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Is It Racist If Science Shows One Race Has More Intelligence Than Another?


Some have touched on this, but I'd like to expound on the topic.I believe race only exists as a social construct. It is a fairly modern idea without an genetic basis. One of the first modern racial classification system was created by Francois Bernier in the 1700s. In it, he indentified and ranked certain races as superior and inferior.Biologically though, race does not exist. Human beings are one of the most genetically similar species in the world. We have more in common with each other than two houseflies that look completely identicial to each other. That's because the number of genes that determine our appearances make up just a very small portion of us. I'm of German descent, but I may be more genetically similar to an individual living in a mud hut in Nigeria, than another German man.Just look back at history to see how the definition of race has changed over the years. Italians, during the earlier parts of history, weren't considered "white" in America, but they are now. We're also seeing a movement towards labelling "non-Hispanic whites" as "white." The definition of race only changes because it's a social construct.


If purely scientific evidence is used to prove that one race is better than another, then you cannot really say that it is racist. It is only racist if it is due to a bias. If there is a bias behind saying that one race is superior to another, then the bias does make one racist. It's not like someone is going to get back to you from the dead for presenting scientific evidence.

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