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Merry Xmas From The Admin & Mods


Let me be the First to Say Merry Xmas from the Admin and Moderators and that you all have a good holidays as well.I got 3 Hours till its official for me but for the eastern world you all have a good start on us. So Enjoy your xmas and see most of you on the Next Year.


Merry Christmas everyone! I really hope that you all have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it, and if you don't please don't be offended).I hope that all the children are getting what they want.. I know I wish I was :DHas anyone shown the Norad Santa tracker to their children before they went to bed? I know I showed my younger siblings.. they're so excited.Merry Christmas!!!


Am I allowed to post here even though I'm not a mod/admin? Merry Christmas to everyone anyways.I haven't gotten what I want yet.


Merry Christmas xD40 minutes to go.. I should really get some sleep :\Anyways, hope its fun, guys


Am I allowed to post here even though I'm not a mod/admin?


Of course you are, this is in the general section we're just letting you know we care about all of you and we aren't here to take away your credits and edit your posts X3


Gyad, I have deducted all your credits for posting here. MERRY XMAS! lol, I'm just kidding! Ofcourse you can post here.Merry Trapmas everyone.It's just easier to say "Trapmas" orMerry Chrismahanakwanzaka!


Three hours and counting down slowly.Season's greetings to all.Have a safe holiday...


Well now that it is officially Christmas. MERRY TRAPMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHANUKAH, QUANZA, ECT; lol I don't know when Quanza (let alone how to spell it) but I know Chanukah started today so that fits. Happy Holidays everyone. Let your days be merry and bright.


whether be a mod/admin or not,say greeting is the sincere target :Dmerry christmas to all members of Xisto.enjoy...


Thanks guys. Merry Christmas to you too. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to starting a new year with Xisto's great staff. It has been great to spend time( A lot of it too ) on Xisto posting and meeting all you guys. So I just have to say, great job, keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,.. all of you!


Merry Chirstmas to everyone here at Trap 17!You have all been very helpful to me, and this is a great community. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year


Merry Christmas to all Admins, mods and members of Xisto.Even though I've only recently joined, this has been good community in the short time i've been here. However you spend Christmas, whether if its with the family, friends, close ones, or even with some liquor.. please do it safely.It's been fun and looking forward to debate some topics and to contribute a lot more on the boards in 2006.-Cheers


merry christmas everyone.. 21 hours left till christmas is over for me. =P...sucks for those people that are on the other side of the globe =P.. Their christmas would be in the summer time =P


I would like to take this time ... at 11.46PM Xmas Day to send a Xmas Greeting and Happy Holidays to all Admin, Staff and Moderators of Trap 17. I would also like to say thank you to you all for providing us with a great Hosting Service and I will continue to Host my .com with Trap 17 way into 2006 and beyond.You are a great bunch of people providing a wonderful service. Thank you again and have a great Xmas and New Years. And most important of us, be safe.


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