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  1. hello,Zero Hourwelcome to Xisto community where is good place for your hosting plan IMO.earn more credits as you could...certainly read rule of here before that. well,good luck.enjoy ur stay here.
  2. well,I got up at 1:30 am and watched the whole match and ceremony.however,it was very excited at the first half hours of the final match IMO...and i agree with Zidane's fault.if he was still in field the result may be different...
  3. hello,brandon10092.welcome to Xisto where is a right place for you plan.you can make full use of the host to do some good thing on web.well,enjoy your stay here.
  4. how do you do if you want to put a video or audio file on you page...maybe you will use <object><param name=url value="url"></object>/*simple format*/ <div><embed src="url"></embed></div> /*simple format*/ there is a very familiar code for carring out the video show : <img dynsrc="http://kenvi9999.googlepages.com/ff7.wmv" border=1>/*an example:FF7*/ have you used this html code...I just knew a <img> tag can achieve video play that is really cooool
  5. hulunes


    heh...this is a soccor season at present IMO,so tennis will be cold to focus on..j/k i do like Hewitt hope good luck with him till the final off.
  6. ooo,very interestingat the beginning of another similar post,i guessed that Italy would meet Brazil in final match.but now result is out,extremly same to Europe 2000,France VS Italy...so i do deem again that Italy will hold the world cup
  7. wow...season theme!! all of them are fairly nice... off the bat,kilew's work is quite different from others especially the dressing of the render is much pair the real winter;i like those feeling and border is cool for that.besides this,Edgecoc's fall sig is very nice as well,only the name text looks not very well IMO.well,cong to all nice sigs and my vote to my first opt: kilew.
  8. umm...you'd better delete all info about that website including cookie and browsing record then visit by type site address.maybe the site close or ban your ip by mistake...good luck
  9. nice job...it is really a nice sitefurthermore,i do focus on the 3D works which looks rather excellent.suggest you go raph.com to show your artworks.
  10. umm...from looks the cable and data wire of SATA is quite different from ATA.furthermore your motherboard should support both of them,then set the configuration of cmos to make them available together simultaneously.in your os there must be the right drive for the SATA drive.
  11. Italia and France will meet at the final match IMO...it is really like Europe cup 2000 final match.
  12. it sounds a good creation...name a movie is not easy that we should be according to the key line of the story and different to any name have been used.referred to film,i prefer to comedy and fiction movie...
  13. well,summer vacation is coming...but before this i must pass the coming final exam later.if the holiday last for a long time,i'd like to chose travel.because i live in the north of my nation,i am eager to go south to taste fresh...there is only a problem is the distance,cause that the traffic path is not very convenient also expensive.however,i will cherish the coming vacation.
  14. it sounds a interesting ms software...i'd like to have a try with it.maybe more comment about it can guid me a little...
  15. LG is a awesome company who always generate creative things...it is fairly a coooool mini LCD...i would like to see the IT communication tool use this screen.
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