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  1. i was wondering if there is any way of inserting an image in a xml website or say in this website. click on the right hand side contact rth. I want to insert image there and also is there any way to insert a google map into that contact us page. I want to let my customers find me on google maps . I am having the google maps code but it says insert it into a html file. what shall i do now. How will i be able to insert an image and a google map into a xml website. thanks for any help in advance. i am pasting the code used in contact us page of the site mentioned above. please have a look and let me know as where shall i insert the code or how will i insert the image and map in that xml page. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><contact><!-- Set a line color and headline color. You can use HTML in the description textfield.--><description lineColor="#FF6A25" headlineColor="#FFFFFF"><![CDATA[<font face="Georgia" size="12" color="#FFFFFF"><font size="18"><b>OFFICE</b></font><br>Inderjit Singh<br></font>]]></description><!-- Set the border color and the text color for the contact form. Assign own information for the input textfields.--><contactform borderColor="#333333" textColor="#FFFFFF" nameInfo="YOUR NAME" mailInfo="YOUR EMAIL" subjectInfo="Your Phone Number" messageInfo="YOUR MESSAGE" /></contact> i want to insert image and map in the above page.
  2. Is it possible to download all the pictures from a thread including its multiple pages?For example, in a thread there are more than 100 thumb sized pics redirecting to some image hosting site like picrazy or photobucket which has a full size pic, i want to download them all at a go, including the multiple pages which that thread has.look at this thread.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ i want to download all the pictures from that thread but its a tidious job to go to a single pic right click and save it. Is it possible using a script or any software i can download it all?and at some thread there are pics available at full size in the thread itself, so is it possible to download them also at a go including all the pages in the thread.i had tired bulk image downloader but the problem with that is it only download the pictures which are in the thread, its doesn't download the pictures which are in the hosting site, just the thumbsized pics.
  3. yes, your friends are right. MS Essentials are really great. Initially i also had the same feeling about the MS products but some change with time so did the MS Essentials did. It has got all the features of a paid one and its a paid antivirus. If we see it, legally MS comes more than 100 bucks on an average just an approx. and a good antivirus come for a sum of round 20$ so i think MS gets its revenue every time a user buys an os from ms but he is not paying for an antivirus alone, he is rather buying a whole os which includes the antivirus i hope i am able to get my point. anyways i had used all the antivirus in top 10 reviews and after a month of testing all i came to the conclusion that Bitdefender Total security is the best. after some time a friend of mine bought a new lappi with new win 7 and bought to me for some imp softwares, where i checked the new MS Essentials and i was impressed by the functions and the speed with which it updates its signatures and try to debug the bugs. I would say your friends are really true about the MS essential go for it.
  4. no doubt iphone stands apart as compared to the blackberry segment. Iphone first of all has its apple name behind it backing it. the new ipad and ipod nextgen has also created a status symbol for many. though blackberry is good for corporate honchos who are looking for ultra tight security and think their company or business is solely dependent on the phones they carry. if you like them, then i think go for blackberry. its having a real very tight security feature. Recently here in India the government had asked the RIM (Research in motion), a Canada based company and producer of Blackberry to set a server under the vigilance of Indian government in India. But the company refused to take the initiative. It was threated to be kicked out the great India mobile market still it didn't changed its ground. This very well shows as how the company is looking forward to change the security from time to time and help the customer enjoy a security as well as an combination of high end technology. But Iphone has its standard as well. I think this is for all those geeky persons out there or basically the youths. This phone is trendy. You can call Blackberry a grandpa and iphone a grandson if mobile handsets are considered as a family. Iphone stands apart with almost 300000 apps supporting it and all are well furnished. The apple name only make people feel the line breaker and the iphone in every case is better than the rest out there. I think if you are not a enterprise or a corporate honcho then go for a trendy version of mobile iphone or else want a high security for you mobile phones then look for a blackberry phone. PS. one more the best feature which surely make blackberry above all is its BBM, thats blackberry messenger. A lifetime free messaging system all across the world to communicate with other blackberry users in real time. This feature is not in iphone or in any other device. This might be one of the main causes as why youths are drawn towards blackberry now. They are generally smsholic and want to stay connected 24/7. so bbm comes for their rescue and that also for freeeeeee.
  5. -395.03 mycents, are you kidding me?

