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  1. Have to say I had accidents over time. I've never had a broken arm and/or leg as yet, but i did have stitches on the arm and above the eyebrow over time due to 2 minor accidents on the road as a passenger, which in most cases were the fault of the other party running into us, even when the driver did indicate and/or braked. IT was a result of the car either following too close and/or tailgating behind us, especially during busier peak times when there are more cars on the road
  2. May have only visited both countries over the years, but I would suggest starting and finishing your studies and/or course in the one country rather than transfer to the other and have issues with credits because one country doesn't take in particular studies which may or may not be approved/taught in those particular areas.
  3. Have to say good luck to Cloud on their OS and getting it out there to the other computer users. Personally I dont think Microsoft will stop Windows production soonish, but even if they wanted to do a different operating system, some aspects of Windows will be retained through the philosophy, if it aint broke, then don't fix it. But yeah, Microsoft does need to get down on the pirating, which they are working on in a way by preventing users with copied versions of XP/Vista from getting patched upgrades over time to prevent malware/viruses/etc from getting into the OS and the HDD.
  4. Yea it seems schools and educational institutions has filters on what can be visited and what can't be visited. Obviously there are either IP ghost sites and/or programs that are used to get around the filters, whilst at the same time hiding from the main computer which can track down what the users on the other computers are doing and/or sites being surfed on the internet.
  5. Or obviously, you check the email of the sender whether its legitimate. I've received heaps of emails from the more known sites puporting to be them, yet only to find out its actually a keylogger and/or redirects to a site (either with typos) or so forth which isnt the official address of the "supposed" site.
  6. What the above said, its success does depend on the amount of traffic received on the site, especially if linked from a popular site/s which helps the site go up the ratings, whilst at the same time up in priority in regard to adsense advertising.
  7. Yea, Britney's songs those days have been more related to recent happenings in her life. But her classic stuff was pure Teenybopper material, considering I've grew up in the era when Britney burst on the scene, while at the same time coupled with boy bands such as Backstreet Boys, N'Sync (Justin T) Hanson, 98 Degrees (nick + jess) and the other teenybopper queens such as Christina, Jessica Simpson, and rap queens such as Mya, Missy Elliott and so forth. Specially during the days at High School when most girls would tend to have their favourite boy band member on a folder or book and totally fangurl over their favourite person, much to disgust of most of us guys
  8. Seems she's being lowered (as you can see by the leg and foot being lowered) and spun around at the same time when you take a close look at the picture. A good illusion picture though nonetheless.
  9. This is interesting now that Western Australia is controlled by a minority Coalition government. I didnt realise that National and Liberals over in Western Australia were originally working as separate parties in the election after learning the National were considering supporting Labor but eventually chose Liberal to form the minority government.
  10. Cant really tell you what sport you'd like and/or should have doing. But I would strongly recommend some research on the sports that are you interested in is for you. For example, Rugby, a football code, seems tough, fast paced and so forth, yet for some it may be too rough and/or prone to injuries, especially those which may have medical and/or physical conditions preventing them from playing a particular sport at their full capacity.So I'd encourage you to get out there, try a few sports and/or do some research. You may like some of them, and some may not be to your liking.
  11. Not to mention some need to use the computer for business purposes, especially those that use it as a primary source of income for their business! Sure it is possible to do business without a computer, but it would take much much longer to go through paperwork, calculations and the other like. If you're using the computer only for pleasure/gaming/leisure whatever, sure if there was no computers, there would be some alternative form of entertainment that may have "been invented" for people to use.But in a way, technology in any form, whether if its the computer or something else will always be needed for day-to-day purposes in some form. Even if paying the taxes/bills via technology.
  12. It seems being young you've got a lot of paths to take, especially with careers and job paths that lead to a plenthora of options. I may not be a expert at things, but my advice is to take it easy and take your time deciding your path to whatever you may wish to do in the future. Some may want to work for a big company in the future, or some may have worked and may consider a career change, or even those working might want to work for themselves and/or freelance (contract) themselves out to clients to do miscellaneous jobs for them. There has been a rise in businesses where there are invidual contractor/contractees/families run businesses where they hire themselves out to other clients for jobs (eg cleaning houses, repairs, and the like).
  13. They call it soccer in Australia as well due to the many type of "football" codes we have down under. Rugby and Australian Rules tend to be the more popular football codes here, depending on which australian state you live in. But as for American Football v Soccer, I enjoy watching both, but If I had to pick I'd go for Soccer ahead of American Football due to less stoppages in soccer.
  14. A lot of calories seem good, but its better to use em if you're gonna eat it. Hence, its better to pack calorie filled stuff for lunch for outdoor and/or active workers. Unused portions will definitely turn into fat just like the junk foods, fast foods or unhealthy food in general.
  15. Workplace requires use of a computer, so I'm stuck in front of a screen for 7 hours a day. Also add 3-4 hours usage at home at night. So on average thats about 10 to 11hrs in front of a screen all day. It's pretty tame as opposed to back in my younger days when every kid would have a computer and play games at their house, their mates get a new game and goes over to their house, copy it, etc and so forth. Yes it seems messenger has brought people closer together, even if its only through a computer screen. But one positive about Instant messenging/video messenger programs is that it definitely saves on phone bills, especially if the friend or relatively lives a great distance (eg either interstate or overseas).And if computers weren't made back then, there would likely be an invented alternative that we don't know about which would likely be used in a alternate timeline.
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