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A Comprehensive Guide To The World Cup hosts, announcements, background info, scores, past, present, future

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A Comprehensive Guide To The World Cup
Posted Image ????[/tab]Posted Image

Guide Introduction
An Outline Of The World Cup

How It Started
How It Works

Germany Info

Previous Hosting

Previous Hosts

List Of Previous Hosts
Hosts Who Win

Future Hosts

The 2010 Host
Those Up For The Bid (2010 World Cup)
Those Up For The Bid (2014 World Cup)


2006 World Cup (Germany) (All Matches)
1930 - 2002 World Cups (Finals & 3rd/4th Place Playoffs)


Songs And Videos

Guide Introduction

This guide aims to be your all-rounder, no nonsense guide to the World Cup for this year, the years before and the years which follow it. As more information about the World Cup unveils and discloses itself, I will update this guide just for you.

This is your comprehensive guide. Therefore if there is anything you would like to know, just PM me or reply and I will scour the web to see if I can find any information about it. Hopefully so far this guide already consists of a large amount of both common and uncommon knowledge for the beginner and more experienced fan.

This guide is automatically property of Xisto.com and may only lawfully be plagiarised with either mine or Xisto staffs' permission. It may, however, be copied with due acknowledgements.

An Outline Of The World Cup

A World Cup is usually a general term for any sport being competed across the globe but in this sense the World Cup refers to the football tournament currently being played accross the world. As well as the World Cup, this tournament also has the following nicknames:

  • Football World Cup
  • Soccer World Cup
The World Cup was started in 1930 by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and has carried on every four years since that date, apart from the years 1942 and 1946 when World War II was taking place.

Although it is said that the World Cup is held every four years, it is somewhat ongoing as the qualifying matches take place three years before the final rounds.

After the qualifying rounds the "World Cup Finals" are played. This involves 32 teams playing in the host-country, which this year (2006) is Germany. The finals last for not much less/more than one month.

The first matches are called the "Group Stages". The thirty-two teams are divided evenly into eight groups and in individual groups each team has the ability to play each other team in his group. Points are calculated based on how many wins/losses/draws each team had. The team with the top two number of points qualify for the second round. In the group stages 50% of all the teams that qualified get knocked out.

In the second round and therefrom all the matches are knockouts, whereby two teams play each other and the loser gets knocked out of the competition. The winner goes through to the quarter final and then on to the semi-final if he wins that match etc etc.

However if you lose the semi-final match, you get placed - with the other loser - to the 3rd place match, where it is decided which team comes third/fourth.

In the event of a draw in one of these matches, the play goes into "Extra Time" where two short 15 minute halves are played in the hope that a goal will be scorec by one of the teams. If there is no goal scored then there are penalties where the team who scores the most penalities out of five goes through to the next round.

Germany Info

This year (2006) Germany are the host nations for the world cup. Within that country, twelve venues have been selected:

  • Berlin -
Olympiastadion - 74,176

Dortmund - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Dortmund - 67,000

Frankfurt - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Frankfurt - 48,132

Gelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Gelsenkirchen - 53,804

Hamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Hamburg - 51,055

Hanover aka Hannover - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Hanover - 44,652

Kaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion - 43,450

Cologne aka Köln - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Cologne - 46,120

Leipzig - Zentralstadion - 44,199

Munich aka München - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Munich - 66,016

Nuremberg aka Nürnberg - Frankenstadion - 41,926

Stuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion - 54,267
???? City Name - FIFA Stadium Name - Capacity

Most of the above stadiums have been renamed by FIFA, ie the ones with FIFA's name in them. For instance FIFA World Cup Stadium, Hamburg was originally called the AOL Arena. It's obvious therefore that they have been renamed to remove advertising.

Germany have hosted the "World Cup" before. The only year they have hosted is before is 1974 when they were called "West Germany" and they won the cup for the second year.

