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  1. okay, so far this is what I'm planning to get. Motherboard ASUS M2N-E Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP ATX AMD Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Common/MessagePage.aspx?MsgCode=-1&ID=15 CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Windsor 2000MHz HT 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor http://www.newegg.com/Common/MessagePage.aspx?MsgCode=-1&ID=9 alright, this is where I have questions. With the new am2 socket for AMD Athlon x2's, they all support dual channel ddr2. What type of ram would you suggest. From a little reading I have done, the higher mhz the ram is, the faster. So I was thinking of getting DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), thats the highest the motherboard supports. Or, is there not really much difference between the 800, 667, and 533? The question is, does all of the ddr2 800 dual channel work on this motherboard? I was reading some guy's comment on some motherboard and he was saying the brand OCZ ram doesn't work on socket am2 motherboards? Is that true? also, I don't understand the different timings for the ram. what is it? I am planning on getting a sata hard drive. I have never used them before and don't know much about them. Do they act just like a ide hard drive? meaning, you can use them for the same things, loading os and storage... just different connection and speeds? thanks for the help
  2. I saw a commercial here in the U.S. for something similar. I can't remember exactly which company it was, maybe comcast? but I'll look a bit and see if I can find more info on it. I think your idea is actually coming to be a reality
  3. I would have to agree with WindAndWater.... Though, another choice for a linux distrubution that is good is called fedora. You can just google it and it will show up.Yes, linux is much more stable and has less problems. The only problem is that not all programs(mostly games) are not supported in linux. There are emulation software to allow you to still run the programs but like what WindAndWater said, they are considerably slower. So that brings us to where it is best to do a dual boot. Have two partitions on your hdd. Have one be windows 2000(Windows ME sucks. It is the worst os on the face of the planet My computer origionaly came with ME, so I know what your talking about. I upgraded to 2000 and its much better though there are always some type of glitches or bugs in every os.... it is unavoidable.) and have the other be a linux distrabution. Then you can change between them for whatever needs you have.Though if you don't want to run linux, you could simply stick with windows. Though I HIGHLY recommend switching to windows 2000. Also, a little side note, every computer gets bogged down with information and stuff it picks up from usage and internet browsing. There always is more problems after usage and sometimes you just simply need to re-format the HDD to give it a clean slate. I usually try to re-format my HDD every 1-2 years, just to keep it clean and to keep unwanted things off of my computer.I hope my insight helps, good luck!
  4. I really like your layout with the flash animation banner... It looks very nice and adds a good look to the site. For a login system, I would look at the login system tutorial Falgor made. It's a pretty nice one, with md5 encypted passwords. Check it out here: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/7247-complete-login-system-with-php-mysql/=
  5. A re-format of your HDD sounds pretty good. For your system slowing down, I'm guessing that would be like a lot of programs running in the background + some spyware. Lockups, wierd restarts, programs quitting, possibly slow down sounds like a virus. I don't know for sure but it's my best guess. Do you have anti-virus and anti-spyware software? if you don't, I would highly recommend getting such programs. Some free ones would be like avg anti-virus, if your windows version is legit.... you can get microsoft's anti-spyware software. It works well, especially from being made by microsoft :angry:Either first get this software if you don't have it and do scans to make sure your not affect by spyware/virusses. Otherwise I would suggest re-formatting your HDD. It's always good to re-format once and a while. It cleans off all the junk that your computer collects from long periods of use.Good luck and let me know if you need any more advice or assistance
  6. I've also heard news of halo 3 for xbox 360. It would boost productivity a lot and would be a smart idea on microsoft's part. Most of my friends are waiting for prices to drop a little on the xbox 360's but if halo 3 came out before then, they would for sure buy the xbox 360 and halo 3 right away no matter the price. I believe that is the case with most halo fans.I'm curious, were did you hear this or find this information Saint_Michael? like what magazine or is there an online article that I could see? Cause I really don't believe it :\
