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  1. such a waste of ram.. .Want to give me some rams guys?.. lolmy only worry about this is that.. the operating system is going to cost a fortune to own. Unless some elite hacker could crack it. .AHHAAHHA.. But it seems so tempting for hackers to hack it because microsoft will be putting all version of vista on one cd(DVD). And the only thing that is between you from owning the ultimate version is the cd key.The operating system is already a lot and for most people, they still need to upgrade their computer to be vista compatiable.
  2. you can't really say that because if the belts weren't there, they both might have even got into much worse damage. But both case, the impact was so strong that even safety belts are no help. And for those cases where safety belts actually killed peope, those people are most likely to put the belts on incorrectly; therefore, causes more harms than good.
  3. music is a form of language that is universally used to communicate. For example, i'm not japanese, but i could listen to some japanese music and generate a feeling that mostly everyone would feel when listening to the song.For that reason, i do not think rap should be considered as music because all it has is beats. You can't really translate those beats into feelings. Therefore, i think rap should be catagorize into its own catagory.
  4. you probably have more virus and trojans than you think. so you are better off reformating your computer -- delete everything and reinstall everythign all over again... including operating system. =P
  5. lol. .honestly, they are making 10 times the money that they give you. .WHo cares if it's legit or not. You will probably be better off walking on the street picking up dropped coins and probably would make more than that... Seriously. lol.. Or maybe you can spend the time you would have spent click on those emails to create your websites and get alot of a visitor and make money off that. At least this way, it's an automatic system, which means you don't have to do anything after getting everything set up.
  6. have you guys seen the new 2nd-generation Ipod Nano? here is the link to it http://appleinsider.com/article/?id=2043 also, i was expecting the newest ipod will have the whole ipod as a screen and transparent touchpad on the screen.. .lol.. i heard alot of rumors about it....
  7. the reason your comptuer might seem to run slow is maybe the removable drives that you have are flash memorys and flash memorys ware over time when it is used alot. Flash memory does not last forever...
  8. i have to disagree with that. Atheism isn't a religon. An atheist is one that does that believe in existance of any supernatural being(s). Atheism isn't a cult, therefore it does not have to be organized like reglions. Also, i would like to point that that buddism isn't a reglion about supernatural beings that helped human through hard time, but instead, "buddha(s)" are teachers that teach moral to people. Through their good deeds, people decided to worship them as gods. And about you not being able to prove non-existacnce of god, maybe that is because god does not exist. I recently went to a Islam church for a field trip at my school (learning about civil liberties during wartime and stuff), there was a point that they pointed out that is very interesting. In christanity, they claim that Jesus is son of god. Jesus, however, claimed himself as god also. But as we know, God is not materialize, meaning he/she (or whatever) cannot be touch, feel, or seen. I'm not exactly sure that my information are correct, but if it is, then wouldn't there be a false in christanity?I'm not trying to make any reglion looks bad or prove it to be a fraud, but i'm just tired of people telling me that god exist and that i'm going to HELL if i don't believe in God. If god were that mericful, no matter if a person beleive in him/her(whatever) or not shouldn't be put to hell.
  9. lol.. yeah.. i read that while i was in class... The same thing for your computer's hard drive too. .When you "format" your hard drive.... it only erase DISK log (yeah. .i forgot the technical term for it. .but yeah).. the "disk log" stores all the information about where a file is located on which sector on your disk. I guess there are ways to recover those lost "disk log"...
  10. lol.. 13.. wow. .lol. .so. .what grade are you in... 7th... 8th? . lol.. Middle schooler should not even know anything about sex (at least most don't). lol..I'm sure that your school just started to teach sex ed.. am i right?.. Having sex is not really if you're ready or not, it's how mature you are to be responsible for any consequences. If you get your partner pregnant, you have two choices: get an abortion, or have the kid. In some case, your partner (being emotional like most female) refuses to have an abortion. That means you have to support the baby as well. Let's see.. you're 13, you need to be at least 3 more years to get a job at mcdonalds or somewhere because without an education, your chance of find a well paid job is very slim. I don't care how many people brags about how they didn't even finish high school and they still make alot of money to afford a BMW and a half a million dollars house, that is just in a rare case. It doesn't happens to everyone.lol... Well.. i can't really stop you from doing it, so if you just have to do it.. ahaha. .make sure you go and get some condoms and some "plan B" (if you know what that is). I still think high school kids (like myself) is too young for sex.. .wait till college.. lol
  11. lol.. it doesn't look like linux.. AHAHA.. i say it looks fancy like a MAC. I'm actually running the window vista transformation pack right now. .with topdeak installed (trial version =( ). It doesn't take up alot of my resources.. The reason why, i'm guessing, that window vista take up so much resource is because..IT"S STILL A BETA VERSION.Actually.. i don't agree with the post above me.. lol. .I don't think Bill Gates will gain anything from consummer having to upgrade their computer because MICROSOFT is a SOFTWARE company, not hardware. Unless they made some secret deal with hardware companies that we don't know about.....
  12. it's really depends on which model of a dell or alien ware you're getting. There are ones that are built for playing games. For example, a computer with like 250mb graphic card etc. Dell XPS is meant for gaming. What make a computer good for gaming is the PROCESSOR, GRAPHIC CARD, RAM, and some other hardware like motherboard. And of course you might need a BIG hard drive.. maybe 300gb to install all the games on your system without running out of space to do other things. Game these days are gigabytes size.
  13. lol.. window xp's recommandation RAM requirement is 128.. but right now. when my computer boots up.. it already using 580mb of ram. lol.. .So i don't think you would be spending more time on waiting for application to load than spending time on your homework...Honestly, i would tell your girlfriend to go buy a new laptop. Laptop arn't really that expensive anymore, compares to back in the days. Linux might be too hard to learn for a girl. Especailly a girl that doesn't know how to... simpily... format her own computer. Besides, she will need a faster laptop sooner or later anyway, so why not get one now and save the misery.
  14. lol.... i don't know. .but this actually would give the site's owner more money.. possible many times more. Let's say.. every email you click... they get 1 dollar.. and you only get 10 each.. .that means they made 90 off every of your click. Some of you might be asking... who would pay 1 dollar for one click?... well.. there are people that pay 20 or even 40 dollars for every valid click. THat's how google gets so much money. .and that's how sometimes... google would pay you 7 dollars for one click.
  15. hmm.. i can't find the post i made last time. .HMMMM.. .well.. it was about how to suck the juice out of megaupload by using internet explore and using a download manager to "by-pass" their bandwidth limitation system. It works most of the time, but after you download like 1gb, they start to catch up. .lol
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