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  1. Wasn't there a person at DEFCON that showed a bot that could get past CAPTCHA with about 70% accuracy? I don't remember the exact link but I do remember reading about it on Gizmodo, they had a special on reCAPTCHA technology and how its' changed over the years. Perhaps we should start looking into 3D images instead of 2D ones because most programs aren't able to perceive depth in an image.
  2. Support wise I still think that Verizon phones are better, there's always a deal and its easy to get cheap phones. At&t does have some good dumbphones and there is their blackberries and the iPhone, but Verizon has a better selection of smart phones.
  3. It is of choice I believe however but the intense pressure put on these boys, assuming you are talking about Iraq and those third world countries the only place they are accepted, and given money and food is at the mosque. These recruiters give them a chance to live and experience life, they give them a chance to pay back those men who gave them food and life. There are so many centers, and they not only use religion, but sense of duty and family. They make them feel uninimportant unless they give up their life. We can't understand that difference in America or other countries, even Japan had suicide fighters, those kamikazi pilots were the same, they were willing to give up their life for the greater end. Here in the US, our military doesn't have that much of a brainwashing program other than making us respect soldiers, these suicide bombers are the same, they start off as poor children and become these matyrs and others look upon them as heroes who have fallen against the West/
  4. I don't care what happens to the firewalls or the security companies, if they really believe in the necessity of their product than people will continue to buy child protection software, although I still anything other than OpenDNS is a waste of money. I think this would be a great way to remove this smut from computers everywhere, and its easy not to mess up and type in the wrong domain. too many people end up at these type of sites by misspelling a word, and now with a completely different domain extension they can both attract more traffic and get people to change. However its going to be impossible to enforce because as now it is not illegal to have it online, and unless all the nations come together to change the laws its not gonna be much of a change. Either way I still think its a great idea, although I have a feeling unless the US, and Europe back it (free speech problems) its not going anywhere other than China, doesn't matter in North Korea, cause Red Star OS already blocks it.
  5. Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful and pretty basic for us to understand, and also thank you for supplying the code. I'm actually learning a bit of javascript the basics only, not the jQuery and library elements, but how the query works, and how you actually get the id or class name, or how to reference a tag, using the Net Tuts thing from Envato, great site by the way, the videos and resources are simply spectacular. Still anyway great explanation and simple language, hope to see more javascript stuff, that doesn't require any flash work and messing with .gifs and .swf files in Flash. On a tangent, Adobe CS5 announced today for all you designers, and coders.
  6. Xalor


    I guess I could say that I believe in religion because of my parents, they stressed upon the necessity of having some sort of deity or god in your life to make you achieve for something. Its different with me though, I believe in God, that there is one, and He does watch upon our very actions. But I can't accept that man's definition of him is true, I don't know whether its the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, Q'aran, or the Torah is correct. There even more concepts and faiths that split our true God into different forms. I think that in the core principle we believe in a Creator is the fact that we must exist, and the fact that we exist is the problem, who controls chance, the fact that a quark actually exists, even if we get down to the most basic particle of all, in the case of String Theory, the actual string, or ring or whatever the current iteration is, who created that particle. If energy cannot be made or destroyed, where did the first energy come from, if it was matter that was converted into energy, where did that matter come from. There must be a source, and whether that source is dictated by Science or Religion, I do not care, but the fact is that there must be a source, and that is why we believe, because we do not want to be insignificant pieces of matter and atoms, who's only purpose is to survive and reproduce, but rather that our actions here account to something over there.
  7. Xalor


    Welcome back, they changed the name, still a bit confused on that since not all the parts of the forum match the new name. I know when I came back to visit the name change freaked me out, since I thought that someone had just bought the site. Its' pretty weird, but the new site is wicked awesome, I love the opening animation, although it won't work on the iPad. Since there's no flash, hoping there's an iFriendly version of their site. (Look I made an Apple Pun)! So yea, have fun, and I'll stalk you around to see if you're really back or you're just one those people.
  8. You've been really active on here, I kinda came back again, after doing like a million survey sites since I need hosting again >.> On topic, nice tutorial and I really like the sigs you have there, just noticed that you had more than one cut clipping mask in the sample signature, makes it look pretty awesome.
