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  1. I tried hosting my client's website on Xisto - Web Hosting. Everything was going fine until I reached the checkout page. One look at the accepted countries drop down list and my enthusiasm was crushed. NIGERIA is not in the list ... I searched for a few African countries and couldnt find them there either. Why is this so? Does it mean that I can never be able to host my websites on Xisto - Web Hosting or Xisto - Domains? I would like a prompt reply on this issue so I can decide whether to search for another web host to use. My client is on my neck to get her website hosted and I was hoping to partner with Xisto - Web Hosting to get this done. I still have some lingering websites to host and if this one goes well, i will have to stick with Xisto - Web Hosting for all my web hosting needs. I have had my website hosted freely by Xisto in the past and I really commend on the reliability and speed/performance of their servers...which is why I am paying now. Please help me ...... ASAP. Thank in advance for your anticipated help and support.
  2. Great news to hear Naehqwien. I also run hachintosh on my HP Pavilion DV5-1153ei on Leopard 10.5.7 at the moment and considering upgrading to Snow leopard ASAP. How did you get the retail Snow leopard working on your OC and whats your PC config? Please give me details where possible.Thanks in advance.
  3. I also have a Samsung Omnia SGH-i900v and cant wait for Winmo 6.5 to be out. But I would rather wait a bit more for a more stable ROM so I dont mess things up in the phone. I have a Samsung Blackjack II too. Dont know if it can handle Winmo 6.5, but I'd love to test that on it too. I prefer to use a Winmo application called PIM Backup to backup my contacts. This application is so awesome in the sense that it back up/restores your Contacts, Messages, Call logs (and I really mean your whole call logs), files and folders too if you select it in the backup options. I have used this application and I am 100% sure that it saves everything cos I ve had to reset my Omnia's memory to manufacture default when it caught a virus and everything came back like I never did the reset. Aint that awesome?It is a FREE app and I recomment you give it a try.
  4. I have never used 2Checkout before and I dont know how that works. I will try what rvalkass said about making my payment with the usually hidden credit card option. And if that dont work, then I will write to sales@Xisto - Web Hosting.com Thanks guys for your help and support. I am still working on getting the website registered and hosted by Xisto - Web Hosting ...
  5. I was just going through the process of registering the domain and hosting the website for my client through Xisto - Domains. I was kinda disappointed to realize, just at the point when I was about to make the payment that I can only do this through a paypal. Why is this so? Isn't there any other method of payment I could use? I am in Nigeria and I don't have access to a paypal account. Instead I make my online payments via a credit card. This is very frustrating after all my hopes that I was going to host this website. Please help !!!
  6. I have played NFS UG2 too. Finished it and got bored with it. Right now, I am playing NFS carbon and NFS Pro Street alongside each other. I prefer Pro Street though but it is quite system demanding.
  7. If you bought a brand new computer within the past few years, you might have noticed that your computer shipped with a Serial ATA (SATA) controller instead of the convetional Enhanced IDE (EIDE) controller. The reason for this is to enhance performance and power management as SATA controllers and their supported Hard Disk Drives have a higher data transfer speed against their IDE counterparts. And they are supposed to use lesser amount of power thereby saving you more battery life in your notebook's battery or UPS as the case may be. If you want to install and run Windows XP on your computer, their is a higher possibility that Windows XP will say no HDD detected on your mobo, whereas infact, the HDD is there and working properly. The reason is because your computer shipped with a SATA HDD controller. The unfortunate thing here is that there is nothing you can actually do about the hardware, but there is definitely something you can do about the software. There are two options here: 1. Disable SATA from your system BIOS and install Windows XP and; 2. Sliptream your Windows XP installation and add your SATA controller driver in there, burn it as a bootable disc and install Windows XP with your SATA driver loaded and working fine. Steps: 1. Start your computer and during Power On Self Test (POST) press F2, F10, F12 or Del as the case maybe on your hardware to enter your BIOS setup. navigate to your SATA controller config and disable it. Now that you have dont this, you should be able to install Windows XP without any hitch, but this means your computer isn't using the HDD controller in SATA mode. Rather, it is in IDE mode which is a lil slower than SATA. Most computer users out there wouldnt want to deter their computer's performance in any manner. So, if you still want to use SATA, you can download your manufacturer's SATA controller driver and then do this: Download and save the driver installation package in a folder of your choice, but I am gonna use My Documents (C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\) for Windows Vista and (C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\) for Windows XP. When you try to run the driver, it will say you dont have a compatible driver because you computer is in IDE mode so dont do this. Extract the driver's .exe or .zip file with Winrar. Open a command prompt Window. When you do this, you will be presented, by default, with your ducoments folder in which case mine is C:\Users\Michael\Documents. Use the CD command to navigate to the folder where your driver is kept which is: C:\Users\Michael\Documents\Driver folder. After this, I then type setup -A -P C:\Users\Michael\Documents\Driver folder\. The cabinet file carrying your SATA driver will be extracted into a folder named Driver. Now, go to Device Manager. Right click on your IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and select the SATA controller. Click on update driver. Select no dont search Microsoft website and click next. Select Advanced and then select no, do not search. Click next and goto the next page, then click on Have Disk to browse to the folder where the drivers where extracted. Select your SATA AHCI or RAID .inf file and click OK. You will recieve a warning that Windows cant verify the driver, ignore this and click on continue to install the SATA driver. You will be prompted to restart immediately after the driver has been successfully installed. Click OK to restart. Immediately goto your BIOS setup and re-enable your SATA controller native mode or your will get a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) if not enabled. You are done. Enjoy your Windows XP. 2. Download nLite and use it to slipstream your Windows XP. It is a very easy step. All you have to do is to follow the easy instructions. Click next and click browse to select your Windows XP installation CD (which you must have inserted in your CD/DVD Drive). You will then be prompted to select a folder where your temporary files will be kept. You can select any folder of your choice, but it is better to create a separate folder for easy deletion later on. Your installation Disc will then be copied to your temp folder. After this, you will be presented with your version of XP. Click next until you get to where you see a series of buttons. Select Drivers and bootable Disc and continue until you have the insert button on the lower right side of the nLite Window. Click on it to select your dowloaded SATA controller .inf file (which in most cases will be iastor.inf or iastar.inf) and then select your particular SATA controller model (in my own case, it is Intel 82801 GBM ICH7-M), hit next to continue. You will then be prompted whether you want nLite to start the slipstreaming. Click OK and nLite will then combine your SATA controller Driver with your Windows XP installation. After that, you can go ahead and burn the New Installation Disc with nLite or your can use it to make an ISO image for later burning with another burning software like Nero or Roxio. Restart your computer and and install your Windows XP without any problems. I hope this my little contribution will help my fellow Xisto members who encountered the same problem I encountered with the new Intel SATA controller.
