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Flying Cars Comming soon

Cerebral Stasis

Those cars wouldn't need runway space to take off, anyway. It supposedly uses verticle takeoff and landing, similar to a helicopter. Once again, however, it hasn't been proven that it can actually be done with the Skycar model efficiently (or at all).


O ya also the flying cars does 28 miles pergallon since it runs on turbines that are like fans so it wont cost the  people alot of money it would be wau better then a car and its going to be around 26,000 dollers i think from 19,000-26,000 they havent announce it officialy tho


$26,000?!?! Try more in the ballpark of $300k to $500k. This of these as a Mini Lear jet. Moller International (MLER) was one of the first companies that I ever invested in. The only way I even head about them is a radio show had Moller on and he was talking about his Flying car.


This is a great concept, but it is not one that will be mainstream in the next ten years due to the cost financially and economically. If you paid attention to the web site, every test flight has to be tethered to the ground for insurance purposes. In order to make the Skycar practical, they would have to make pre-approved flight paths with the FAA and program those flight paths into the skycar computer. This could take years, even decades. Just think of how hard it is for a community to get a flight path changed so the planes dont fly over. Immagine that times a hundred.


Did I mention cost as a factor. I dont know about you guys, but I do not have an extra half a million dollars laying around, and I doubt that any bank would give me that on top of my mortgage. I still hold my shares in Moller Int, as I hope it will do well one day, but I do not see anything practical happening within the next 10 to 20 years.


"Flying Cars"Well people are here talkiing about pilot licences..but How would you create a flying car..All i can think of are 3 concepts:1. The car are designed like a plane. Using the movement of air to control it.2. A jet pack..like a helicopter, keeping the car aflot by pushing air downwars..but that would mean who ever is on the ground below will have thier hats blowm off.3. using a secret formuls "Flubber". ;)thou like every one said..it would be a tough job for the police. And RUFIOKID where did you hear the information from...I know there are a lots of website but i want the one you got it from. Coming out in 2006 that is not that far away.

Cerebral Stasis

Daman, the concept is simple. The car uses turbines that blow downward to allow it to lift off from the ground vertically. Then, when it's at a certain altitude, rear turbines push it forward. Once it reaches a certain speed, the lift created will be enough to keep it in the air (like with airplanes). It doesn't use rockets or anything else. Like you suggested, once it was in the air, it would work much like a plane.


Flying cars would pose a major problem. Even if for only the rich. First of all what would distuinguish a flying car from a plane? And how loud would those turbines be with you sitting in the front seat. And wouldint there be a low fly law?


Wow! I've heard about flying cars before. It seems kinda expensive though. To have one you would have to take flying lessons or something. Besides the fact the probly cost an Arm, a leg, and The money you've been saving for a Hummer.

LeAnn Rimes My Angel

I don't think flying cars will go 350, since people need to manage the speed at which they drive. Consider all the old people out there who can barely drive 20 in a 60 zone! There was someone really slow in front of me driving about 10km/h when the limit was 50. It drove me almost nuts considering I couldn't pass him. The old guy finally pulled over to his parking spot, but seriously, I think old people should get tested to see if they post a threat or burden to people who drive. That's just my opinion on the matter.

Cerebral Stasis

Flying cars, especially if they could (and were allowed to) go 350 miles per hour, would be going far too fast for a person to be able to control them safely. Consider how quickly accidents happen going 60-80 mph. The biggest safety risk for this would be human error, or running out of fuel mid-flight. The only way to avoid these problems would be to have the vehicle controlled completely by GPS/a computer. The computer could calculate the shortest route, detect any vehicles that may potentially pose a crash risk and plan the flight to avoid them, and calculate where and when a refuelling stop would be necessary. These vehicles would be too low-altitute to post any problems with planes, unless the plane was about to land (which shouldn't be a problem, as long as these things avoid airports).But, as has been said, this, if any kind of flying car at all, probably won't be used by the commercial public for decades to come, if ever (currently taking a commercial flight would be much cheaper and more fuel efficient, while creating much less pollution and not creating a new crash/accident hazard to go with the whole flying car package..


haha i saw that car on top gear that wieghed 30 pounds and had fans on the sidelook well realistic $60,000 tho, no thx


rofl I can see it now, your lounging in your backyard reading your favorite magazine a few cars are over head then you see smoke coming from one of them, then WOOM BAAM! it lands and deystorys your house, sure insurance will protect it and stuff but I dont see the world having flying cars like they invisioned long ago how it would be.


rofl I can see it now, your lounging in your backyard reading your favorite magazine a few cars are over head then you see smoke coming from one of them, then WOOM BAAM! it lands and deystorys your house, sure insurance will protect it and stuff but I dont see the world having flying cars like they invisioned long ago how it would be.


Yeah but also look at this back in the time when there were no computers... guess waht people didnt think there would be personal compurters in evey home just big buisnesses and schools and other "big" places would have one...


its a trend type thing people want one thing and its normaly the generation after its been invented not the current one...


theres my 2 cents on that


to the flying cars and stuff...


the only way i cna think of having it work right is to have it all computered take off landing flying eveything! all computerized...


of course you;d have to put tamper protection to have it not work if a certian door was taken of to remove certian wires so you could have it say fly into a building...


but you'd also probably have the cars programed (yeah lots of time and money...)

yeah thered be certian flying zones... such as what we have now the no fly zones... and *BLEEP*... but look at this yeah itd take time and money and stuff but it can and probably will be done...

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