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  1. well our clan avarage is lvl 50-70 but our clan is not dependent on the lvl of our members but the numbers we have over 60 members and growing and wile we are in the wilderness we have no trouble getting around and killing anyone. a lvl 126 has no chance against 6 lvl 70's. We fight in numbers and most of the people in the wilderness are lvl 50 and down.
  2. he is going to be messed up if you tell him that you tell him like a moth aafterwards. I found my ways around these kind of situations when I was 12 and for 2 years it has worked like a charm. If I ask a girl out or give her a sign that i have my eye on her and she doesn't respond in 2 weeks then i will stop thinking of her. Even though i still like her it is apperant that she doesn't like me or if she does she doesn't like me enough to give me a sign back. The way i though of this is when in 7th grade i liked a girl so i asked her out and she said maybe and im the meantime i was still talking to her and i really thouhgt that she liked me so a month later i asked her if she wanted to go out and she gave a rock cold NO. So for a month i was thinking about her and how i was gonna be with her and now she sais no. All though 7th grade i stayed away from dating because i didn't want that to happen again. In 8th grade i came up wit the 2 week rule and have gone on many dates with that rule and am never hurt like i was 2 years ago. So you are really going to hurt this guy now. I suggest that you tell him that you will go out but not as lovers but as friends and go out bowling a fun game should smoth things up.
  3. my facorite game is runescape. Many people say that the graphics are really bad but for me it doesn't matter its just that the game itself is a good one and i never get sick of it unlike many other games that i have played. For example with runecape you can make clans like i did this is my clan website http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . i don't think there is another game that has caught my attetion as much as runescape has.
  4. I have been playing Runescape for about a month and I have a plan to take over Runescape, build an army, kill people who go into the wilderness, take their things and spread them amongst the members of the army. This is one of the things I have in mind but also I am planning on taking things to a new level by securing area where we can stay. This plan has not been carried out yet and I am trying to get people to start securing areas before we start the whole organization. I have alot more information about my plan that goes with a map of the areas i am interested in. There are already 3 members if you want to become one just sign up on the forum on my website and tell me what you want to be. More info at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  5. i think don't think that there is a program out there that can make a mmog-- or at least a good one because you need that cheracters, objects, landscape, and then you need the pragramming for objects and what they do and how they react with each ither and on top of that the log systems and all together it is a nightmare. I tryed makinging one and after 3 months of designing i was sick of it because therre was noone to work with. If you have experience with graphics and game programing maybe we can put a team together to make one. Tell me more about what your goals are for the game.
  6. i was wondering--what did people use before the invention of toilet paper because mass producton of paper is a pretty recent thing and i would think that about 1000 years ago only the wealthy could afford to use it. Any ideas how this was done in the early days? TY
  7. that is exacly the problem he isn't just getting spanked its hitting on the head and its not like the way we think of punishing kids its much harsher. And someone said that if they make him leave the house and i didn't mention this but they have sometimes made him get out for three days and i didn't find out about this until he told me a month later. And since he has no family other than his parents he said that he would stay in the library during the day and at night on the sofa that was left on the street.
  8. lol that is funny but he's is too short and mine is too long-or at least that is what everyone tells me. My avarage shower takes about 50 min -1hour and a half. The reason for that is showers are soo fun i never get sick of just laying there in the hot water. Also i am a very clean person and care alot about my appearence and it is very important t me that i stay clean.
  9. I want to start making 3d faces but i dont know what program to use. I already have 3d max but it isn't really good for making faces so i am lost. i looked up a couple of programs under google and they all claim to make good heads but really the samples they show that they made with the program does not match up with the tools the program offers. any ideas or imformation? ty
  10. ok well i know somebody who is having real problems with his family and had this problem for 3 years now he has been telling me about it but it was just like little teenager problems we all have them but lately he has been really sad and he said he hates his family and he wants to move out but he has no one to stay with so he wants to go to some orphanage place. I told him that he should reconsider the problem but he says that his family doesn?t talk to him, doesn't like him and he says that they yell at him for things like getting a B and they have hit him so basically he doesn't want to sew them or anything he just wants to go to another place where he will feel safer. I was thinking i would tell him the orphanage but he is 14 and i don't know how this process works any ideas or information. TY
  11. ok there is this mexican dude that keeps calling my cell and he dosn't know how to speak english and i want to say --don't call here you dialed the wrong number-- how do i say that?
  12. hi Lord of Rockman i hope you will learn to like this website as i have.. This is a good community and you can learn a lot here just as i have. WELCOME!!!
  13. there is a reason girls say that:1) Bad reputation for being a easy girl2) I don't know about you but the idea of a girl who never done it is attracting.3) When a man does it they are being a guy but when a girl does it they are being a ...4) Why would a girl admit they; have nothing to gain and everything to loose.
  14. I consider myself lucky but there have been accretions were I was latterly about to die here is one: In our town there is a street that is very steep and is very long. So what me and my friends usually do is we ride up the hill which takes about 20 minutes and ride down along the sidewalk. On one occasion I starting riding down and just when my bike started building serious speed a lady in a wheelchair comes right in front of me and I know there is no way in the world I can stop my bike in time so I turned to the street almost falling over attempting so and just when I am in the street a car comes in front of me I manage to dodge it and at that exact time I looked back in relief another car comes at me 25 miles per hour and hits me in back of my bike throwing me off it, when I got up I looked back and I saw the car was messed up and it was one of those expensive Cadillac's and my bike was trashed so I figured I should run before people come and I end up paying 25 thousand for the car so I ran. I told my mom my bike was stolen in the park when I was playing basketball, of course she got mad at me and 2 days later I figured out the Cadillac was stolen so I basically saved someone's car. But until today I get shivers thinking about it.
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