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  1. Coin...every country has 1 coin,but the mention is euro ore ollar and other smilar words.
  2. My name is Volkan.It is a turkish name..and you could see it on the name it is means vulcan...so far i know it...i think this is a good name...everbody makes funny names of it.I like my name and that does everybody do.My sister has a beautiful name....her name is of a tree called tuba in the hemel.
  3. Looks fine to people who like to earn some money...But this like more on spam...i don't know...noboyd sets his site here...even it is from Xisto
  4. The game is the best game on internet now everyone playes this game and really pay for it.I have ever played but i have forgotten my pass.But I am seeing now that must children play runescape.And actually you could sell your account.much people do this..and they are really stupid to buy it...i don't know where them brains are.
  5. Ya...That is a good question...i hadn't thought that you could rip runescape but it could.Runescape is one of the best securited games on the world.I don't the game is fully like the real runescape but misses parts.If they is the good rip...i would like to have the game..to use for my own site.But they will ask money for the rip.
  6. I don't like this version.Why they don't use internet explorer 6 , but put a very security on the version.So we don't have to download pop-up blockers.Or can't they just make a tool that the most adware and spyware holds.So we don't get a webhancer or a easysearchbar on the top of internet explorer but blocks every tracking cookies.So we don't need any adware or spyware scanner.Because that is very expensive.No i think that microsoft must do that.So can I do everthying on internet and I will feel myself safe.
  7. I haven't any storie about chatrooms.Because i don't go much to a chatroom.When I am a chatroom i just say freeky things.And then I get a ban.So i don''t like chatrooms.
  8. Yes It is very good for the nature it will be very expensive...No i don't getting such a car.I will buy a car that not much invludes the milieu.
  9. Hahaha...We don't forget you brother.Tell your problems here.Me and my friends would help you.
  10. I have windows xp professional.And i think it is the best edition of windows , windows have now other versions.But this is tooooo professional.
  11. I vote because you must get your voice on the government.I have chosen for democrat.I am a democrat.And so I think that is the best choice.If you take a look at Bush..he doesn't do anything but he is also a republican....and he only's thinks on money.
  12. Ja...Ik heb oook wel een leuke vakantie gehad.Wel druk maar oke maakt niet.Stomme school is begonnen...ik zit in 4vwo in welke klas zit jij wassie?Of ben je al afgestudeerd ? Ja dat zijn er veel hier..Maar ja zijn er ook andere nederlandse topics op deze site bijvoorbeeld op gaming en programming dan heb ik tenminste iets makkelijks te doen...Na aju...Ik ga weer ik check deze forum wel vaker...Dan heb ik tenminste iets te typen dat makkeljk is niet engels of iets anders
  13. I love a girl for four yours know.But I still haven't date with her.We aren't in love.But I love her i don't know if she loves me.But consider..i see her every day at school every place.It makes me terrible.I couldn't speak to her much.But I have to do much work at school..But next week there is a good film maybe i will go with her to the movie.I hope !!!
  14. Hi all,What do you guys think about BF2? The graphics, from what i have seen, are amazing, but for optimum play you need a powerful graphics card, and I mean powerful!The minimum card is a nVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 series
  15. I am only listening to 50 cent..actually rappers and r&b not korn or whatever.
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