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  1. Mine do have a USB3 labeled ports but the manual confuse me, the Manual was talking about SS and was figuring out where they are. AS a note, my computer was assembled by me but the motherboard provides a back panel with "USB3" printed and etched. The casing version I have had a port labeled as USB3 but "Super Speed" on the other batch of the same model. Thanks for letting us know that USB3 = SS = Super Speed.
  2. Sometimes it is with the USB cord specially with Samsung, they might be Samsung only used lines that are missing on the Standard cables. I am using such Fuji USB cord to download files from one of my Samsung device and was frustated that I can copy the files from the Device and charge it but I cant use it as a webcam or a camera. Swapping the original Samsung USB make things work.There are also some toggles on the Samsung device console/panel that can disable the communication from the computer to the Samsung Device.************The only thing you are sure with standard cables are the following1. Device that supports charging can charge2. Device that supports "external" storage setting will add an extra drive on your computer3. Basic Video transmission for video supported devicesThe rest are non-standard like the built-in microphone on your webcam which is why webcams are mostly ship with a non detachable USB cord.
  3. There are a lot of ways to overcome that Bit Torrent blocking if ports are open. The wonderful portions of Bit torrents are port forwarding but you may get the trackers port blocked by the ISP if they found out you are trying to cheat them. Torrents eats up a lot of resources, on a non strict environment (like yours which you will say it is the opposite), the torrents will try to consume all bandwidth and once a file is partially downloaded on a torrent client, they automatically gets upload back as seeds effectively forcing the company to buy more bandwidth and equipment. This will force them to charge more. You are even lucky to have the torrent ports unblocked on that period, some don't. If you want a fast connection, cheap and stable with torrents, get the higher plans or get the expensive plans from other alternatives.
  4. Funny thing is that Samsung have the first patent of rounded corners but it is not worldwide patent, people are talking around the net on how stupid the ruling was when the original rounded corners and one button in iPhone was inspired by a Samsung phone. Companies using the original creators idea or work and then suing them for patents are not very rare, there are even tons of cases with Microsoft "borrowing" codes from other people on promise that they will use it for free products bundled with Windows and then after 1 year or 2, they will apply secretly a patent for that "borrowed" technology then later on sue the creator. There was a circulating news before on my "not so mainstream and legal" mailing list about how people gain access to windows 95, 98, win me and vista root kernels without changing any part of it by accessing the accessory programs. One them even produces watermarked contents when used put by the original programmer. Apple also sue Samsung in relation to Icons on the android phones resembling iPhone icons, as far as I know is that all Icons on a stock Samsung phone is part or a mask of the default sets of icons that android have. Here are a link of the few subset of the icons http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Apple also sue Samsung for copying iPhone like gestures on the android phones which they failed that they are copying the android OS itself with the swipe and other gestures. Should they sue all smartphones and Google for this too? I failed to track the development regarding this OS feature issues in the battle but I am sure that if Google will be sued, they will counter sue Apple causing major set backs in the iPhone OS functionality. It is also silly to sue a company running an OS that is free for use and have a free market for new software from a totally 3rd party source be sued for making iPhone like icons. As far as I see it, without Steve Jobs, the man who revive Apple from the grave of a great downfall, there will be no new innovations on their line. The consequence is a decline on iPhone sales and even Apple products. ********************** One of the basis of the Legal battle is that base on them, a Samsung android phone looks like an iPhone from a far. Funny, I never own an iPhone and have no plan on getting one but I own a Samsung phone. From a distance of 8 meters, I can easily spot which one is a Samsung and which one is an Apple. Samsung have 2 soft buttons, when the user is using the phone, they will lit up causing a huge difference. The button is also rectangular and the cameras are different. With an eye blind folded, I can tell which one is a Samsung and which one is an iPhone, Samsung bodies are made from light weight plastics. Just an added trivia, the smiley characters are also patented and copyrighted. Apple is also using them and they are built inside their OS. Are they paying the patent owner for using them?
  5. On your xisto control panel, add an "add on domain" and make that your co.cc domain.Remember "add on domain" since this will tell the server that this domain is another address for my website.On co.cc service, insert both nameservers given by Xisto, giving only one will mess up your DNS from time to time.It is not required to use 2 nameservers but 2means you have a backup connection.If the co.cc domain service can't find your webhost, then it can't display anything except an error of 404 or sometimes error 500 (server error)
  6. You can always extend wordpress libraries instead of writing new database connections. The task is both simple and complicated and depends on how much skill you have. If I can get some free time sitting in front of the computer and install a test copy, I will be happy to do it for you. I'll let you know in 2-3 days if I do have the spare time. The only concern that I have is that I can manipulate any software to extend them but I lack the creative side for online websites.