  8. This is very great. who will believe that ordinary water has the power to cure all these diseases? It is more like a miracle. it is preferable and more healthy to continue drinking water than to take in dosages upon dosages of medicines.Like I said before, this is really good news. I am copyng and saving the information in my laptop for further practice.Thanks Ezz
  9. Thanks very much for the awesome advice Archangel Baw. I havent chosen anyone of them as of now. I am just playing along and still trying to know which one of them really loves me or which one just likes my looks. Actually, I have already started short listing them and for now, I have about 3 of them taht I am looking at. Depending on which one is able to pass my tests, that will determine which one I am gonna select.Despite trying to shortlist the list I already have, I am getting more joining the list. 2 more has joined. Well, I am still trying to see how this ends up
  10. without surgey? wow. peeople would be scared of her
  11. Well, I am damn sure that they are not myspace spam. because a bot will never send an email to you and neither will a bot send you more than 5 emails, sometimes up to 8 or even 9 per day with each response as regards to the specific subject you are discussing.And then, definitely a bot cant call you on your mobile phone and talk to you for over 5mins. I have spoken to most of them on the phone, seen them on cam and they ve even sent emails to my alternate email addy. I know one thing, that the US is full of some crazy people, though u can still get some sane ones too, but I am more like trying to get to know them much more better before I get into anythin serious with anyone.Though I still need advice here...
  12. Well, I guess its cos MS has got a some grounds in the US. I personally dont give a damn about the scene though. Havent seen it yet but I think MS shouldnt have put something like dat in there game which is intended for the younger people.That was not thoughtful of them.
  13. I got myself registered into MySpace a few months ago and there seemed not to be any notice of me until I took a pic of myself one early morning while I was about to leave for work. I had put up this pic as my default pic in there at myspace (you can view the pic at Odomike's MySpace. It is the first thing you see on the page). Well, after that, I got a host of girls, ladies and women...writing me and teling me all sorts of romantic mumbo jumbo...like..you are hot, you are sexy and all things you can imagine. It even got worst when I had to install the MySpace Messenger (MySpaceIM) on my laptop and connect to their chat room. It might sound crazy but right now, I have 7 women, all willing to and ready to marry me if I so want it. 5 are Americans, 1 is a German while the other is a Serbian. If you scroll down my page, you would see the comments I get from them and you could figure out for yourself what I am saying. Some dont actually post coments but just prefer to chat. Well, the problem here is the fact that I cant fall in love with and marry seven women at the same time. I have to shortlist them down to one. Amongst all of them, I like one of the Americans and then the German most. The German has shown so much interest in me that she literally warned a couple of the Americans to back off from me. But I havent made up my mind yet as to what is gonna happen. I am just at a crossroads with what decision to make concerning these women. Definitely, I cant marry them all at the same time, and then I dont wanna choose the wrong one too. Guys and girls in here, your help and advice is really needed here.
  14. Another very good and easy utility for parttition and hard disk management is the Acronis Disc Director Suite. This is what I use and as a hardware techie, I would recommend this.It aint hard to use. Infact, all you need is a very good understanding of the English Language to use it which I believe you have.If you can lay your hands on the demo version or if you can buy a full version, all the better for ya.
  15. Some games require more AGP aperture size to run more smoothly. I remember the time I was playing DOOM 3. And I was trying to set the game at its maximum screen resolution, I got a warning that unless I have up to 256MB of aperture size, the game might have performance problems and when I finally increased my aperture size to 512MB (it was previously on 128MB), I noticed a considerable increase in performance at the increased resolution. Though I was not using the GeForce 6200. It was a GeForce FX 5200 Ultra with 128MB of video memory. But, yea, it surely did help to have the higher aperture size in there with that card.I think you should consider setting your aperture size to about 128MB with your card if your mobo BIOS supports this kinda tweak.
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