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  1. i think internet has many computer ( link with them ) internet = many datacenterinternet = many ispinternet = many clint pcinternet = many websitesinternet = many connection in secondinternet = many soruce in shared hardinternet = all you need its really nice i think internet is really big
  2. plz one user post here screenshot of this gamei want to view this game thanks all
  3. i think its better play games in ConsoleConsole system design for play but with pc you can do many thinks like programming , graphics and ....Console systems has good options and good result for play games (i think better pc) its not slow , pixelbypixel , no upgrade , easy contorl , play faster , and more
  4. i think its good i play previous version of Civilization , its nicei think this version is better if you know site of this game post here to all people view screen shot of this gamethanks a lot
  5. alexia

    Forum Software

    phpBBIts not good and secure forumInvision Power Boardit must be free Vbulletinnice forum , i think Vbulletin is easy and nice forum with good support . Vbulletin forum has good security ,but i dont know why people love ipb more Vbulletin ?
  6. Just Notepad for quickly edit and for Best edit for Php or other lan just Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 i think with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 you can easy and fast manage your code html/php/asp/java/javascript/and .......
  7. what is good image gallery and newsletter cms ? ( notfree )
  8. i have sumsung n620but i like nokiai think nokia is best phone boardbecause it has good options and userfirendlyi like design of nokia sorry i am bedridden and i can not type true english
  9. sorryi want buy a mobilewhich mobile phone has good camera ? and how much is it ?
  10. nice tutorialbut i want load radio on my websitemy radio , no yahoo or msn or ... radiofor example i want play mp3 nonstop for my user or play my sound for my userhow can i do this ?
  11. Software is different between windows and linuxand i think you can not find one software in 2 osbecuase interface and api in 2 os is different
  12. Ie and firefox is work with images trueyour design can have many images with good tabels if you manage tables good with nice html code you can make good privew in ie and firefox
  13. I want to know what is that cms in php lanwhere can i download this cmsi want run this system on my hosting for sale advplz tell me what is that cms and where can i download/buy this cmsthanks all
  14. oh my god 27page replay for this topicits really nice , its very hot
  15. I think NOD32 is good antivirus system and zonealarm is nice firewallnod32 is faster then norotn and its easy to work and its very strongfor example when i try to download on virus file at the web nod32 av alert me this file has virus code and u can not download itornod32 behind the proccess scan your system and when detect virus alert to you
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