  9. I used the bots a couple of times, and I tested with a couple of friends, but it seems pretty weird to me. I mean would you really use something like that? I still think that Word and revisions work out better because a lot of time, you need to change things and put parts together not always keep the current revision. I still think that email and wave should stay separate, and in the future, it should not be combined. What do you guys think? Even if wave was introduced back then as email, we would have found something else instead of wave for mail. It doesn't actually allow you to send a uneditable message, and that message becomes public if you don't change your settings. I for one don't trust it but still the fact that you can implement your own Google Wave on your server is pretty amazing. Like a corporate intranet could setup Waves for each department and have them collaborate together. Hope that all the Wave services will be linked together, by choice of course since it wouldn't be right to link corporate and personal accounts together. On another note, if anyone needs an invite, just PM me, and I'll give you one, got 14 or more to go, (invited all my accounts)
  10. I actually don't trust rapidshare because all the files are hidden in .rar files or some other sort of archived source. Searching for files on rapidshare, I agree is basically pointless, the best thing you can do is find a real torrent site, where there are active links and files, and download that way. ISPs are gonna find out anyway, and use transmission to block your upload, and definitely rapidshare links are almost all viruses, unless uploaded by a trusted user, in my opinion, any link with rapidshare on youtube is not legal, and there are so many other file storage services, that work a lot better, and are not tracked by the ISPs at all, i.e. Dropbox, for 2GB free, and unlimited bandwith, well more than I actually need. Even MediaFire is better than rapidshare.
  11. Looks very nice and clean, however I would change up the background color for each of the text, make it a div and then put a background color, since now its seems broken up on firefox 3.6. Other than that very well done, and I really do like it. Howd you get that information, is it based on the BBC API or something? Over all i like the idea, and I hope it gets big enough for you to put up even more radio stations. Oh and I would think about using a different font with a nicer header, maybe an image or a nice background pattern, other than what you have now. Good luck with your site, hope it comes it well in the end. Oh wait I just read the FAQ, very nicely explained, and that would be a great concept for having a personal site. I think you should also center the loading bar, and maybe add a bit of flash animation, since right now its looks a bit disjointed, with the loading and a simple page that comes up.
  12. Only reason I like Ubuntu over other Linux Distros, although I find that Fedora is equivalent, if not better at some times. @knoppixusr, I would say the problem is probably the same as mine, I freeze up at times, because those apps are not installed properly. I would try updating yourself, and clear the cache once in a while, and update apps as well. Like truefusion said, I kinda like Ubuntu as well for the software resources. Its easier than compiling from source, I can use the aptitude packaging service, compared the less usable ones for mandriva and gentoo. Most are based on the debian system though, but Ubuntu organizes the best using launchpad and 90% of the apps work with KDE/GNOME Ubuntu instead of most of the other versions.
  13. Imageshack.com is slow for me actually. I'm really annoyed by the fact that its not organized at all, and its really slow. Imageshack doesn't always give me a chance to make albums and sperate images into sections and it really doesn't give it anything by dates or times. I personally use Flickr now, but photobucket is great for quick uploads and changes in version numbers, if you want multiple copies, however the bandwith is a bit bad, but in reality, if you don't use too many of them, you probably won't run out right away. Flickr is better for me cause I upload my revisions to photobucket and upload a final version to flickr, to keep the bandwith going. I use tinypic for randomized screenshots or dropbox if I really need.
  14. I like the concept of the SOTW (SOTM) being shown up on front, makes the main section of the forum standout comparatively. The only thing, we don't really update that much, so in reality, the site should be pushing people to check out this forum more than checking back at the gfxtrap site llike truefusion said. I really like inverse_bloom's design. It looks really good how'd you do come up with the sidebar navigation design? It looks awesome as a drop down menu, although well I guess it would be a side drop menu?
  15. I understand what you mean. No matter what the point is about more myCENTS, his goal is still getting revenue to support the free servers. He really is a master of SEO (thats Search Engine Optimization right?), since when I search my name or my forum name actually I get Xisto, even other links about my sites comes up with Xisto before my other stuff, sometimes before my own Twitter account, same name. So I guess if he moved the GFX Section up the links would change and it would mess up the SEO layout? Oh that means we're out of the Staff Section?
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