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  1. I created the links page already, what about you? Do not make me wait much time please.
  2. I already told in my latest reply, i will create a links page on my site, a new menu, and i will insert exchange links, the point is not to get tons of traffic, the point is for search engines, so for me a link is enough, wherever you want, just insert the link to my site and the description and title of the anchor tag as both: Flash Clocks Website
  3. There is no global worming nor global cooling, there are no scientific proofs without a doubt that the clima went like that, Al gore is more then right, not because he has proof that there is a current global warming but because we should not wait for the proofs/facts that wit is in fact a global warming, i mean, should we wait to find out? I do not think so, but that is the human nature all over gain, nobody does a god damn thing until it is really noticeable by everyone, my good, i really thought many would have learned that we need to change our behavior towards nature, and in general of course.I also live in the coast, the head of Europe just near Spain, if the glaciears melt drastically, my town will be under water just like in 2012, that could happen yes, but perhaps not because the glaciers are still not melting at high speed, but when they start to, you all will see what happens to coasts of countries all over the world, and if you think the countrie side will not be affected, you are really truly badly informed.You should all keep up with the news, glaciers are melting, global temperature is warming up drastically is several parts of our planet, pollution is at its highest rates, and increasing at a warp speed by industries and many others which are constructed everyday/month/year, so global warming is the least of your problems, of our problems i mean, specially for who lives in the coasts.-----------One more thing that i dount most of you know, the pollution does not come only from industries, it comes from billions of persons that live on our planet, an industry does not make so much pollution as the population of a big town like new york city, los angeles, chicago, detroit, rome, paris, madrid, barcelona, lisbon, and so on, or even in China which has 2 billion citizens, and 6 billion in our planet, we do a lot more pollution then industries, not counting the nuclear test bombs that the French and united states of america does on our oceans, those nuclear test sky rocket the pollution to our planet and the complete destruction of the ozone layer by thousands of miles/km, and the winds also help spread the destruction of nuclear test bombs.Another thing, the ozone layer is not destroyed just above the industry factories, the winds take the pollution to other cities and countries near by, so if you think that the biggest destroyers/industries are polluting their own countries, yes they are but, they also pollute nearby countries, so imagine a place like europe or asian or africa where there are a lot more countries then in north america or even south america, that is a proof of fact.
  4. It is better we exchange links with text links, text links are better for search engines, i will create a friends page with my friends links, are you ok with that? All my flash clocks were built by myself, i have been creating flash clocks for more then 5 years, only about 1 year ago i decided to encrypt the code inside each flash clock and also put an invisible layer above each clock with a link to my domain, but before i did not encrypt nor insert any extra protection layers, so many people used my flash clocks as they wanted, many even sold and claimed they were their, i was pissed but i could not do a thing because i was doing it for fun, that is wahy some of my flash clocks are on the internet, but not that much, out of 157 new flash clocks i built this year (not counting every custom flash clock i created which is a lot more then 150), you will only find a few on the internet without my invisible layer with my domain link. My old websites where i shared completely free flash clocks were at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ http://free-flash-clocks.freehostia.com/ ------------------ freeflashclocks.eu will be back up online at January and i will continue my work with both domains, so the seo stuff rvalkass is going to be fixed, this domain is only to keep my old members and flash clocks users, which are tens of thousands, more then 60.000 users at the time i checked awstats and google analytics. ------------------ google domain tools is only if you pay, i checked and i could not find my solution, your solution is to create a domain email with my cpanel and redirect using redirect, i used to use it but if the e-mail server is not working, you will not get the redirects, so i will loose deals has i did once before, and as for a contact form, i also used to use it but there are times that php gives errors as well as the email server, and i do not want to loose deals. Thanks for the favicon tip, it is not that i never thought of it but i think i must change to a clock, i like stars so i used one, some things i just use for fun, but i want this to be a professional website, so you are right again.