  6. yea its found on the motherboard, silver or black in color. This serves as the battery for the time and date of the system and it works fine for 4 moths without get charged once. (I had once not opened one my old system for 4 to 5 months but when i opened i saw the time and date was uptodate.) If you remove the battery and put it in the slot again then it will show the most initial date and time, in my case its always 01 Jan 1880. rvalkass is right. You should try changing your battery. HOpe so it works.
  7. Yesterday i bought a new LG Optimus, its really great to own an android device but i think the apps in the app market are not as furnished and neat as in Apple App store. Anyways i had trouble using google maps which was pre-installed in my smartphone. I dont have an unlimited data plan in my cellphone and nor the 3G works in my town at its best so i prefer downloading the whole of the map at my home using my home wi-fi. But now the problem arises that, whenever i look a place in my map or say a local street, first the map download the content from the net and then shows, no problem when in home but it sucks when i am travelling out because i dont know my next days routine or route as where i am going to be so its better to get the whole city maps allready cached in my phone. In Nokia Ovi Maps we were able to buy the whole of the city, i want the similar app for the android. I had used the Mapdroid, though it gave the map of my city but it was not zoomed to the max. and it was only the terrain not the satellite, and the info in the terrain was also not there like any cafe or res-truant. Is there any app which enables me to download the map of the whole city beforehand and save it in my smartphone and use it whenever needed. The saved map should be zoomed to the max. level and if possible the satellite map will add an ice to my cake. My city is not an metro poly, just a small town in India so i think not all the apps has the maps of India, still suggest me the apps for my android device.hope so i am clear with my problem?
  8. If I am not wrong then this is the place to do some posting iver the android phones and their apps. if not then please let me know where it is situated. Anyways i was looking for a good mobile tracker or say gps logger for my Lg Optimus. I got "My Tracker" though it is good but not what i was looking for. It is having a function of recording the route through which my mobile has traveled. Is there any other app (preferred free apps ) to track my route and help me share with my friends. The tracking should consists of the total time taken to travel the distance and the speed. I thought of using the Cardio Trainer as an app for logging a route . Which does everything but doesnt let me share the route. SO is there any other app to track the route used by me during a travel. thanks is advance.
  9. i think basically fault lies in your bios battery. There is a battery when you open up you cpu and it located on your motherboard. It mainly controls the cpu clock and some inital setting when you just pull that battery off from its slot then everything just gets blank and starts from the first. But when it doesnt work then the problem of the cpu occurs. I you want it corrected then you better take a new bios battery from the hardware shop or just look for an old computer you can find that battery in there. Usually no one bothers for that battery so you can take advantage and pick that battery and walk your way home.
  10. according to me the starter of the thread is right and i completely agree with him. In my case my computer almost 4 years old and its taking time in loading the yahoo page whereas the google is much fast and theres almost nothing to load in it.
  11. lol starscream i pretty much agree with you. but you have got some wrong info first the flood control is 51 posts a member a day and the site is now not Xisto its Xisto.com :Dnow back to the topic..i dont know why they had got their name changed to KS, Xisto is good its unique and its easy to remember where as KS is somewhat a big name in my case i probably would forget the spelling of ks so i usually type Xisto and then i am redirected to KS. No matter they have a very cool gfx done for the home page but still i liked the previous Xisto much. If they are undergoing modernization i think its ok but they should preserve their old identity. The boards is great now really its awesome now a new skin for ipb that grool Last KS is not bad but Xisto is better.
  12. ooh yea adam! i had heard of that and also watched on the tv its review! its pretty much good and also can give a tough competition to ipad as said. Adam is made by the students of IIT and now its only in beta period. Its having all the feature and i would say more than the ipad. according to me it lacks only one step behind in only one aspect than ipad and thats its beauty and way of design. Not to mention the sleek body of ipad and as compared to adam its just a slate kinda tablet. But it has got some of the great mention features as mention aboved, like usb ports 3g services with wifi connectivity and also a camera for conference. Its being tested in THE us type of countries and soon will be launched in the world and i hope so it wouldnt take long time to reach its own motherland India i am pretty excited about this adam and really hope so it gives all the hopes to the one who cant buy Apple Ipad. Its having only 2 things less than that of the Ipad they are name and design. Ipad has got Apple as its prefix which makes its all the more reliable and trendy but as the name as hype is given to the iPad i done thing it deserves that much. anyways have a look at the both products and have your own opinion here.
