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  1. I don't think I'm ever getting Windows Vista. It's probably is going to be really expensive, will load my computer, there will be plenty of bugs (like any other versions) and everybody I talk to who have Vista said the better thing about it is the interface. Well I don't give a ... about the interface I want a good and stable OS so I can run everything I need just fine.
  2. GMAIL is much much better. Hotmail sucks, and it is getting worse every day. On the other hand, GMail is getting better every day and so are all the other Google services.Hotmail deletes your e-mails, suspends your accounts, come on! Any e-mail provider is better than hotmail.
  3. Then just replace "So how are things going with you and (name)?" for "So how are things going with you and your boyfriend?". That could solve the problem :blink:useless things to say? no no I got nothing. But if she really likes you, and you like her, nothing else matters, soon or late you will be together (or at least I hope you will, good luck).
  4. I had some good laughs here reading this topic xD good points though, but I won't convince any girl to read this and tell me what she thinks, they would stop reading before the 1? comes xD and I can't tell what I think because, damn I'm not a girl :blink:but one thing I can tell you: I dunno if I would approach a nerd/geeky girl (there are few of them, ok but they do exist, I know one)
  5. FaLgoR

    Money Online

    The site is in russian? That'll be probably impossible for most people here to check this site out. By the way, I also had difficulties to read your text, I think you should spend a little more time to write everything down and all the stuff in their right places. Please don't feel offended.
  6. My favourite sport is football, also known by a few countries as soccer All the other sports are not very interesting... this american football is fun to play but watching is boring. Same to rugby. basketball and the others are, in my opinion, boring to play and watch
  7. That looks just good, could be useful to me as I like to use these kind of downloading codes. Just a simple question here: what exactly does the parse_url() function does? It sounds obvious if you see the code but I'm still a little confuse could you give me that little tip? thanks
  8. Oh my God, it looks seriours untill the paragraph it says that this PidgeonRank thing is about taining pedgeons that can excute complex tasks like playing pingpong, ordering pizzas, driving bombs :|I wonder who spend such a long time to write this stuff was that you?
  9. Religion could be good if we knew how to use it. I'm part of a christian family (I don't have a religion though). The words of Jesus are good, he was a good man, but we (humans) are just too stupid. Look how many bad things people did using the name of God.. Five million woman were burned because they were 'Witches', tons of documents, technologies, cultures were destroied by it. I mean, the egyptian people did surgeries exactly like we do today years and years ago, but some lunatics said it was a devil thing and burned everything. Lost forever. And we only got it back around the 18 century.But as a non-religious person I have to admit: I don't belive in anything, I belive life has no sense and I belive it is just a natural coincidence. I belive we are nothing and make no difference in the universe. If there was no religon, many people would be like me, and the world would be even worse than it is today. YOu gotta belive in something or you will realize your existance is useless, senseless. Suicide rates would grow a lot, as well as homicide rates.
  10. Yes we all should be afraid. As soon as they get some plutonium... oh boy, there's gonna be some fireworks. But I won't say they are right or wrong by practicing terrorism... unfortunately the US don't give a *BLEEP* about them and this is the only way they can cause some damage, or at least call some attention. Diplomacy won't work. I'm sorry if I offended you americans but that is what I belive is the truth.
  11. Just give the hackers some time to find exploitable stuff in it and it'll be the same sh*t as IE6... just a matter of time I guess. The CreateObject sutff probably won't work, but soon there will be something else to exploit and get your pc some trouble The good thing is that Mozilla updates FireFox Browser as soon as they find some critical problem in it. Now, for coincidence there is a Firefox update I have to do here, I clicked 'Later' because I'm doing some important stuff here xD I dunno if IE does it too, this whole update thing, but if if does not, I think it should
  12. Well i was seen this thing about the chupacabra on national geographic channel and they've done a lot of things to catch it... one guy once made a thing to trick the chupacabra: he left a lamb outside and camped there for hours, until he saw some weird creature and shot it... the creature ran away and some days later he found it's bones in the jungle. That was just a dog LOL! They've found a lot of proofs like this one but they were all... let me say, stupid. Nonsense. So, since nobody ever found a real chupacabra, no pictures, no bones, I don't belive it does exist...
  13. Yes, they say it is more interactive with the player. I've heard it's totally different to play, you do not only move a joystick and get around in the game xD You can make movements and stuff. Dunno if that's the truth though. $280 dollars, hmmm it's gonna be really expensive in my country since they always raise the price like 3 or 4x :wacko:And bytheway Zelda on wii would be great xD I could play Zelda on Snes, so I guess I would have a very good time playing on wii hahaha
  14. I don't really think humanity will last 1000 more years, but anyway... I disagree with some of the stuff you said... people would not be cold and robotized xD And if things like television cease to exists, this is ONLY because it bacame useless. So they invented something even better to replace it about the feeling and stuff, yeah that would be a problem :/ nobody you know would be alive (unless they got frozen too) but you can always make new friends. But can you imagine how will the world be in 1000 years? Human population grew billions and billions in a very very little time. I would hate to live in some place with 500 billion people. They would have to make colonies on mars and other planets (now that would be awesome hahahaha )
  15. They all look very nice, I'll try some of them. Which one is your favourite?I play mythwar because it's simple but I would like to try some 3d online game.
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