  5. Thanks for the grammar tip on the about us page, you know, i am not English nor american nor from an English speaking country, i am Portuguese (i was born in France), so a lot of languages influence my writing, you are right nevertheless.For he last comment, i was hoping for your comments, all comments are important but as for old members like myself here at Xisto, the comments become very important because of obvious reasons., i thanks, and i understand your reason, that is ok.The sidebar with the search for is not to be taken, i still have a lot of things to do there, and my plan is to insert bookmarks all over the sidebar, i still have not figure it out which bookmarks and how but i will for sure, it is now a matter of time.As for so many flash elements on the home page and flash clock gallery is something you are also right, i have powerful computers so i can not really say it slows down my computer system performance, but i think now i should consider reduce the size of each flash clock from 200x200 to 150x150, or perhaps to 100x100 like my biggest competitor does (Clocklink.com), my point is to really take him out on our game, but it is a little soon.You are right again, when you talk about following standards, my website runs in Firefox, Internet explorer, maxthon and opera but, i really should consider fixing all errors because someday i could have a lot more then 5, which could lead to an incomplete load of my website pages, my point was that ,y 5 errors are still not that important...for now, TheDarkHacker has a point, all major and most popular websites have html errors nowadays, it is not that i should follow their "advice" but there are more important things for now, but i will correct each one.
  6. I appreciate all comments, though i think html errors are not that important in my opinion, every major browser opens my site as it should if i am not mistaken, at least according to last time i checked which was not so long ago.I agree with the e-mail thing, i will check out Google tools for this, though gmail has the best anti-spam filters, i could be using my own domain e-mail but i had several business deals lost and other almost lost because the web hosting e-mail server was not working, so it is always a risk using your own domain name as the e-mail to get your deals, i used to use it but i know i lost a few deals for custom flash clocks.I do not get a spam message using my gmail account at my current domain and my old domain (freeflashclocks.eu, which is not working until January 2010), like i said, gmail is the best in spam issues, and you can use your own filters as well if in fact you get some spam e-mails, but you are right, and i will check Google tools for this, perhaps it asks to validate the domain with some metadata key or some html file to upload to my server root, but i appreciate if you could redirect me from here without having to search for it.The grammar errors will be fixed, thanks, next time point them out if you can, at least one please, so i will know what you are referring to, i check all spelling but sometimes the dictionaries and lack of time are against me.Thank you all, even to rvalkass, i know you for a long time here at Xisto, so i count on you to help me with some comments on the design if you want, thanks.Sure we can exchange links, give me the link so i can take a look ok?Thanks for your nice comments, and the textarea tip, the point was to make it noticeable, but some color would make it better for sure.-------Yes i did on my own, the template was built with ezgenerator, it is a program with templates, but not like my site is, i improved it a lot and changed many things by editing the source code of html and css files, i really can not understand why you say i did not made this on my own, please explain.-------TheDarkHacker, this domain is not exactly new, but most of the traffic comes from freeflashclocks.eu work i made, but i had a problem with hat domain, it is going back up online at January 2010, and freeflashclocks.eu is still on top of every site about flash clocks and it is offline for 1 or 2 weeks.
  7. I finished the website i wanted to create for years, i took some time and it took me 2 months to finish it, it really took more then 60 days to make it like i wanted for so long, i used to use a blog, i still do but the blog will be continued in January 2010 (freeflashclocks.eu). I am just asking for your cleaver review, make it count please, i want to improve it even further, so please take the time to help me, if you can! he he he. My flash clocks website http://flash-clocks.com/ Thanks in advance.
  8. It does not need a rocket science degree or diploma to figure it out what is going on with our own planet, the global warm phenomenon is caused by 2 variables only: . The sun destructive forces The sun is getting bigger all the time, the sun will reach earth in some thousands or million years in the future, i do not know for certain how much time the planet earth has until the sun reaches it or at least it causes it to destroy, but we know that the sun is getting stronger and closer by the minute. . The pollutionI am not a rocket scientist or Albert Einstein, although my second name is Albert (Alberto in Portuguese), pollution causes the destruction of the ozone layer, the pollution from fires, industry factories, cars, and everything that pollutes the air, and so on, that causes to destroy our only protection against the UV rays, and so that is our own fault, not natures fault, and it is predictable that when the ozone layer is destroyed, the sun will seem to be more strong and powerful.Global warming is caused by the pollution and sun, but mostly pollution because it destroys the ozone layer which protects us from the sun powerful forces, and when the ozone layers disappear, the glaciers will melt down which will cause tsunamis, well, the sea will reclaim a lot of earth that once was his, and the most affected parts of the continents will be the coast of every continent and country that has a coast by the sea.----------Why the united states of america and other well known powers of this planet do not do a thing about global warming, because there is nothing to do, the pollution will be made regardless what everyone wants, we need to make pollution in order to survive, and we do not have the necessary technology nor technology in place to deal with pollution, even the factories have some technology to stop some pollution but it does not stop it all.It is a matter of time until our ozone layer is totally destroyed, it is a matter of time only, but we could use the time left to come up with technology to protect us when our ozone layer is completely destroyed, but even that is not being done or researched, and that we can do something, but no government does because they do not care, WE DO NOT CARE, unless we would not use our cars, we would not fire wood in our living room, women would not use sprays for their air, et cetera et cetera et cetera, nobody cares with our planet, it is the human being nature, do not confuse yourself, only some of us really and truly cares, but it is a waist of time because the majority does not care, so it is a lost battle, nothing else.
