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  1. mmm, I think that craigslist is just simple. Simple or complicated does not always mean best design. Craigslist is not very high up in the best web design list. It is not the most user friendly. It is simple, but I have to sometimes Find things (Ctrl + F) just because of the crowd. Also, the decapitalisation does not help at all. It is deceiving.I think the best web design is balanced and appropiate. Easy to understand and navigate. Images are also good for webdesign as long as they will help people - if it helps more than without it, i don't see any reason of not putting it in...There are also other factors.
  2. Easy.If you define a better gamer in terms of playing a certain game better than me, then there are loads. There are games which I don't play or like so they have head start.If you are talking about accumulated skills and experience, any girl who gamed for longer than me or play constatnly than there are loads as well.Otherwise I have no other comparisons to make.
  3. Is the horse the main aspect of this picture? If so, I would say to contrast it even more with the bkground. It could be the place where I am that the horse is not as obvious as I expected.But if thats your design, it looks great.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHHA....Nothing to justify them. Who sent you the emails anyway? Probably classified so I won't go any further...I would suspect they favour one side only...
  5. How about GM chickens? They are modified such that they lay eggs etc...BUt I don't think so if the eggs gives the next generation... They have to be fertilized, so if offspring is require, a male is necessary.Females can have offsprings without a male btw. I forgot the details but I think it is possible.
  6. Nothing serious here, just personal opinions etc...I like my country's anthem. I am from Hong Kong, China.Reasons:When I hear it, it gives a sort of wake up or brighten up feel. It gives me more power etc... Also patriotic.I also like the Russian's anthem. ( The one which starts with "Россия" meaning Russia)Reasons:I first heard this anthem, or part of this anthem when I was playing BF2 (battlefield 2). BF2SF to be exact. I was playing my own realistic mod - more fun etc.. - and I happen to win the round on the team spetsnaz (Russian side). So I thought this music is great! I later on found out that it is indeed an anthem. The melody is great. Probably one of my favourite!How about you? What's your favourite anthem(s) in terms of melody, meaning, feel, anything...Any ideas?
  7. Gaming is not a waste of time. It is a good stress relief, gaming experience and all that...In the contrary, game addiction is a waste of time. This means that you play games more often to attempt to relief the addiction. If you have good time management and use gaming and working time wisely and appropiately, then it will not be a waste of time.Sometimes, a well deserved gaming is earned by hard work.Those are my opinion...
  8. There is something that I found which may work: http://www.metacafe.com/?m=removed You have to set it as a web object on desktop in XP. Looking forward to try it but I thihnk it has a good chance of success. There are also some software that you can try here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I haven't tried it out yet so I have no experimental information.
  9. I saw the rendered image and it looks great...Mind Creating a short tutorial on how to make one of these logos for a newbie such as me?
  10. I convert most of my videos using Prism Video Converter. All you need to do is select the ouput format and it is done (time required for process). It also works for .mkv files. If it prompts you for codec download, just do as demanded. That's what I usually do when converting.
  11. Signals will of course degrade over time. But just like the power stations, they will be boosted and in this case, they will be the routers. Also, these are digital signals that we are talking about. So the quality is maintained when boosted. As to signals getting mixed, a unique or less common frequency can be used to overcome that problem. It will now depend on what technologies are available to accomplish that.
  12. All three are great consoles. But due to the fact that I have enjoyed PS and xBox before, I would try Wii as it has new things hwere the controls are much more flexible. That's my opinion.
  13. I think you can decide that by considering reliability and mobility. If you are on the go, bluetooth may be more convenient. But unless the cable malfunctions, the USB cable is reliable - cannot be interrupted in the air...
  14. This is quoted from the email - "Person x assures person y that computers don't go wrong - just humans!"I was arguing with my friend about this statement. My friend keep saying that anything that goes wrong in a computer, it will be the computer's fault. I tried to explain to him about the root of a problem about computers but he doesn't seem to care about the existance of the root of the problem, which are humans. I would agree to the statement - "It's not the computer's fault, just humans". Computers and software are humans creation. Computers are logical devices which follows exactly as programmed. Whenever a bug exists, people may initially think that the computer has gone wrong. But actually, the root of the problem comes from human. If a human writes a program with a bug and someone uses it on a computer, the user may complain about the program not working because of the computer. The computer logically runs the program and follow every string in it, even the bugs. The computer went wrong because of the human programming error. Now, who's fault is it?I think that there is a misunderstanding between computers going wrong and humans writing a piece of code without knowing the existence of accidental bugs. A bug may come from a typographical error, wrong use of a certain command, or humans are not logical enough. When the computer runs a program, it is not necessarily using the same software as the software used to write the program. So if there is anything wrong, it would seem that the computer does not understand the program. But the software used to run the program is also programmed by a human. So who's fault is it now?Some may argue that the computer may have changed the coding of the program and cause it to malfunction. But what makes the computer the change the coding in the first place? It could be a fault in the coding of the program itself or human could have ran another pr gram using the computer previously and followed exactly as programed which is to change the coding. It's would be quite difficult for computers or any artificial intelligence to think for them selves as they are logical devices. Generally, without logical and specific commands for the devices, I think it would not be possible for those devices to work in the way humans wanted. Unless humans could develop a complex device similar to a human brain or similar complex organs, I don't think A.I. can think for them selves...yet.Thoughts?
  15. Hey andreip, thanks for the encouragement. I am starting to make some great stuff on Photoshop and you tutorial works great!
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