  7. That's retarded... Company's are becoming control freaks. We should be able to do ANYTHING with what we buy. It's our money, we buy this product and own it. We should be able to do whatever we want with it. Company's should not have the right to restrict this. This topic reminds me of mod chips with microsoft's xbox's. I believe the same apply's, we should be able to change the system to however we want. But if you do, your warranty get's voided and you can't play on live.If this does actually happen, and comes to a point where all computers have these restricting chips in them... I am 100% sure that there will be an uproar. People will find ways around the chips, either ways to remove them or glitches/hacks to allow someone to install linux or whatever.The one question that I can think of though, whats going to happen with web servers and just servers in general? Most servers out there right now are either running linux or unix. It will be a big set-back for those people. They would have to run windows or mac os. Also, cpanel would then have to be ported to run on windows and mac. I hate what they are trying to do and I hope it doesn't succeed.... maybe someone will be able to win a court case against them!?!?I just hope they arn't successful, it will be a pain to have to go around the chip if this is all correct.
  8. I always get amd... I find they are better and have less problems. Cause I have had issues with intel's in the past before. That caused me to not really like them. Also, I just find overall amd's are better for gaming, performance, and my daily uses
  9. heh, I think most people that are on these forums are on here for the same or very similar reasons My reasons are the same as yours. Free hosting, place to talk about anything, friends(and friendly people), hosting, to fill boredom :angry:Though I'd have to say, the best way to make friends isn't necessarily on forums such as these. I find I make the best friends through gaming clans and such. Your a lot more connected through games then you are here. But I'm not saying this isn't a good way to make friends :\ I've made friends through sites like Xisto. But yea, this forum is great and has many uses.
  10. hmm, thanks for the reply.... Just a little more info, maybe it will help. My current card is a 32mb NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400. The software thats installed with it talks about dual monitors. In some settings, there is one check box saying "Enable Dualview(Treat multiple outputs on an NVIDIA GPU-based card as seperate display devices)." And the software supports like multiple desktops that I can switch between.Thanks again, and tell me if you need any more info to assist me in this.
  11. Alright, I got 2 monitors currently and I found that my brother left his old graphics card at my house. I was wondering if I would be able to run dual monitors with this. I don't know like anything about running dual monitors. Do you just need 2 monitors and 2 graphic cards? If thats the case, my current graphics card is a 32mb geforce2. My brothers old one I believe is some 16mb card. Will these work? or will their be conflicts because I believe they are different brands and also have different mb capacity? Also, I'm running windows 2000 pro. Will my os work with it?if thats not the case, what else do I need? Thanks in advance
  12. here, Opaque made a basic tutorial on cron jobs a while go http://forums.xisto.com/topic/6321-cron-jobs-cron-jobs-in-cpanel-cron-jobs-cron-jobs-using-php/ If you need anymore assistance then what that tutorial offers, just let me know.
  13. xJedix

    Computer Errors

    I don't like xp.... so far the best os made by microsoft is windows 98, its the only one that is actually stable... But thats a whole different topic.Thanks Inspiron for telling me about your experience, I too have avg free and outpost firewall. I will have to try updating my outpost, I have a paid one I will see if that solves the problem. So far though, I have loved outpost. It's a great, advanced firewall. I haven't any problems with it since now :\
  14. I too can see other people liking this search engine.... like computer illiterate people. It has a simple look to it and is quite basic.For me, it is quite annoying. When I first entered a search query, it gave all kinds of weather, stock, and other crap that was totally different from what I searched. Then I entered my query again and it finally came up with what I was searching for. I don't like this search engine at all, especial because it took forever to load, even with my dsl. I will most likely stick with google unless some miracle happens to microsoft
  15. xJedix

    Computer Errors

    hmm, there isn't really anything that I can remember that I installed before I started getting these errors. If I can remember right, they just started happening. Is there a program to check your drivers for your hardware to see if you can find the one with the conflict?Also, is there any memory diagnostic tools that you would recommend me using? Thanks
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