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  1. The government in Australia is fairly good in the scheme of things. We have an idiot Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, but other wise, all is good. The government treats the people like people and it does its best not to degrade social classes (call me a capitalist, but I think that if a political system as suggested was carried out, it would be a disaster, if you are rich, good on you, you have that right, if you are poor, I think the government should support, and then lead the lower class back into the work force), and the Prime Minister is a very intelligent man, just remember that the leader is only as good as his ministers.
  2. I am going to buy a new INQ (Three Phone) as my Nokia 6288 died
  3. Your idea is disgusting, it completely degrade people and puts them into pointless class systems. Why would anyone help them with that revolution, I think those 1000 people would be on their own, no "ordinary" citizen would support it.Even if something as ludicrous as this happened, I bet that people would seek political asylum, after all, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  4. Make it nice, make it pretty, right now it is very bland, I like the idea but it needs to be worked on. Make the background a color like this: COLOR You might want to make a little logo as well that will make it stand out. If you center the form you can make it into a nicer width (say 800px) and if you use a table you can put the boxes how you want them (make sure the table is borderless though. Then put a copyright notice down the bottom.
  5. I use Firefox and Opera because IE is not a real browser. It fails to meet the expectations of the w3 standards and suffers countless bugs, hence the reason for the change. I have the IETab Extension installed in FireFox and you can eally see the difference.
  6. FireFox as a browser can go faster but it cannot make your internet connection better. FireFox by it self is always going to be better than any hacked version. Also you have a dead link...
  7. I use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. They both are better than most other PROFESSIONAL video editing software. I started buying Adobe back when it was CS2, it used to be different, neither of these programs were included, so I would edit each frame in Photoshop, it took HOURS to do, but had spectacular effects when it was compiled. In CS3 it was introduced and I found it VERY useful, I really was amazed with the results.
  8. That is a great tutorial, I am still having difficulty with list functions though. The CSS is nice and the background image is very good. Good job baniboy
  9. Nothing is free, everything requires time. Basically time = money, hence there is a cost, even in relationships (the time thing).
  10. Haha, did you know that my speed is 1500kb/s ... What I am confused about is why people don't just use speedtest.net, you have the option to choose the server you want to test at.
  11. Ok, I will close this idea, I thought I was on to something ...
  12. Hi all,Yesterday I was thinking about the theory of time which Albert Einstein came up with, and it got me thinking. Since the speed of light is the fastest speed possible, we could never pass a light beam like we could pass a car on the highway. If we can never pass light, how could we even reach the speed of light? My answer to this would be the fact that the speed of light might be relative to the speed you are moving, hence always being unachievable...If you think my idea is completely lunatic please tell me, if you think I might have a good point, please help expand on the idea .Kind Regards,TriplebTalk
  13. I have now given away the codes so no more emails ... Something that really shocks me about Demonoid is how bad the torrents are now... They really should of never made it private.
  14. Well we know there is hope in the world... Sadly I read that the browser acts as an operating system because it runs on its own Kernel (Gazelle). I found a good article which had an attached PDF here. I think that Internet Explorer will never be completely dead, but we can always hope ... Another thing about the Gazelle is the fact that it has a faster start up than IE7, definitely a plus .
  15. I have invite codes which I will be giving out a bit later in the year, I will have a condition to them though, I would like everyone to email me (triplebtalk@live.com.au) and then I will send you the code
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