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How Much You Use From Your Email?


I have a Gmail account and a Yahoo account. I don't even use 1% of my Gmail account and I think I use 1-5% of my Yahoo account. I e-mail alot but I never send or recieve large messages.


188 MB (8%) of 2435 MB in gmail ... i use gmail for storage and backups of some stuffs or to share files with friends ... we have a common account and all of us upload the files that we want to share with the others ... like songs, pics etc etc ... and hotmail is for personal use ... i like a lot the interactivity between msn messenger and hotmail ... is great ...also i have an account for school stuffs ... heheand another for work ... so i really dont know what should i do if i doesnt have an email account ..??


I use like 10% or 20% and like half of that is spam and junk mail. The rest is frends and family, chain emails, newsletters, and other stuff. So moe than 3/4 of my email is stuff I dont want! GRRR!!


back in the day when hotmail was 10MB, i will d\most definetly go over my limit.. now it's 250 and i sometimes reach 80% full.. but i hardly use hotmail anymore.. i use gmail! much more organised and MUCH MUCH more memory! 2450KB and still increwsing


oops! 2450MB not KB..lol sorry gmail!


I have around 40 out of 250MB used on my online email account. At work I have around 1000 of emails on my comp, so I guess 1Gygabyte.


I have about a gig and a half used up on my gmail account. That's only because I'm using it to hold a Photoshop CS2 installation and a few mp3s. Very little of it is email from other people.


My fredn has a private domain (cool name) and he runs a mail server. I have about 5-10 mails per day. No spam and thats stuff


Around 6% of the 2000MB Gmail account and 2% of the 250MB hotmail account. Actually, I am phasing out the hotmail account since I don?t think hotmail is providing me good service. The GUI of Gmail is also better than that of hotmail and the way Gmail sorts mails into conversation is why I am sticking to it now. I have 140MB of things on the gmail account, which is quite a lot, since I like to share photos with my friends. And when I share photos, I share the original one with them so that they can print that out. 2000GB is not that much if you send photos and clips occasionally.


this thread has prompted me to check all of my old email addresses that I don't use anymore now that I have gmail. Thanks. :DI'm using 17 MB (1%) at gmail, mostly it's letters I've written to myself. There's so much space there I've decded that I would use some of it by typing journal entries to myself unstead of filling up notebooks.I'm using 0.4 mb at my old hotmail addy and 2% of my 125 MB at excite. At Go Mail, I have 3 accounts, and I am using 18%, 10%, 58% of the 6MB they offer. Tons of spam there.


from my Gmail footer:" You are currently using 95 MB (4%) of your 2450 MB "Need I say more? haha, I love when all mail provider challenging each other to see who is the best from all. and this is do nothing but benefit for all internet user!


Well, I use my Gmail account for sending and receiving attachments for editing work. I edit scanned manga, so I get some files around 5-12 MB for my projects. But when they get too out of hand, I delete them, of course, I need my space too...


Ok I use around the follwing space in my Email Accounts.Hotmail: 33%Yahoo: 59%Gmail: 1%ISP Account: 5%These are the around figures of what my Email Stats usually are. Give or take a percent or two on the Hotmail and Yahoo one


not really so much ....


Well lets see here.......i use my email so much i cant remenber how many times i have used it but dam the inernet is so adicking and so awnsome some how it awnsome pplz just love it idk y but thats jsut a opion and what do u guys think and well i think we r gonna depend on it and thay willt ake over the world and kill use all that would be really bad do u guys think so we should watch it cuz computers could take over the world and u ever know


my yahoo account is around 20 full~mostly its composed of files and such that i use in schoolwork.and also some scanned pics that i receiver from friends..~my hotmail account is around 75% full , and they offer smaller email space compared to yahoo and gmailand my gmail account? its around 3% of the 2467mb they give XD

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