  13. This is not an copied material but a survey which we the school student conducted in our near by town!This article contains all our views and points and the conclusion as per the survey conducted by us. NO OFFENSE! As soon as a student comes to class 11 or 12, his tension increases. Not only does he have the pressure of performing well in his school semester exams but also in the entrance exams. He has to prepare himself to face the challenge of getting admission to a prestigious college. In certain universities, admission is granted based upon the performance in entrance examinations and in certain other institutions, admissoon is granted if one clears 'cut-off' marks.When the a foresaid questions were asked in a survey across the whole india many of the teacehrs of +2 said that due weightage should be given to both performance in entrance exam as well as marks obtained in class 10 and 11 boards. According to them they feel that 40 - 60 ratio should be made while granting admission. When they were approached they were very much firm and also too much concerned about the students in india. They are commitin sucide every now and then and that should be stopped. According to them the ever increasing cut-off marks are demoralizing students because a student of great potential may be denied admission just because he scores 97% and the cut-off stands 97.5% or 98%.Another clan of teachers have a totally different reaction but not too far away from their predecessors. According to them the admission should be granted solely on the basis of performance on the entrance exams. They were of the view that it may happen that a child doesn't well in academic during his school life, yet he might have a chance to score brilliantly in the entrance exams. Also, they feel that ever increasing cut off marks are definitely demorlizing and thus there is all the more reason for admission to be granted on the basis of the entrance exams. When we contaceted a physics professor of a university (only on a condition, professor wanted to be in anonymity), he said he is of the opinion that admisson to colleges or higher secondary education onstitutions should not be based on marks at all. He says that throughout Inida, the education system is different, the marketing schemes are not uniform because of which a student of better potential, due to more strict correction, may not get lesser marks that the other student of his or her own age group. So, marks should not be corrected rather an oes sheep is much better. According to him he says that an oes papar is the best as its checked by the machine and its same for all! where as it will take less time as compared to the traditional checking scheme. In this students having a great potential will only come into light and he or she who lacks behind wont have any chance to say that the checking was strict as oes checking is done via system and its same all over. According to some of the students they same that the whole country should follow a one study pattern and the exams should be conducted on that pattern. For example in my country we are having 2 main Boards namely CBSE (GOVERNMENT AIDED) and ICSE (PRIVATE SECTOR). I belong to icse board. I was always being asked to get good numbers coz as compared to other students near me are in CBSE boards and their pattern is just too easy for me. They are reading almost every topic of physics in 11 when we had done it in std 8 and 9. Now just think a brain is much developed at 11 than in 9th. so how can you imagine a boy whos getting the topics of 11th cbse get god marks in icse 9. this is just a small case it can be again given another broad topic or article. Due to this marks we are always behind in may entrance competiton because they see the marks not the Boards. But when a exam is conducted we are sure shot to get the highest score in that exam. (here we = to all the icse student). But to sit in the exam you should have some of the basic marks like here one of the most prestigious college in India BITS Pilani asks 85% + marks to sit in its entrance exam. Now how would a ICSE student scoring 80% will get in but he is having a far more capablity then what a 90% CBSE student has. I did a small research on CBSE pattern or studies and found that we are taught almost many things or the CBSE 11 and 12 in std. 8 itself. The students doing the things in 11 and in 8th is much difference alltogether. Lastly i would like to know wether this type of correction and marking scheme is good.! Once due to some unfavourable circumstances a student is not able to score in his or her boards conducted in std 10 and 12 then that doesnt means he is bad in studies. According to me i think all the students should be given a fair chance and also the boards and the entrance exams should be given equal weightage. So that only the best comes out. and every student should get his or her own time and space to show its own capablity.
  14. i had also seen this series! it was good and i 100% agree with you, they also showed that wood chipper was it was just an illusion but what will you call that cris angels performance throwing the bandana and then again catchin it within 11 secs. I dont get any trick in that! or may be there is i am not getting that but! they said he did telepode but if he can then i am sure he didnt have to give air fares and he is a enviornment friendly guy then but still how could you do that ??
  15. aloKNsh

    Best Mp3 Player?

    according to me the best mp3 player is kmp player or the vlc with codecs both are the best and both are for free! check em out i hope you will find them nice
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