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  1. So I definitely would not change my eye color since I already have bright blue eyes and love them. Every place i go, i get compliments on them which is why i would not change them. They are somewhat my trademark and they definitely help to attract ladies to me.
  2. My favorite sport is hockey. I have been playing since i was around 8 and just absolutely can never get enough of it. With the stanley cup playoffs on most nights these days, i tend to always have a game on. It is very entertaining and exciting since no matter how large a lead is, teams keep coming back and making it a game. My favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers (since i am from Philly).
  3. I personally us UTorrent for all my downloading. I refuse to use limewire, kazaa, etc due to the fact that you rarely get a reliable result and most of the time the files have virus and all. Torrents tend to be the best way to get good results plus you can use PeerGuardian to protect yourself.
  4. I am graduating in just over a month from the University of Delaware with a BS in Computer Science in which i will be starting to work for an investment banking company.
  5. My favorite sport has to be hockey. I have been playing for a very long time and just love it. I originally started out playing soccer (futbal) when i was younger but transitioned to hockey. For me, they are very similar in how they are played except one gets to be more physical and a bit quicker paced. They both play a very positionally sound game and involved lots of sprinting.
  6. Site looks good but here are a few suggestions. First of all, i like the header but the name of your site is very small and thus hard to see / remember. I would incorporate it into the header design a bit more so that it stands out. Next, i would put the links on the left instead of the right since its a more common placement and those who are computer illiterate will be able to use your site better.
  7. Yeah these offers do produce very large amounts of spam but in the long run they do work. I got a free ipod from freepay about 2 years ago and it was really easy and simple to do. You just had to refer people to do it and in my case, my college's forum got enough people to sign up that I got my 30 gig ipod. I wanted to do their laptop offer but never could figure out how to get 20 people to also do it since they finally got smart and put a time limit on the offers.
  8. From my understanding as a DirectX programmer, XNA is basically a SDK that works with DX so that you can create games for the Xbox. If you are writting a game, you need to have a much better understanding of game structure and how to plan a game than coding since coding tends to be the easy part. I have written games before for class and even for fun and the most important step is planning how the game parts will work together because without it, you have no way of getting all the parts to work together.
  9. If you need help / advice let me know. I have written a Quake 3 clone in Java for a class last semester with a group of 7 people. It is a client server multiplayer game. The issue with what you want to do is that you are unable to actually meet with the people you are working with a plan out the structure of your progam since if you do not plan well, there will be a point you are unable to work on the game since nothing is able to communicate and work together. Good luck but plan first and then program even if it means you have to do it yourself.
  10. What is the game about and how do you play it? Why is it unique. I was really interested in this title until there were only screenshots. They show how the game looks (2d) but have no help for the gameplay and why i would actually want to plau your game.
  11. Yeah, XAMPP is a program that has taken care of all the setup and download of those products for you. I use it on all of my computers since it makes life very easy to have my own web server. If you need articles on how to utilize featuers like virtual hosts, etc use the Xisto search since many of us have witten tutorial on them here at Xisto. Good luck and this makes life very easy
  12. This is partially useful since you can test a lot of browsers at once but most of the time i just check my sites of Firefox, Safari, IE 7 and 8 and Konquerer to make sure it works. The odds are that if it works with all of those sites, it will look right in the rest. For me, that is all i care about and that is all I need. Good resource but might not be as useful as you make it out to be.
  13. This is not a new concept nor is it a new idea. We can have faster internet but it all has to do with faster switches and routers and not data coords / transfer rates. Currently, most websites load as fast as they possibly can whether you have comcast's 6 mbsp or verizon fios' 25 mbsp since all sites get cached and then the browser has to use the information. It is the browser loading / parsing the information that takes the most time. Overall, the only thing this will help with will be downloading large files like movies and linux distros since you can get one really fast connection instead of 30 bittorrent connections to get fast speeds.
  14. I hate any type of popup or popdown advertisment. The reason is simple, i dont like have more windows open than needed and i never will click on any ad that is trying to get my attention. I click on ads if they are relevant to what i am searching for and actually might be what i want. However, when websites have popups or popdowns, they rarely are related the site and just are annoying. No i do not want to get netflix when i am on a site reading a review for a cell phone. Do they relate? NO THEY DONT. The more people who dont use them, the better off we all are.
  15. Personally i am not ok with a girl sleeping with tons of guys just because i dont want to just be one of many and also because it increases their risks of getting an std and such. I dont mind if a girl sleeps with someone who they are dating or in the process of having a relationship because it definitely is different. When you sleep with someone you care about, it just is better. Plus, if you are just sleeping around to sleep around, i guess you get a short stress relief but come on, there are soooo many other ways to relieve stress other than sleep with a random person.
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