not an issue for me to say Adobe, but if you are low on money, definitely try out Corel, the output may not be great, but it will not burn a hole in your pocket like any of the Adobe Suites (reaching into the thousands). There are free programs out there, for Vectors there is Inkscape and for Raster you have GIMP, again the quality is worse, but they will leave you money in your wallet.

Alex Cicala

Photoshop is more for Major Companies and schools. Although Corel is cheaper and more useful for Home and personal use. I recommend Corel Paint Shop Pro, because it has some similar features as Photoshop. I bought my copy for only $199 AUD.


I dont have any experiences with corel.. but they have better live trace like feature on the vector side of it..but adobe is what i was taught and its what we use at work..


If you are referring to vector programs Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator, well for me I prefer Corel Draw because:

1. Nodes are more controllable.

Which is basically the most important thing for me when I create a vector image, and I think is also the point for vector programs: Controlling the nodes.

Don't get me wrong, AI is easier to use specially if you are already familiar with photoshop. (Well, it's like the vector program version of photoshop) There's a wide variety of brushes to be used (that is not available in Corel) and it's like converting bitmap images to vector made easy. Managing colors like gradient and Filters are a plus factor.

But there are tons of downloadable vector images on the net that you can just download. So easy, everyone can do it. Premade vector artworks.

For Corel, once you get the hang of working in it, you'd find that there's a lot of things (preferably tricks) that you can do in there wherein you can't work with in AI. You can work on your own vector image, your own one that will not look like "they've seen it somewhere else" kind of stuff.

Easier to control nodes will make it all possible. You can break a line into nodes and make that one line into a ship, a logo, create your own font or into a portrait of a person.

My point is, in Corel, you can create vector images, as in Create them, not edit. It's like giving you a paper and pencil, rather than giving you someone elses work and plagiarizing it. The gui must be hard to get used to at first, but it is real easy, even more easier than AI if you get used to it.Just an opinion. ^^ In editing photos I prefer Adobe Photoshop. It's good to be familiar with other programs may it be vector based or bitmap, so you'd be able to switch between the two. It wouldn't hurt to also learn how to use AI and Corel. Makes the artwork look good. ^^

-reply by chocknut


No way Gimp is better than photoshop. Gimp is a good program for learning basics, but when you wanna go higher, if you aim a professional life, then adobe will provide you with the best tool. Yes it costs a lot, but for a reason. Its a professional tool. Reliability and excellent file handling surpass what corel can do.

someone who say he uses Gimp for work will simply be laughed at. Ive been working in graphic design and illustration, and trsut me, there is no Gimp in a serious and professional company.

As for Corel, well... Old school graphic designers still use it, but when it comes to printing and sending files to a printshop, Corel is a risky choice, and it will bring frustration the graphists who receive a job made in this program. I wont argue on Corel's tool proffessionalism, but Adobe evolved so much with the CS serie that it's now ridiculous to compare this tool with another one. Also, EVERY time I receive files made in corel from a customer, I always have to rework it for a couple of reasons: color handling is bad, there is always corruption or color mismatches when it goes out of our printers. File formats tend to be bogus, and 2 of our high end printers have problem ripping files made with corel. Another thing to mention is document sizes. I don't know why, but the document we receive are never the appropriate size ! You want a banner that has 32'' by 144'', but the corel file gives you 31.898'' x 143.800''. WTH

The only solution is to try to import it in illustrator or photoshop (or even indesign) and remake an eps out of it. Seriously, save yourself the hassle and work professionaly with adobe.

You can do a lot of things with Corel , some with Gimp, but if you designing is you daylife work, then forget these 2 and get the right tool. If you wanna toy around at home, then I suggest Gimp since its free, or Corel since its cheaper. I totally agree, adobe suite costs a lot, but what you can achieve with this is far beyond what you will ever do in another program.

I used them all, a lot, and it always comes down to adobe no matter what.

-reply by Samholy


 Well, I've used Corel for years now, but I really must say that Adobe is the better option. If you could get one of them for free you should take Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. As all of you already said, Adobe is expensive, but it's worth the money. The only bad thing about buying it is that they come with newer programs and updates all the time, so if you are gonna buy Adobe you should wait for the CS4 version. I promise you, it will be worth the waiting.

You've also said that if you want to go professional, you don't have to choose the one most used by the pro's. If you have 9 years of experience that program might as well be the best one for you. I have much more experience in Corel than Adobe Photoshop, but since we use Adobe Photoshop at school, I just have to adjust and try to be as good with Adobe as I am with Corel.

Good luck with choosing and I hope my response helped you! (-:

-reply by Tina


Both the software companies have good products and have their target audience. Adobe purchased macromedia company. Because of this they got edge with software's like flash, dreamweaver under their belt. So corel can't match with some of the top-class software's that adobe make. But still there are some software's which are considered as better than adobe and are from corel. Like coreldraw is very famous among graphic developers. Corel painter ships with almost every tablet softtware. It is considered as best tablet graphics software. There are alternatives to corel painter like alais sketchbook but at the end corel painter rules the tablet market. This is just because of free promotion. In case photo manipulation and effects, there is no alternative for adobe photoshop. I don't see any competitive feature from corel side for this. Besides that dreamweaver is most famous product, is any product from corel side ? . Flash being open platform is used in corel's flash animation creator program as well. This program is bundled with corel draw, but it's not that effective like flash. I don't see much competition between adobe and corel as adobe is ruling with flash/flex/air platforms. Corel have some good and worthy products to look for and gets the job done. So it depends on getting work done sometimes.


Corel is for vector drawing.If you need to manipulate with colors and do very much effects use Photoshop.They are two very good software and you can't choose one they have other options.Adobe is very popular and have very much products.Can't vote for one!