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Should Students In School Show Pda's Public displays of affection


to an extent. but when it goes too far its annoying


I don't mind Quick Kiss and a Hug, but anything more is way too much. I mean its really annoying and it seems out of place. Couples meet out anyway after school and the time inbetween classes at my school is just not enough for anything more. It doesn't seem that bad after school but with all that space that doesn't exist when we're packed into the school its not right, and it just stops others from getting through.


Lol... at my school they dont allow hugs or kisses, or holding hands.If someone catches you holding hands: Lunch DetentionIf someone catches you hugging: DetentionIf someone catches you kissing: In-School Suspension (lol)Getting suspended in school is ***. That takes away the whole point of getting suspended lol.


I think that teachers are making the school looking the way it's not supposed to. They don't allow students to hold books in their hands or something-what's the point? The important thing is to focus on the lesson. And the grades are really an annoying thing! What's the point in having them all excellent(as 20% of the parents bug their children to have them all excellent)? We should show anything which helps us to get the material more easily. We should have computers, pda's, mobile phones. Those things were made to made our life easier. And also, I think that only intelligent people should be allowed to go to college. If your parents don't have the money to pay for your college education(and if there are no scholarships-like in here), and some dumb person has richer parents-is that right? People are supposed to be good in what they do, and an unintelligent person can hardly do well in an job which asks for higher level of education. And by the way(This is meant for my math teacher), someone invented calculators!


public display of affection in schoolsShould Students In School Show Pda's

I'm ok with hug  and holding hands but the whole thing of eating each others tounge well that is really gross I mean that is something that should be done in privte... like get a room don't be gross..We don't want to see wht you do or how you do it... Its ewwwwww specially in school school is for learning not kising nd touching each other if you want to do that then mightaswell open a ***** school

-reply by mmmm


Our teachers and resource officer wait and WATCH you until you go into class, so that way the very second you hug, or kiss, they're going to write you up. 

-reply by Kristen



Hmm, an interesting one this, I have just been at a private school for 5 years, and PDAs were strictly forbidden. I mean anything, holding hands, a peck on the cheek, anything at at all was to be kept out of school. Violating this was a seriously punishable offence. I am now at a state college, where the total opposite is true, there are more or less no rules. There are no real discipliary measures other than to boot the offender out of college.

My girlfriend and I have both been to the same school and are now at the same college. the amount of PDAs that we give each other has not changed at all. We are not the kind of couple who stand in the middle of corridors pulling. I think that is quite a vulgar thing. Yesterday I just went out of a Geography class and saw two people kissing full on. I certianly didn't expect it, and didn't really want to see it either. So I can understand and sympathize with the people who dislike seeing it. However, we do walk round with our arms round each other or holding hands. I give her a kiss goodbye on the lips when we go to our own lessons. But there is nothing more than that. We save all the full on stuff for out of school. I'm no exhibitionist!

My point is, like all laws, people will disobey them if they want to, there is no point making PDAs illegal and being strict upon it, but it is something that should be frowned upon if done in excess.

I've been to the same kind of private school myself. I didn't think that banning PDA was so horrible. Most relationships in high school are pretty pathetic, anyway. Now I'm in college, and I think it's a little different. I think the limits you and your girlfriend have made are quite acceptable. As I walk around campus, I really don't appreciate the couples making out while blocking staircases, etc., but there are also couples that are a little more discrete.

public display shouldn't be banned in school but should be limited ,like holding hands and kiss is okay after all highschooler's are also humans but beyond that i don't think one should go ,but yet it should remain individual choices ,my school didn't aloow actually much of this but yet there are exceptions everywhere , i remember one of my friend was caught in school doing something like that and after than when the pricipal was about to punish him somehow he was arguing with him probably for 45 minutes about where he was touching and where he was not ,i think if one is in a relationship he should be responsible about what other think about them . why do things like this in school while you can go out have fun ,school is a place for education i suppose not your home where one could do anything they want

I agree that responsibility IS the key.


There is a mature way to show pda...There is a difference between a kiss and a makeout session in the middle of the hallway...



PDA in schoolShould Students In School Show Pda's

I think I figured out the world... There is violence, war and hatred because schools are so anti-affection. I think some restriction on PDA is perfectly fine and it should have some regulaton such as; no making out, no groping and no sex. But seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with a little kiss, a hug or holding hands while alking to class. My school is getting really rediculous! It use to be fun and holding hands was okay, we were allowed to wear tanktops that had inch straps but now they have to have sleeves! It's like they think the guys are getting turned on because "OH MY! I SAW HER SHOULDER! WE"RE GOING TO GO HAVE SEX NOW!" Which that is totally not the case. But really, I see elderly couples holding hands and kissing ALL THE TIME! I'm just getting really sick of my school and all the rules they are changing.