  7. Google+ as a bookmark for your friends/visitor that do Google searches while logged in on their Google Account. The Google+ plus pages appear together with the web search result.
  8. If you mean sensitive stuff about your private life then it was not Google's problem. People are getting reckless on posting thousands of info on social networks about themselves then blame the world wide web if those info gets exposed to millions of people.For an example, I have seen more than 50 person in 3 months posting their real name, age, address, birth-date, home address, location and life style patterns. Some have posted candid and sensitive pictures of themselves shared to the public.If the search engines find this, it was not their fault since the user have started putting them up on the web. I even saw some funny civil cases where people tried to sue Google when their "naked" photos return as a result from Google's photo search. The images in question was shared to more than 500 people on facebook, some websites grabbed the photo and added it to their content. Surely that is not Google's fault.The REAL problem with Google is that it collect a lot of info about you including your website visiting habit.
  9. To make the guest listen to ANY IP on port 80 or http port, just add this on your configListen 80Instead of adding Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80 which while only listen on the same exact IP that you provided.In order to make wordpress work, you need apache server, Php interpreter and lastly is a mySQL server.Forget one of them and the whole wordpress system wont work.Take note that in apache and all linux/unix base system, filenames are case sensitive making "folder" not equal to "Folder" hence producing "file not found" errors which in turn can hang the whole system.
  10. The forum links are broken. Open Discussion & Free Web Hosting - brings you to Xisto.com
  11. @af01 Can you explain much better on what problem you are having? @iGuest The answer is yes, post more info and I will generate the code to you and explained it on detail
  12. This is a form of opposing ideas, if your site gets devalued by Search Engines, you are already penalized. Search Engine don't apply instant penalties, when sites loads slow, they will send bots on the same region with the hosting server. If the site still loads slow then that it the time you get the penalty. You also need to be constantly slow for a few days to get a penalty. Flash sites are not really slow to load, there are lots of good flash sites that loads the segments parallel to each other. They only load slow when you put them into 1 bulk flash file with no segmentation. Videos are not set to play automatically on most sites, this is to prevent bandwidth hogging on the end user. In fact, the only thing you can't speed up on the web is video loading however you can always optimize them for those who have a faster connection using streaming servers. Also, to check if a page is slow.. it will request for the header file. Example: mydomain.com/slowpage.php.. in order to test if this page is really slow, bots will request will connect and request the HTTP header for slowpage.php throwing the rest of the packet away. This is still affected by DNS/domain resolutions, the more cross referenced domains that exist the slower the HTTP header will be returned. On a slow database setup (it was pretty easy to cause heavy slow downs on an improperly created database), the page will take a lot of time before it sends it response header of 200. It will wait for the database calls to complete before issuing the response. Injecting ads on a page won't have effect on the bot, this will be dealt with on the end user browser or when the bot request the full page content. *********** The method that Google use on checking the loading time is almost the same method used by site monitors that tells you if your site went down or having heavy slow downs. Even if the site monitors keep on checking your site for 1min up to 5mins interval, there are no noticeable delays caused, no wrong tracking info recorded but just like the google bots and other bots out there, those visits and http header request will appear as actual visits on your server's log file. The sole reason why they are not messing your site trackers is merely the reason that those javascripts you add at the footer are not loaded nor even read. If you will check it, even google bot seldom appear as a visitor on your site's tracker except if they bounce on an error 404.
  13. That is a risk with shared hosting on a templated account, no customization. On some shared hosting, you can have a customized local DNS or a customized pass through DNS. They call it differently but the bottomline was to allow the domain registrar to manage the DNS. Pointing the full domain control away from Xisto domains really means a big loss on the domain control. *************** @the VPS It is not really a luxury but a wise choice, I never need more than 3GB of disk space and more than 20GB bandwidth but I do need 200mb of dedicated RAM and at least 500mhz of CPU power. Combining 4 person's varied needs for hosting solved the issue for all of us. The guy who needs 15GB of space and 200Gb of bandwidth got his required needs. The 2nd guy who needs 900mhz of of CPU power and 10mb of diskspace got his problem solved. The fourth guy who needs 3GB of space and 50GB regular bandwidth was also happy.
  14. Ads only drive traffic away from your site, as long as the ads won't generate the time out errors, they will have minimal effects. What you need to worry about them is when the bots starts indexing and they follow the your ads links. The bots gets lost and won't bother to come back again until the next scheduled scan.
  15. Slow loading pages = Slow responding servers. Bots don't need to load the whole page, they only need to time how many seconds or even minutes a serve reply with error 200 (in short.. a servers way of telling that everything is fine). While reading headers, you are not loading any of the following (flash, video, images and injections).
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