Previous Hosts

Germany have not always been the hosts for the "World Cup." Many other countries have had the opportunity including England. The 17 past hosts are as follows:

1930 - Uruguay

1934 - Italy

1938 - France



1950 - Brazil

1954 - Switzerland

1958 - Sweden

1962 - Chile

1966 - England

1970 - Mexico

1974 - West Germany - Now Germany

1978 - Argentina

1982 - Spain

1986 - Mexico

1990 - Italy

1994 - USA

1998 - France

2002 - South Korea & Japan
???? Year - Host Country - Current Name Of Country (if changed)

Through the course of the "World Cup" there have been a significant list of teams who have only won due to the fact that they are playing on their own turf. Such countries include:

  • Argentina -
1978 - (1)

England - 1966 - (0)

France - 1998 - (0)

Germany - 1974 - (2)

Italy - 1934 - (2)

Uruguay - 1930 - (1)
???? Country - Years Won On Home Soil - Times Won Away

Brazil, however are not only the ones who have won the "World Cup" the most times but every time they won it was in another country. Kudos to Brazil. ;)

Future Hosts

FIFA doesn't decide many of the hosts of the "World Cup" in the future until it's neccessary, so at the moment I can only tell you the host for 2010 which is South Africa. All in all five countries wanted to hold the tournament. They were:

  • Egypt

  • Libya

  • Morocco

South Africa (winners)

Only just yesterday (7th July 2006), FIFA unveiled the official logo for this event. Here it is:

Posted Image

There have been a couple of countries that have expressed an interest in the 2014 "World Cup". They are:

  • Argentina/Chile

  • Australia

  • Brazil

  • United States
Brazil are by far the favourites to win the bid and the US have been interested in hosting this event since the year 2002, ever since their surprise win at the 1994 event. It was a shock because the US lacked a significant football (soccer) fan-base.

England is interested in hosting the 2018 "World Cup". Bidding for this slot will close in 2010.


One of the advantages of belating this article is that the scores can be included :). Here are all of them, right from the group stages to the final:

Group Stages

???? GROUP A
???? GROUP B
???? GROUP C
???? GROUP D
???? GROUP E
???? GROUP F
???? GROUP G
???? GROUP H

All guides above are 15.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.

Last 16


The guide above is 15.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.

Quarter Finals


The guide above is 14.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.

Semi Finals


The guide above is 14.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.

3rd/4th Playoff


The guide above is 14.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.



The guide above is 14.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and other word processing programs.

Past Matches

If you are looking the scores for some of the past matches, then you're in luck. I've managed to find the past match scores for all the world cups ever played, only the finals and 3rd/4th playoffs although. Just select the one you want from the list below:

???? 1930
???? 1934
???? 1938
???? 1950
???? 1954
???? 1958
???? 1962
???? 1966
???? 1970
???? 1974
???? 1978
???? 1982
???? 1986
???? 1990
???? 1994
???? 1998
???? 2002

All guides above are 15.5kb in size and should open with Microsoft Word, OpenOfiice Writer and other word processing programs.


And with all the festivities and celebrations the media have a fantastic opportunity to cash in and make money. There have been a number of "World Cup" official songs. Recent ones for England are as follows:

2006 - EMBRACE :: The World At Your Feet

2002 - ANT AND DEC :: We're On The Ball


1978 - ANDY CAMERON :: Ally's Tartan Army

1970 - Back Home
[tab] Year Officiated - ARTIST :: Song name

I can't find many more. Please bare in mind that these are the official songs and that some unofficial songs have taken over. For instance the song Vindaloo by Fat Les overshadowed the 1998 official World Cup song by far.

If you know any other official songs from other countries or from England, PM me or reply and I'll add them.


The web has also been a hotspot for free world cup merchandise. Many sites notorious for their spyware and malware products (ie funwebproducts.com ) have released products with substantial amounts of malicious software in them. Read more>>

[hr=shade] Some Images (Š 1994 - 2006 FIFA). Text (Š 2005 Xisto Corporation) Thanks to WikipediaŽ for hosting the images [/hr]

[hr=shade]edit: added 3rd/4th playoffs results.
edit: added final results[/hr]

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I want to complement that guide with some interesting things:


Uruguay 1930

In this world cup the substitutions were prohibited.

The French goalkeeper Th?pot, was the first player that leave the game before the time whe he get injure.

I will continue tomorrow because i'm going to watch the soccer game. :)


Im going to make a Complete Guide about The History of the World Cups.

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