-reply by Irritated


I think not allowing PDA at schools is ridiculous it your own right to show your affection to a friend or partner to extent. As long as your not like makin out during class it should be allowed.-reply by jk 4 real


It actually depends on the location of the school, in some places simply talking can be called PDA but personally I do not mind it if the kids are being cute and not like dogs in heat. Holding hands, sitting huddled up, pecks on the cheek is all fine but I definitely do not want to go to school and see a couple ripping each other clothes off. It makes people around uncomfortable and many embarrassed. You wanna show your love to your partner? go do it away from us because not all of us enjoy the exhibitionism.


I think that showing affection in High schools should not be banned. I mean, like when people are making out in the hallways, that's rediculous. They don't have to go that far in the hallways. I don't see whats wrong with a simple hug or holding hands in school. That shouldn't be a problem. But making out, should be saved for after school. A simple kiss on the cheek is okay. Teachers ban Kissing in the halls and showing "PDA", okay, I agree with that. But baning hugging, holding hands , a simple kiss on the cheek shouldn't be a problem!-reply by InLove


PDA in schoolShould Students In School Show Pda's


you people are all retarded. PDA in school is absolutely disgusting. It completely ruins my day when I am walking down the hall and turn the corner only to find a herd of emos groping each other in the middle of the hallway. Please, do everyone a favor and keep your personal feelings and actions to yourselves! It's not the least bit cute when I can see your tongue wrapped around someone else. I can understand a peck on the cheek every once in awhile but when I see the same nasty couples hanging all over each other between every class that is ridiculous. Ladies, have some respect for yourselves AND for others.

-reply by fyerselves


You ****! literally, I hate it when people stereotype emos, just because we are affectionate doesn't prove anything! you are a real jerk for portraying us like that.-reply by careena


Our school has just started enforcing new PDA rules and regulations. These rules state that anyone who shows any more affection than holding hands shall be punished. Last year, my significant other and I used to show minor displays of affection betwixt classes and such. These included: holding hands, walking with our arms around each other, and/or a brief kiss on the cheek or lips. Tell me, why is this so bad? I try not to believe that these rules are being enforced to stop this. What I wish to think they are trying to stop is the excessive, over-affectionate displays. You all know what I'm talking about. One of the many things that can ruin your day at school... Seeing a couple "macking" in the halls. What schools are trying to stop is this, and anything worse than this. This is not a display of affection! This is simply a display of hormones and sexuality. If maybe they were called PDH's or PDS's I wouldn't have a problem with them. You may say that school is not the right place for showing affection either because it is a place to learn and become educated, but what are you learning in the four minutes you have to get to class? Why not show a little affection to your girlfriend/boyfriend? I know it makes my day so much better and puts me in a good mood; therefore, I learn better because its easier to concentrate when I'm in a good mood. To conclude, I believe that there should be restrictions on showing "affection". They just shouldn't go overboard. I think I should be able to kiss my girlfriend goodbye after school without it seeming disrespectful to anyone because that is not the way I am meaning for it to be taken.


Ok well I agree with the writer of this subject.But I utterly disslike the stereotyping put into this post that is uneeded and shows ignorance of the person who posted it, throwing fake social stereotypes in to a matter that are off topic.So in school ill hug my gf and some of my friends and ill hold hands our put my arm around my girlfriend and the principle took us aside and said it was wrong to do so.I understand why it is set in place so that there is no making out in public beacuse that is disgusting.To add more to the matter a couple that looks like my girlfriend and I gets us into trouble.Ill hug my girlfriend and give her a kiss on the forehead when I leave school and a teacher ran up and yelled at us beacuse they thought we were the couple making out in the hallway.Also we go out into a small noncrowded/public area so we don't affect others. The school systems in the US need to give classes to the employers on how to handle situations such as PDA instead of having neo-nazi attitude for showing affection to others.It is utterly ridiculous and blown out of perportion when it happens.Hope you enjoyed my opinions and have a good day

By Alex Argie


Should Students In School Show PdaShould Students In School Show Pda's

Okay, it's fine to be against public displays of affection in schools but your reason of being put off PDAs because of people who were making out and to you "ugly" is stupid. Just because you don't think they are good looking doesn't mean other people can't. WATCH your damn mouth! you could say your good looking but they could say the same thing about you. I can see being nice is a stretch for you but you could atleast TRY! I think PDA is fine theres nothing wrong with showing affection to the person you love. If you think there is then you are an idiot.

-reply by Branflakes


I believe that PDA should be allowed in school - to an extent. Holding hands, hugging, or a simple peck on the cheek is perfectly acceptable. However, practically eating someone's face in the middle of the hallway - not so much. I think that schools do go a little far by not letting couples hold hands, as that's a very platonic thing, but it's within their right to make sure that students don't have to watch people slobber all over each other everyday.


My opinion on Public display of affectionShould Students In School Show Pda's

Pda in school is as natural as lust in teenage eyes. Yes in some ways its wrong cause nobody wants to see someone eatin your face off. But somthing as simple as holding hands thats okay.

-reply by louisa hodgin


Okay, Now thers nothing wrong wigth holding hands or maybe a peck on the lips from "The One You love" But aint nobody want to see two people attacking each others face it don't matter who you are in less your like a total perv thats just not right. I don't care if you pretty or not

-reply by louisa hodgin

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