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  1. yes! i was also thought to pray for other and your needs will be fulfilled by God automatically.there are many incidence in my spiritual life which has lead me to the conclusion that it is absolutely right!good luck!
  2. I have actually forced myself to like Windows Media Player 11, the best !!! That is because , most people in my locality use Windows based computers. And very few out of those opt for third party media players . So, to make me feel at home most of the time, i prefer using windows media player. Saying that, I should say Windows Media player is not short of features !!! It does give me some painful hours whenever i try out a new media format. The only bad thing about windows media player is its bundled codecs. They are not sufficient enough. But once we install a third party codec pack such as the K-Lite codec pack, things should be fine.Also, windows media player is not good when it comes to playing partially downloaded media files. I am a big fan of VLC media player in this regard.VLC player could play almost anything !! And it can play partially downloaded/corrupt media files. The problem with VLC is that, it has a bad seekbar. If only it had an interface like Windows Media Player 11, it would have definitely been the best player according to me.Power DVD is good when it comes to watching DVD movies.Real Player doesn't excite me much. But, I really like the rm media format. It is one of the best video compression techniques I have used to rip my movies. I like DivX for its codec pack more than its player.
  3. PHP is one of the most commonly used server side scripting languages today. It initially meant Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools), but now stands for Hypertext PreProcessor.Server Side scripting languages are languages that can be used to perform actions on your web pages based upon inputs or actions taking place on the client side. There are also many client side languages like javascript available, but server side languages are more secure and offer more functionality when it comes to building dynamic websites.A simple example is, - say you go to a email provider's website and click the sign up button. - You are taken to a page containing a form which is to be filled by you to register your email account. - On filling the form you click the submit button. - Upto this point of time plain HTML is sufficient enough to perform all the tasks. - On clicking the submit button a server side scripting language such as PHP is required to gather the data and perform some action on it such as sending the form details to some email address, or submitting the form details to a database.PHP is a free software which can be run on Apache and Windows servers. It is most famously known for its use in a bundle with PHP, MySQL and Apache. You can embed PHP code into web pages within the delimiters <?php and ?> . Object Oriented functionality is available in PHP. It was introduced in PHP3. Since then many OO features were added to make PHP a powerful language.
  4. thanks buddy...i have heard that eating egg increases cholesterol level in our body. so i have reduced eating eggs.
  5. i thought that most people in Xisto was from asia but seeing this vote result i have to revise my thought.
  6. no... i dont find anything disturbing while sleeping. i usually watch horror movies. but i forget everything once the movie is over.it is just for entertainment that we watch. i dont think we should let it affect our life. be careful!good luck!
  7. the major cause of BSoD - blue screen of death is memory error caused due to improper hardware and software configuration for your machine.
  8. GTA San Andreas is surely the best of the two.it has better interface and has many bugs fixed. GTA SA rocks!good luck!
  9. you need to post quality posts to get more credits.you could also try posting tutorials if you are good at some technology.posting tutorials will fetch you a lot of credits.good luck!
  10. angelina jolie is surely the hottest chick in the whole world. she is amazing looking.
  11. it is surely disturbing.we should first know about the donor we need the organ from that person.let this be a lesson to everybody. good post buddy.good luck!
  12. gargling with mild warm water will surely help in your case. it will help to tune your voice too...good luck!
  13. i recently got a mail. it said a story about a boy who ate food outside and got AIDS. it seams that a boy in south India ate paani purri from a local street fast food shop. the following week he got sick and was hospitalized.doctors diagnosed him as AIDS case. no body in the boys' family had AIDS. on enquiring, the boy told that he had food outside.on enquiring the shop owner, he had a cut in his left thumb. on testing the shop owner, he also had AIDS but still unaware about it.it was found that on cutting the vegetables, the man had his finger cut and the blood got mixed up with the food. i almost fainted reading the mail. i always eat outside. now i am thinking whether to go out or not. its difficult to not eat outside, but we have to stop that practice. atleast we need to reduce the frequency of eating out. lets all take this case seriously.good luck!
  14. i have also heard about this infection.but, is this concentrated only in the US. it should be blocked from spreading across various countries. if it spreads, it will become very difficult to stop it. hope some labs comes out with some solution for this infection atleast to stop it from spreading. good luck!
  15. i have heard people say that stretching increases our height. is that true?
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