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Remove Watermark Or Add Watermark add or remove watermark from a video


is there any software which will provide me with the function of adding watermarks or removing watermarks from the videoif there is any then please tell emthank you very much in advance...............

Alex Cicala

First of all you cannot remove watermark. Once a watermark is embedded onto a video
you cannot remove it.

A simple Google search came up with this program, http://www.videowatermarkfactory.com/
Also I think Adobe Premiere can add watermarks also.


there's a reason why the watermark was placed so that is good as stealing..


Unless the video is still uncomiled, you have a chance that you can remove it which will slim to non existance. The program may try to flatten the watermark but hard to remove.


Adding waterMark to the FLV filesRemove Watermark Or Add Watermark


You can add the watermark to  the video without using the function.

If you want you can try this, 

Downloaded URL: http://www.softwaregeek.com/download/watermark_master.Html;


Akhila Reddy.P


Watermark VideoRemove Watermark Or Add WatermarkIs it possible to add watermark on a video using youtube's video editing tools?


I've heard that it's quote easy for a Photoshop or other software advanced user to remove a watermark from a picture or animation, but from a movie I guess it's quite hard, unless you're a professional..Lets say on TV rips we see shows that still have the TV logo on which channel it was shown, if it was so easy to remove, it would be, the only way I can think is to put your own logo which would hide the old one, but why would you want to do that?


It can't be unless you have the original video source. Once you have video source, it makes no sence to edit the video which contain logo.The simple way is adding black bars at the top / bottom side of video to conver the logo, making the video looks like a "wide screen video".oooops~~


It is hard to remove the watermark if the video is publised. Maybe you can try some video editor :angel:


It depends on the kind of video watermark you have to remove (text, logo, is it static, etc...), what is the video format as well as the quality of the encoded video? Also, most video editors add an invisible watermark aside from the visible one. It's hard, but it can be done. And with a bit of LUCK and skill, nobody will even notice that a watermark was removed. No altered video quality, smearing and the like. After effect and even virtualdub can be used. And pardon me if I may ask but is this for legal reasons? Because there's a reason why people watermark/copyright their work.


VideoChargeRemove Watermark Or Add WatermarkReplying to sweet_tchxprtYou can try to use VideoCharge Studio-reply by twoDoctor


HiReally, I download VideoCharge Studio and i can:1. Add watermark on video (text, image or small video clip)2. Remove watermark from video. (use crop, blur or use nearest pixels)Very very good! Recommend to try!

The Simpleton

2. Remove watermark from video. (use crop, blur or use nearest pixels)

I doubt whether it would be effective with large watermarks. A blur on a small watermark may not be noticed but on large ones it will be easily noticeable and it would be better with the watermark in the first place instead of a large ugly blur on the screen! Anyway if anyone has tried this software and finds it effective I would like to hear more about it.


Removing watermark perfectly is only possible if the video was multi layered which mean is it on matroska format.It does not mean that whatever watermark that appear on them can be easily removed. If the video inside the matroska file was single layered (example video taped from TV), removing the water mark is impossible.


I agree - remove watermark impossible. But for some video you can hide watermark very effective. As i wrote below there are there ways for it: crop, blur and use nearest pixels. Of course, if you have big watermark - you cannot remove, but on 90% video have small watermark which you can remove!


You can use a special tool to remove watermarks and logos from video
Remove Logo From Video tool


You can use a special tool to remove watermarks and logos from video files. Remove Logo From Video tool

As the software website explained on their homepage this software only remove static log from videos; but how we can remove dynaic logos or overlays. or moving logos.


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