  9. I believe the above quotation explains it quite clearly, nonetheless it is possible to be an extremely developed technology vessel with invisible or camouflage technology with some flaws!!!
  10. News Title: USB Flash Drive With FingerPrint Recognition News Source: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I found this just a few seconds ago, i though i had to share the news, i really find this a plus because many people actually save confidencial and copyrighted data in usb drives, i know i do and i know many of my friends also do. I use to have many portable programs, personal pictures and other data on the usb that i would not want to share with anyone except a few persons, and even if you do not see this new type of usb drive as a plus, perhaps you will if you have a company or other files you just want completely secure. For now, there will be only with 1GB tops, but i guess this will develop in a short period of time.
  11. If i did understand, you need help to upload video files to your server, i suppose to your traper hosting account, if it is so, that is ok if you do not know, i been there too, everyone has as a mater of fact, do not worry, it is a walk in the park, pardon my expression.Uploading by ftp (using a ftp client to transmite video files from your pc to the traper server in your account) or by http (visitng cpanel with a browser using the http protocol) is easy, but the thing is that video files are normally big, and am almost sure that the upload limit per file is 4 or 5 MB, at least it was and is to me, i have to upload bigger files on rapidshare and megaupload, as for videos of games, funny stuff, video clips of music and other stuff i use megavideo.com, but there are other sites like megavideo.com that you can upload very large videos and in the end of the upload, they give a link to view the video online at all times, and you can share with anyone.For ftp, download smartftp which is freeware and the best for the record, filezilla is very good too, you choose, then install it, open it, and make a new ftp site, then enter name of the site, then the ip or dns of your hosting account, then enter your username and password, then click connect, then open the folder named www or publichtml, then drag and drop the video files from your pc to your ftp account.But video files are big, trap has a upload file limit and it is very low, so you better choose a site like megavideo.com .Just reply for moe help iguest, i will help you further if you want.
  12. I experimented one of their games , a free version, i can not recall the version number but, i did not like it, it is not my style, so i must that what is it with this game? Is it really a wondeful and exciting game to be sold 100 million times? I think not, i guess i glory and fame for really the most part, they had a hell of a publicist i tell you that much!
  13. Who cares, like many said as a matter of fact, besides, i never use torrents except for games, though the most part i do not even remember to use torrents to download goodies, i get my goodies elsewhere, and there are way too many ways to get it.They just don't get it! Illegal stuff will fill the. internet, and there is nothing to do to stop it, period.
  14. I knew piratebay was going to loose, assuming this news refers to the same legal case against piratebay torrent search service, which is very popular too.But they were winning the case some time ago, so i guess now mininova and others are next, but it does not mean they will win every case they present, it is just a matter of how good their lawyers are in the end, the law can always been broken, or circunvented at least, the last is the ultimate lawyer power, i had a cousin which is very famous here in portugal as a lawyer, i used to talk to him about he would be able to win impossible cases.I beleave this will make things harder for copyright holders, people will feel angry and revenge is now a must!-------Why i know piratebay was going to loose, because of many words and sentences they had on their website, i mean, do they have a jail wish or what!?They allow you to narrow/filter the torrent search by audio, movies, games, tv series, et cetera, so the script is optimized to search for illegal content, and they have no permission to search for copyright content, either legal nor illegal, which is pretty much enough to put thepiratebay.org website admins in jail for piracy acomplice at least.
  15. I would not use that website if i wanted to make extra money, i have my website on the top5 at google, i would only use money making stuff from established companies, like google in google adsense, yahoo in yahoo network ads or even widgetbucks in widgetbucks flash ads, there are others however, like adbrite and so forth, but i only use google adsense, and we all know that you can not use google adsense ads with that so many other ads services or whatever.A real way of making money, despite that one beeing legitimate and all, i trust is from ads that already have thousands of advertisers, like the ads services supracited, nonetheless, i am not saying that way is bull, it is just that one must invest his time in only a couple of money making ways, and concentrate at maximum focus in each one, if you deviate, you will not get the expected results, i know that from experience, i been there.
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