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  1. Yeah. Its been 4/5 months. I think after sitting in front of computer, my eyes get worsen and not able to see letter what our teacher teach us on college. So i make eye check up and doctor prefer me to war glasses. Now I am wearing glasses. But I don't like to wear glasses when I am not in computer or reading something.
  2. I prefer Photoshop. It widely used application even you can create some vector base file too. I think Photoshop can create most of design what we required, we should have enough skills for it. I also used corel draw for making logos, some vector base hotel menus. It is easy to draw curves etc.
  3. I m back to knowledgesutra

    1. web_designer
    2. anwiii


      are you here to try and resurrect it? :)


  4. There are lots of softwares to listen online radio but If you using Windows Machine you can play lots of music (with online radio) with your Windows Media player. As above Web_designer said, You can use Yahoo Messenger too. I also use WINAMP which is available for free and use .pif file to play online radio.
  5. I am getting Lazy hu haahahaha

  6. Thank you very much for all. Finally I plan not to install Windows 7 on my that Laptop. I will keep it up with Windows XP which runs good on this Laptop. I am going to buy new one which has already in Windows 7.
  7. I heard Windows 7 is good than Windows XP (I can't compare it with windows vista). So I plan to upgrade my Packard Bell Laptop series EASYNOTE MV35-202 with Windows 7. I go packard bell driver download page but i didn't find any driver for windows 7. There are only windows xp and vista driver listed. I ran windows 7 compability tester that was given by microsoft. That test passed everthing except XP virualization. I still don't know are my laptop drivers will work such as Touch point devices, wireless LAN, LAn, Audio, Graphics, Sound etc. My laptops consits of 1 GB Ram, 50 GB HDD, DVD R/W and 1.44 GHz Interl Atom Processer. Please suggest me If I upgrate to Windows 7 is my laptop work smoothly ? Just like XP that now works great. Please help me about this.
  8. Hey do you know ? I am still didn't try the links that you given above. and I don't know If TOS Xisto.com accepts it or not.Anyway I am sharing two links here which works great to download rapidshare like a premium users. http://www.rsplg.com/ http://www.findingresult.com/?dn=linebay.com&pid=9POL8D55D Hope you will enjoy this.!!
  9. I used Nod32 version 3 but It doesn't detect all viruses that comes from pen drive. I tired of viruses that makes .exe for every folder. When someone clicks it it really dangerous disabling task manager, registry editor, cmd command. So I again switched on Avast home edition which is good but still slows my computers and this also block my a instant messenger called Nepal Messenger as a virus so users can't use it. Facing too many problems these days. If anyone knows if there any antivirus as server and workstation computers ?
  10. yeah you are right its really late reply. It was difficult to set up Mikrotik Router what I asking for and I find solution googling it for a week. and now works fine. Anyway thanks for reply.
  11. I have problem with choosing antivirus for more than 30 PCs. I installed trying Avast, Avira free edition on each PCs but PC slow down day by day. My PC is running Windows XP Professional Edition with 256 MB Ram, 2.0 GHz Intel Processor and 40 GB HDD. I have to put different languages pack on my PC like Japanese, Hebrew, Korean etc.I uninstalled all antivirus and installed Deep Freeze for easy. It works fine but one day a computer detect virus and spread all over the network because all computers are connected each other. and all internet connection got down. I really tired shut down each computer and again up. So I plan to install new antivirus that protect all network computers as well as computer should have fast. I heard there is some antivirus that support server and workstation computers but I don't have any idea which is good one?. So if you have any idea what should I do please help me.
  12. I am agree with you guys. I also don't like Google's captcha that way. That is very annoying to me and have to look some minutes or try to 2/3 times again and again. and the main purpose of captcha is remove spam bots but why Such Google's make difficult captcha even difficult to read by humans. Is that good security if we can't read properly on captcha image?? I don't think so. I also see some captcha like 1+1= ? that is pretty easy for me but I don't have any idea how much day secured.
  13. Nepal is one of the land lock country located in Southern Asia. It has lots of Himalayas, Lakes as well as plane area in Tarai Region. Its developing country. It carries many natural beauty. If you planning to travel Nepal could be good destination for you. The highest peak Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. The lord Buddha also born in Lumbini Nepal. The main destinations are Kathmandu (Cultural destination of Nepal, City of Temples) Pokhara (Natural beauty, City of Lakes etc) and so many other places that you can visit. Nowdays, Nepal suffering political stability so it not good situation in Nepal. After constitution assembly the creation of constitution on the process. If You want to visit Nepal. You are welcome.
  14. The technology growing day by day and I really think Inkless printer is great for use. But it costs huge this times $4 per sheet and $5500 for printer (this could buy a house here). As it can print only 1000 times so what to do plastic paper after 1000 times. It is difficult to destroy for healthy environment. As our papers easily can reuse.
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