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Should Students In School Show Pda's Public displays of affection


I do not think students should be able to show affection in school! I think that you have free time for a reason! School is a place to learn! If students are going through the halls kissing and holding hands little eyes are learning the same thing and that is part of the reason that there are more teen pregnancy and what not, because authority doesn't care what the students do!-feedback by Shanie


its DUMB.

Should Students In School Show Pda's


Replying to pixieloo

Darling [[or dude]], its human nature to show affection towards people

I cant even hug my own friend w/o being harassed by teachers [[or staff]] that are so bored with their lives and their job that they have to try and make us walking robots.

However, I don't think they should get rid of it, but rather lighten it up a bit. I do think groping and making out in the hallway is extreme, but HUGGING is just fine.

Some parents that are working during the day are being bothered at work because their kid was caught "showing PDA". Parents that work nights, and require sleep during the day [[my parents]] are being woken up for this.


I am appalled at how I had to serve after school detention for hugging mi best friend who was in need of comfort. And I'm on the "black list" with mi parents because they had to waste money for gas to come and pick me up afterwards. >:l


I hope I can change the minds of the nampa school district administrators [[head honchos]] about this policy.


-reply by Jennielyn Bartus


Why not have PDA???

Should Students In School Show Pda's


Okay I'm only 15 but I think PDA is stuipd..I mean why cant kids hug? High school students should be able to kiss and hug..But if they were to go future than that.I can totally understand..Cause if students were touching each other where there not suposse to I can soooooo understand..Just help m and see what yew think about PDA...



-reply by Tayler_love


I don't see why it wouldn't be normal as long as there is a sense of decency involved... But no one can really define decency so I guess it is somewhat normal to ban public displays of affection (I don't know why but the use of the short form - "PDA" makes me think of the electronic gadget) until we all agree to what is decent and what is not!PS: What about same sex public displays of affection? I am homophobic and I would never ever allow something like that... That rule is for boys. Girls can do whatever they like... ... We even encourage them to do so!


Um. I think you are wrong about that one. Schools are for everybody not who is smarter or none of that. Stop being immature. PDA shouldnt be allowed but still.. Leave IQ levels outa this-reply by kalee


Should Students In School Show Pda

Should Students In School Show Pda's


I'm getting very sick of pushing past people who are trying to have a contest to see who can get their tongue down the others mouth further, however who cares if the kiss or hug or hold hands. And to whoever is trying to tell these kids that their not in love and aren't going to get married good luck. And also, over half are probably having sex whenever possible so yeah I definetly see them waiting till marriage to hold hands.


-reply by Norah Joans


i cant even kiss my girlfriend on the cheek without detention

Should Students In School Show Pda's


I don't see whats wrong with showing affection in school if it is modest but I don't think full on make out sessions should be alowed in school. But I am 17 and today I received a detention for giving my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek as I was leaving for class. I think the schools have gotten out of control with things of this mater because it is no big deal as long as there is some modesty


-reply by hunter


I don't think anything else is needed other than a quick hug/kiss during school. It wouldn't really be reasonable to do any more than that.


There is nothing wrong with a simple hug or holding hands at school. Although my scool wont even let me and my girlfriend sit close to each other on a bench. One day I gave her a hug because she had just lost her step father in an accident and ended up getting detention for it. Schools have gone overboard on the PDA rule. And do you really think that kids these days are going to wait till they are married to hug or hold hands? I'm sure that every teenager has huged or held hands at least once in their life. Besides, it's just a way for people to show that they care for one another.-reply by Malum


I think some of you people are ****ing retarded. Penalizing adolescents because of hugging or showing any signs of affection is ridiculous. I understand if they take it to a degree where they are sitting there making-out in the hallways and all over each other to the point where it is disturbing to others. But, come one, a quick peck or a hug, some of you people are so ****ing close minded it's not even funny. Grow up.And.. "Cerebral Stasis" What the **** is wrong with you seriously? You are so politically incorrect in your statement.. It's mind blowing how horrible of a person you just came off to be in that one statement. Not only that but it was completely off topic..-reply by MadCay


I personally dont think theres anything wrong with showing pda's...as long its a little conservative of course. showing affection to the person you love is human nature and there is nothing wrong with a hug or kiss. However anything beyond that in my opinion is wrong. all that kinda stuff should be restricted towards a more private place...


Replying to pritamkumar90I totally agree. My boyfriend and I hug and give a quick kiss before we each go off to class and one of our teachers got "concerned" and called my mom telling her she is concerned and that she thinks my boyfriend and I are too involved and should get me some protection. I was *****ed at by my parents for showing too much PDA at school. But we don't do as much PDA as other couples. I thought it was so unneccesary to call my mom and tell her that. The banning on PDA is getting too personal and ridicules.


As a middle school student, I can say they've gone way overboard on the PDAs. I've gotten in trouble for giving a peck to my girlfriend and holding hands. It's really stupid. I can understand not wanting people to make-out and stuff, that's acceptable not to allow. But, it's just crazy now. If you do anything, you get in trouble. And it is because they are trying to cut down on teenage pregnancy, but I don't think holding hands with my girlfriend is going to get her pregnant.-reply by Tray Brown


My school is way too strict,if a boy and a girl so much as talk in the hall for to long they get in trouble. On field trips boys ride one bus and girls ride another. Its like the teachers now adays are more worried about waht we do with our boy/girl friends rather then what we learn in class. -reply by ahnnycka


Here is my quick opinion on this. I don't care how far PDA gets, people could be having sex in the halls, I don't care. I care if people are plugging up the halls making out for minutes at a time.My school doesn't say much of anything, but if it gets too far hall monitors will intervene.


that is a very tricky topic, on one hand PDA is normal for teens. but as for pda at school? now that is a big no in my book. yes guys and girls want all there friends to know and see this. but that can lead to problems all around. I mean if say a guy is showing a pda to his gf and some other girl is upset over that. that could start a fight. or the other way around. and if a fight starts in school over that? then PDA should not be allowed there at all. thats just how I feel though. but as a whole? PDA is normal, everyone from 1 day old to the day they die has done it in some way or the other. All part of life


I think it my own opinion and its not going to kill anyone if I kiss my boyfriend get over it schools need to get over themselves they think just because you have to go to school they rule your life. Kids are forced to go to school so while I'm at school I'm going to do what I normally do if I didnt have to come ..I would be elsewhere kissing my boyfriend IN PUBLIC

-reply by Erica


Replying to vietonline 
PDA at my school is not even that big of a problem. I never see people sucking face. Now our teachers are telling us that holding hands, hugging, and kissing is unacceptable and comes under PDA. Now the kids are getting written up for it. 
-reply by Eunice


No.i don't think so.Those behavior,such as holding hands ,a quick hug ,kiss,i think students could do this any other palce but not in the halls of the school,because school is a place for people to study.Public Dispays of Affection is reproachless,but disappear in school's hall,it should be better!


Descriptive Title for Opinion/FeedbackShould Students In School Show Pda's

At my school, every single couple "expresses their love" some way or another. I do not have a problem with holding hands, but I do have a problem with people getting all over each other the second the teacher/some athority figure turns away. School is a learning environment, not a place to go and love... Save it for later. Most of the "relationships" last about a month or two, anyway... Why set yourself up for something that's going to break up later?

I have two sets of teachers that are married (IE two married couples that work here) and both couples are very young. THEY aren't all over each other, even though it basically is the same thing.


Some of my views my be pretty negative... And jealous. : p But I wish PDA in my school could be better monitored...

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