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  1. Hi anwii, I have got a query for you to answer! Suppose there is a smoothly running website having content focusing on the keyword "XYZ". But, the site don't have keyword "XYZ" in its domain name[..... and it is clear from your kindlewirelessreadingdevices.net that how having keywords in your domain name can lead to higher search engine rankings....] However, the domain name with exactly same keyword "XYZ" is available. SO, if the domain name with keyword "XYZ" is purchased and added as an add on domain name to the existing domain name and website. Will this change affect the search engine ranking of the site? Will this add on domain name with the keyword "XYZ" in its domain name improve search engine ranking of the existing site? Also, your kindlewirelessreadingdevices.net is motivating me. Would you mind telling me if the site kindlewirelessreadingdevices.net have started generating you some revenue or not? Also, how much visits you are getting daily on your site. I am extremely desperate to see some stats of your site, so that I can analyze and learn something from it Waiting for reply Regards
  2. Hmmmm.....make money online website. I hope it will be different, not like one on which I am working(PTCTr@ck) And, one more thing I noticed your google ads on your under construction make money online website which if I am not mistaken, then according to google adsense publisher policy isn't allowed on sites specifically talking about numerous make money online ways. I haven't seen google ads on such sites. Or, possibly I am mistaken. Please, correct me if that's the case because then I won't have to go for an adhitz account. And, I must admit, you are really SEO Master.
  3. Hi everyone, I have just came across of this open source content management system software, CMS Made Simple. It has been awarded with the title of "Overall Best Open Source CMS Award 2010" by Packt Publishing. And, only after becoming aware of this, I think of trying it out, and at the moment, I am playing with it on my wampserver. So, far I only faced issue while installing it as I had to change some settings in my PHP configuration which takes some time, little bit more than what I thought.But, now its installed, and I am trying to figure it out about its functionality and if its really Simple as stated in its title, perhaps, I may end up using it on my site.Did anyone else heard of this cms? Or anyone else using this in their site? What is your opinion about this CMS?Thanks in advance and waiting for replies
  4. i hate when my left eye blinks :(

  5. Hello everyone,I have a broadband connection which recently I downgraded from 512kbps to 256kbps speed, I know it may sound very low, but, here in India, its still considered as good speed Also, I have another option of connecting to internet through my mobile gprs/edge connection, using which at the moment I am currently posting here So, all I want to know that, is there any way by which I can combine both these internet connections so that I can get the benefits of much higher speed while surfing and downloading contents on my pc? I want to utilize both my internet connections to their full extent.The speed of internet connection using my mobile GPRS/EDGE highly varies depending on the time of accessing while my broadband connection gives almost constant and maximum speed that I can achieve from 256kbps internet connection.Waiting for replies and thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for reply, Yeah, I already checked the disk and there is a change in color, so, it is burned successfully, though I forget to mention this in my previous post..... One thing is still left to try, and that is to try run that burned dvd in another computer. I will try to do that as soon as possible and will post the results here very soon. And, if that DVD runs in someone else computer successfully, then I would end up facing similar weird problem that you faced.....lol
  7. Hello everyone, I am facing a problem with my Sony DVD writer. Since, its a DVD writer it is also supposed to write blank DVD, but, it has stopped writing DVD. I tried to burn a blank DVD few days back and it got burned too...I got a message "Burned Successfully" or something similar...can't remember it correctly. But, after that when I enter the burned DVD in the tray, it was simply showing the DVD as blank........really can't understand the reason behind this....I tried to write DVD multiple times using different blank DVD and my same Sony DVD writer, but, at the end, only wasting up my blank DVD :(As a test, I also tried to write a blank CD and surprisingly, it got burned and the content was being detected by windows.Thus, I came to the conclusion, my Sony DVD writer can write blank CD but can't write blank DVD. Although, it can read contents of both CD and DVD.So, I am here asking for your suggestions. What could be the possible reason and solution for this weird problem? Thanks in advance
  8. anyone willing to help me design my new site???

  9. Thanks for the Birthday Message :).

  10. happy b'day ash :)

    wish you good luck bro :D

  11. Hmmm.....google is crawling my site forum which is still in develoment.........google bots are too fast...lolz

  12. Yeah you are right. Hehehe.....I wasn't even aware of this thread Actually, I first created this thread and this thread didn't appear on the forum. So, I thought something went wrong...might be another bug on the forum or my lovely net goes mad again . So, I created another thread in Google Services >> Seo. Now, I just find out that it require moderator approval before new thread appears on the forum. Thus, just would like to say sorry to everyone for this.
  13. livepcportal


    Hi Helix Welcome to ks community friend........ Wish you enjoy the community and stay active here as much as possible which is a bit difficult task these days Enjoy your stay here and if you have any query, feel free to ask in the forum
  14. Ok.....thats the info I was looking for. But, can you specify in a bit more detail what sort of certificate?? SSL certificate or any other....??? And, for now I have purchased the domain name from gossimer.........hope will not face any trouble with them. Also, can anyone tell me the nameservers for xisto hosting account. I just bought logic hosting plan from xisto for developing site, and to point the domain to my xisto hosting account, I need the nameservers address which unfortunately I have forgotten
  15. ohh......still time to say HAPPY DIWALI to everyone :D

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      HAPPY DIWALI... :)

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