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  1. I liked the demo on youtube. I think such OS have its place but you cant use them like you do with android and apple. So basically you should go with that phone only if you are not planning to use it like any other android or apple phone. It is going to be a cheap phone so that is not a bad deal in my opinion, worth trying.
  2. I watched "VHS2" which is series of found footage movie. It has some of the interesting movies in it. I didn't get the way things are being portrayed there but surely the movie is not bad. I just didn't understood the way movie was made yet it was interesting enough for me. I am watching a lot of horror and scifi lately. I hope to see few more soon.
  3. That happens to many of us. though I have moved some of my domains to other company. I still come here and earn mycents to fiddle with packages and stuff. I feel like one of the old friends here. I am with shree and crew for long time and have seen this forum building from many ups and downs. hard to live people regardless of any reason.
  4. Happy aniversary to you. I have stopped taking a not of time. If I remember I was here like in 2005 and now it is 2013. Time passes very quickly and I feel like going close to 30 makes me think old lol. I have been here for quite some time now and spending most of my time elsewhere these days. Anyway, enjoy your time and have fun.
  5. Thanks velma and opaque. Agree on the stackoverflow being a uncomfortable resource to ask question these days. I checked the links velma and they are not rehashed (except the astrumfutura one). Thanks again for those links. I am now digging a deep related to the htmlspecialchars() and mysqli. I just realized that old mysql has more issues on the XSS side than the new mysqli and PDO. So going to switch to the new mysqli. I have to work on OOP side of the things for PHP. Yet to get used to the prepared statements and few other things that makes coding quicker and yet requires a model. So far I have found that - 1) I have to take care of the deprecated or the old mysql functions. 2) I have to avoid using PHP_SELF and instead redirect to another page. 3) Use ajax instead of passing the data via $_post. 4) Use mysqli prepared statement and PDO. 5) Avoid using the unsafe code within the HTML page and instead get modular with database and other code in file. 6) Check the input from the form before adding to the database (thanks to opaque for this). I will update this thread, as I learn something interesting
  6. So I am trying to build some of the applications using php and came across my code as being exposed to the XSS. I learned mostly the security advice like don't use this and that. But none of them were quite clear about the XSS related suggestion. So I am quite confused now where to ask for the advice. I tried stackoverlfow but very general level of help and mostly snarky and sarcastic remarks and less guidance towards to the solutions. Where to look for the XSS related advice and solutions related to PHP? I am looking for some of the code snippet that can show me what is wrong and what can be done about the PHP XSS.
  7. I hate java, in fact i wastede a lot of time in it. There are many reasons for this. First reason is hosting, java based hosting is costly and you have many things to setup manually on your own. That way it makes things more difficult while deploying the applications. And I know php is much better if you understand how easy it is to deploy the applicatons or progams on the server.Now if we compare memory, java is resource hogger on any machine.Give it any core machine, it can hogg the machine by leaking memory. I mean be it old or new computer, java programs are known for hanging the system. They just work so laggy that i am sure there are developers who hate to program in them for desktop applications.Another point, IDE's are also very slow and hard to use if you are on low resource computers, say eclipse and netbeans are the slow ones. These IDEs are written in java itself and work very poorly on old machines. I think as ruby and python are getting more popular it is good to see that many linux programmers are adopting to them instead of java, otherwise i can't imagine slow sluggish java taking entire desktop resource with DE and the respective programs.
  8. Well if you're not going to use this OS on the tablet or the traditional mouse and keyboard desktop then surely you're supposed to stick witht the old version of the OS. Most of the people who want to try this OS are going to purchase the tablets as the Metro interface is more likely usable for the touch display. You will find it less productive for the desktop or the laptop without any touch device in your side.That said, Metro is like playing the game of mines where you are suppossed to find the bombs. In case of metro, you uncover the tiles and acess the programs and options. So the tablet loooks more like gaming platform. Very hard to use and hardly any productive for those who wants to do immediate work. On the other hand tablet based users may find this OS usable if we compare some of the mobile users who are using nokia 900 and 800 with metro tiles.I don't have much expectations from microsoft anymore. I am using linux these days and i am happy with the current progress of it. The apple and windows are more costly to my pocket. Lets see how windows 8 sells on the consumer platform and makes money. I don't see any positive signs in the current months any time soon.
  9. I kinda like the display. It does look much cooler comapred to the the iphone. I mean small, sleek screen and the weight. I am sure it is low on weight. Comparing the weight by mere looking at it, i guess iphone wont' stand a chance if we think of it with respect to weight. Also the screen looks cool but if you take picture of iphone from same angle and with same camera, you'll find brighter display.I don't know if iphone is getting retina display advantage or something but they seems to be performing quite good for the users. That said, i am in favor of this phone because i am tired of the limitation of the apple. They just dropped the support for dropbox based apps to force developers to use the apple cloud. So this is kind of monopoly.That being said, what could be the price of this new phone? if it is close to iphone with features less better compared to the it. I don't think many people are going to grab it and use it for long term.
