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  1. Wow, it's been ages since I posted here! I need advice from faithful trapsters, though. I started a new website with the hope of making some money. It is a college oriented website that will contain short videos, images, stories, advice forums, discussion forums, exclusive areas, resources, articles, etc. It's going to be pretty big. Do you think it can go anywhere and are there any improvements to make? Thanks guys! Still working on a domain, but you can still see the website here: http://collegelife.x10hosting.com/
  2. Thank you everyone. We are working pretty hard at it. Content is the main thing, so I am trying to review everything I can. We also got a points system up. And so now, people doing reviews will be able to receive benefits, a main thing we need to work on. What would be a good benefit to offer people? I was thinking a script, but I could be wrong. Maybe they would want a list of completely compiled sites for webmasters and device users. Might take a while to compile. lol. Oh well.On the design, we actually chose the design for its professional look, and I am really happy with it. All other input is more than welcome. Thanks!
  3. Shining:We are actually going to use IP.Dynamic, but thank you for your kind offer. the hits were non-unique, so nothing big, I just saw the significance.Shadowx:Yes, we will have a scripts database. I would implore you to join, and as soon as we have the IP.Dynamic, I would be interested in having you help us get free scripts/ built scripts, in exchange for a credit link to a site of your choice for every script you submit. Anyway we can get user involvement, we will. Thanks!
  4. A guy and I just started a site. Even got the domain, all ready. My question is, can we be the next geek.com? We want to have more features and load it down with user support as well. We want this to be big. First day, we listed it with google, and got 160 hits. Two days, three members signups. Not bad, if you ask me, just need more reviews. So what do you think? The URL is not domain yet, because we are waiting on a friend who is registering it for us and is off for the day, so bear with me. lol. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Here is our advert statement we use, to, you can tell me what you think of both. Thanks! TechnoSavvy: The Visions of Today, Becoming the Technology of Tomorrow
  5. Sorry people, but I too, although I do not visit any questionable sites, see these ads. SM, lol, such harsh ridicule! Everyone knows that ads placed are often not to regulation, and it is too common. My suggestion would be to contact the ad provider with these ads. If anyone dares to, you can visit the site with images blocked and snag the URL, and grab the image, as Buffalo said.Mate1 ads should still be removed. People (such as myself) who like high morals, will be offended. And personally, you are NOT going to lose members by putting up clean ads, but you might by putting up questionable ones.
  6. Lol, nice. I don't like raps, but the lyrics on this one is actually something I can get along with. Advocates for something good, unlike a lot of others, and has a good theme. Keep it up dude.
  7. Google, hands down. Google is leading in sophistication in terms of services and support. Whenever I want to configure something, I know Google's help will explain it down to every little detail. It's ad services and Gmail were the first of its kind, and led the way in site ads with a neat appearance. With Google Earth, they broke through to a new realm of everyday use and access to satellite imagery, and then have been leading the way over big companies like globeexplorer.com ever since. If you want to make search engine and Internet marketing companies shudder, just say the name Google. Google has overcome amazing odds. If they continue to lead out in technology, and keep a devoted staff working on new cutting edge services, Google is still going to be the giant of tomorrow. But if they slack off a bit, Google is looking at a takeover by Yahoo or MSN.
  8. What is locked is the Sim Card, but you can connect it to your PC and unlock the phone for use with other carriers. My friend has a RAZR, and he just did that. You can also just buy an unlocked phone from tigerdirect.com. There is no reason it should be locked for custom files though, so I wouldn't worry about that, just check out a forum with RAZR updates and search for a topic like that.
  9. Amen to that Truefusion. I haven't realy heard any Christian say anything dumb at all, except for the fact that some Christians are a little misinformed, and are still human. Ah, it's good to be back. Anyway, no one is perfect, and Christians are expected to be better, comes with the title. Lol, I think pastors fall under the ones that say the dumbest things, though. Just happens with the job, up in front of people so much.
  10. Sounds interesting. I know labor is cheap there, but they also sometimes use child labor. I am not sure if China does that anymore, I know they use to, but am not sure. Anyway, it sounds like a good project. So are you trying to get people to go in on this with you? Like help run a business? Or is this you wanting customers? Hey good luck!
  11. I personally don't like it. All the government uses it for is to track what we buy. I think we should have taht information withheld and kept to ourselves. Just my opinion, and it may even be a harsh one. But see then the government can look up a person's ID with their fingerprint, and see what they bought, where they go, what they do, etc. Just seems like an invasion of privacy to me.
  12. I don't know what these things are, but I am emailing the company asking them some pretty tough questions. With luck, I will get an answer and post it here for all you guys. Have anyone gotten info from this? I mean, this company is selling expendable pets. It says that they are inexpensive ways to basically let your kids have a go at raising them. And then what? You throw them away? Come on people. I think I will be dropping MSNBC a line.
  13. Oh man! Sorry about that. I have been so stretched for time it is incredible. I will submit one today though okay? I am heading over to find a technological topic right now.
  14. Hey Mayank! You are in luck. I am a free lance writer. I write five techie articles a week, Actually, for mechietechie.com You can check out some of the articles written by me, Justin C, which you already know. I will see if I can get some out on Monday when I do my writing. Okay? Hey thanks!
  15. Yup, thanks again. I think I can FINALLY make a script that will work now. lol. Hey thanks again for your help. I like the custom title. See you around and God bless!
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