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  1. Ajax isn't really a language, it's just basically using Javascript to do things while the user is doing other things.
  2. Specifically, for Damn Small Linux. I went to the official LaTeX website (http://www.latex-project.org/) but it's confusing and implies that I should already have it (but I don't).
  3. Releasing viruses is a crime. If Microsoft sent one to every invalid Windows computer, the government would destroy them.
  4. Why don't you put everything into an array? Actually....You could choose some random date before the while loop and assign it to a variable, say $date. At the beginning of the loop, check if the date of the next project is the same as $date. If it is, just display the project name. If it isn't, display the new date and change $date to the new date.
  5. Yeah, public opinion would shape this a lot. People like Jack Thompson have been really bad in this sense. It's not video games that make bad kids, it's kids who can't tell the difference between real and virtual and bad parents who don't teach their kids right and wrong.
  6. I think that it would benefit from a little more contrast between the petals of the anomaly and the rest. Perhaps if the white were a little whiter or a completely different color altogether. I like the red, though.
  7. It's certainly possible, we really don't know how beliefs are passed down. It seems like something that would be more affected by conditioning, though.
  8. Why would you call them "Native Indians"? Please tell me that's the joke option.Anyway, the politically correct term is "Native Americans," but the historical term is "Indians." I don't believe that it should make a difference, but a lot of people get offended about really small things. Some of them don't mind being called Indians, others do; it really depends who you're talking to.
  9. When they first came out I thought they were just another fad, but I've done a few and they were pretty fun. My record is under six minutes for a really easy one, though some of the 'easy' ones take me up to 15 minutes.
  10. So my suspicion was partially confirmed, but it looks a little more complicated than I thought. I think I'll try making a simple one but I don't really know how I'd make it secure, so unless someone wants to help there I doubt I'll use it for anything besides random testing.
  11. I think a lot more than just terabytes is accumulated daily. You have to factor in that there are thousands of customers, many of whom browse sites like YouTube and Google Video - videos can be really large. Nobody would really search through everything (or even, as has been brought up, be able to search through everything), but it's a breach of constitutional rights if they're tracking everyone including the completely innocent.
  12. Video games can actually do a lot of good. A few years ago I wrote an essay about it. They can improve concentration and hand-eye coordination, and it's possible to sneak some real information and teach with a fun game (note: Mario is Missing, while it contained factual information, was not very fun). Also things like Brain Age (which is more fun than it sounds) help to keep your mind on its figurative toes.
  13. Things like Apache. Do they just wait for people to try to connect to a computer and then send back information about what's on the computer? What other kinds of things do they send (like headers)? Could you make a really simple one that just waited for socket connections and sent back text files?
  14. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I suppose you could go to each one of those and count each one. I don't think there's an easier way that's as easy to find.
  15. That's really cool, I had wondered why arm and leg hair stayed so short but head hair could grow so long. Nice topic!
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