  10. I agree. There is XFCE 4.10 released which has some nice features like good window decoration, desk bar and many other features. These features are quite an improvement over 4.6 which was available for us few months back. That said, xubuntu release should have an update for this to the 4.10. I am not sure why there is no update so far.Also i find it hard to upgrade to the xfce without xubuntu branding when i am using the xubuntu branding. That is something i am trying to avoid for a quite time. I mean branding on the bootscreen for xubuntu is quite ugly and also the login manager is something i am trying to avoid for the xubuntu. In case of ubuntu you'll see that they have some nice bootscreen and the login manager. so that is why xfce is good but something i don't want to use with branding of canonical.There was a hack to use plymouth boot screen, i am not sure if they allow us to edit the bootscreens. I think most of the windows versions have such softwares from stardock, i wonder what is there for the linux. It would be good to use such a bootscreen editor. I mean we can use what we like or want that way.
  11. Things I hate about xubuntu are - bootscreen, and the window decorations.Their bootscreen is something i can't change but window decorations can. I don't know how to change that bootscreen to something stunning like ubuntu. Also the login manager is also ugly for the xubuntu. In case of modern processors like core i3 it is not needed to use xubuntu in case there are more than 4 cores to manage the performance. I see that xubuntu is good for the low or moderate hardware but in case of modern hardware why not take advantage of the resources.That said, I did ubuntu gnome shell install and now the system is using classic gnome on ubuntu 12.o4. It is quite fast and does most of the work. I am also installing some of the tweaks which are working fine for the stuff. Then tryinng to plan for the mate or cinnamon in future if things with gnome classic dont pan out as planned. The reason i am not into install spree is because it is quite boring to watch slow downloads.
  12. I didn't find the look of it much like the iphone. I do see some similarities to it. I think there is one lesson to be learnt. Just because competitor succeed with one type of the phone doesn't mean it is because of the UI. I think iphone success was because of the app store and the other stuff too. Blackberry seems to be failing on that point. They don't think of the market in that direction and are more interested in locking the market.I see there is one commercial "blackberry boys" where they show bunch of businessman getting frustrated because blackberry is now in hands on normal people. I think that is the bad part of marketing. I never saw apple making such commercial. They just show the features on the commercial and that is what makes them stand better in the market compared to the android or BB phones.I do like the new design by the way but how they are planning to take back what they lost with broken BBM, lack of radio, expensive 3G plans and many other services. I think ISP charge more for the blackberry data, isn't that bad for the service? Though they feel like something different to many users with such issues, but that is not the point to stand out IMO.
  13. I have just installed the ubuntu 12.04. Tested the unity and gnome 3 interface on the computer and realized that it is not my thingy. I had approximately 1 hour of live cd session. I managed to somehow understand that unity and the HUD is one of the things that I hate on the linux. I like point and click thing and not typing so, this is the reason i have installed gnome classic session here. This old gnome classic makes me feel like using the same old gnome with new apps. I am sure that there are people who use the old gnome session on their computers with this upgrade. I wanted to install cinnamon and mate from the repository but it seems that there is hardly any need considering i can use the gnome fallback session on ubuntu. My system specs are - Intel second generation core i3 RAM 2GB ALSA Intel graphics Ubuntu 12.04 It is still slow when all the effects are applied and that is what makes it hard to use between snappy slowless. So far I have managed to use the compiz effects on all the desktop environment and it is working fine but disabled them because i hardly need them and they are not that attrctive either. So instead of unity, gnome 3 and compiz, I settled down to the gnome session fallback. There is a lot of branding inside ubuntu software center. I mean any search query will show some ubuntu product in software center. I don't know if they want to make money desparately but it seems they are over promoting. Anyway, it is too early to say anything about the release from ubuntu. let me take 1 more week to make some more conclusions.
  14. Those who want to compare the cloud drive storage with other competitors can see the new article on the lifehacker. That is a good review for those who are new to the cloud storage and wants to use the cloud for their blogs backup. I think it is better to see if any of these cloud storage has a wordpress plugin. I know that amazon, jungledisk, rackspace and box, dropbox have the plugin. I am not sure about the other sites. You can check the chart for the current rates and service features here. That said there is also another article on the guardian on the cloud storage drives. This comparison is limited for the top brands. You don't see the spideroak and some other startup based companies over there. I found spider oak another good service for the storage. They have a good storage service and the customer service. Compared to the google and microsoft, they have much responsive staff. I just want to see if there is any wordpress plugin for the google drive. And that way i can take the backup of the blog or othre minor files onto the google storage. I already do this with the amazon cloud storage but that said i don't think i need one more service for the backup as i struggle with one service already.
  15. I think they made a gamble with shiny thing. Windows desktop was usable because they provide more consistent standard interface. Is search option quickly available, is desktop quickly able to find the files like it used to for the all previous version. Is desktop going to give the access to the control panel and some of the software removal and installation services? these are the things which makes it hard to use the metro UI. Here is one funny image for the windows metro UI. It is kind of poked fun at the new interface and rightfully so. That said i am not the only one who thinks windows 8 is not good for gaming desktop. So many gaming companies are thinking about moving to the linux environment. Steam recently announced that they are interested in the linux. So i guess those who sticked with windows for the steam are going to get linux distro and they are going to join the linux rev soon. Here's the news snippet. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/25/pengrin-steam-coming-to-linux-at-last/
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