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  1. Why are you copying other posts for taking credit and from the same topic itself. This is really bad.
  2. Thanks Saint-Michael for the link. Although I have read many articles of rails but I am surprised how it skipped. Rails is gaining popularity very fast, I see very bright future for it. I am programming in .NET since last 2 years (and i have to continue it for money because its full time job) but I found Rails very good. But I have seen rare discussion of it on Xisto, May be in future this will not be the case.
  3. Hi,At present I am hosting one website in Ruby on Rails at Xisto - Web Hosting. Soon I am also going to start two more. I am new to Ruby to Rails so I would like to know that is there anybody who is working with Ruby on Rails? If yes than its better so that we can help each other because it's a new technology and the documentation is not so much available (although day by day it is increasing).So anybody??
  4. Hi Friends,I am a member of Xisto since October 2004 and hosted my website here for around one year. After that I have moved in following wayXisto.com >>>> Xisto.com >>>> Xisto.net >>>> some other host >>>> site closed.But now I am back but hosting my website on paid hosting on Xisto - Web Hosting.com (Applied today only). When the idea of paid hosting came to my mind I have decided to host it to Xisto - Web Hosting. I am 100% sure that I will get good service because I have the experience of Xisto and Xisto.Waiting for my site to be online on Xisto - Web Hosting...........
  5. Norton is the worst antivirus I have experienced so far. It is costly and there are a lot of Good antivirus than it. If we leave the paid counterparts and talk about the free version I have found Avast Free Edition far far better than Norton. The virus definitons of Norton come late and the main thing is that Norton is a resource hog. It eats up a lot of RAM of a computer. It is really a important things if your system is low on RAM like mine is only 128 MB till date.
  6. As othere members have posted it depends upon you only which language you use. At enterprise level J2EE and .Net are the most common things. In small companies php is also very famous. Java is a good language to use but now a days I will prefer to go with C# ( C-Sharp) over java.And I am not satisfied with vdhieu84 - as he has said that Microsoft Languages can be obsolete. Visual Basic is the good example for it. It is Microsoft Product and most famous for devleoping Desktop application. Java is popular in web applications but when you talk about desktop application visual basic is winner. And visual basic is here from years. So please don't evaluate the things on the basis of owner of the product/language. .NET is a wonderful platform given by Microsoft, I can't compare anything so good till date.
  7. These are some very good links at one place that are useful for every computer user. Some of the links I already know but I have found here some new links that may be really useful.
  8. Before some weeks I have seen screenshots of Yahoo mail new user interface which was also just like outlook. Now this is the turn of Hotmail. After coming of gmail the web mail competition is really very very tough. I hope sooner or later Gmail will also change its interface and will make it more attractive.
  9. After trying a lot of players I am pretty happy with quessential now a days. Its interface is very easy in comparing to others and the sound quality is also good. I have found Itunes also good to use.
  10. I am also using Bazooka since a long time. There was a time when a computer in my workplace has been attacked badly by spywares and we have tried a lot of spyware removal tools but could not get success. In the end I have tried Bazooka and removed all the entreis manually. Then the computer was spyware free. It is a very good tool to use. But yes everyone should use some tools more than just it like adaware or spybot or spywareblaster. And the most important thing to be safe from spyware is to use firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
  11. solankyno1

    Ad Aware

    If you are using it two years and have no problem so far than i don't think you need to switch to the paid version. The free version is good enough for me. Besides this I also use Spybot and Spywareblaster and these three gives me complete protection.
  12. Although he has not replied so far but I think his OS is windows XP and some setting is switching back the computer in the login screen. Download manager will definalty improve the situation. I use metaproducts download express and it is vert good and free.
  13. Whenever working with websites I have always found that it is very hard if you are targetting different browsers. Some things will work in one browser but it will not work in others. This is very tough situation for web designers. Let's hope Microsoft will do something for that and same for other browser makers.
  14. When my hotmail account was only 2 MB I have also changed the address of my profile to USA and soon I was upgraded to 25 MB. But after that I am still waiting for 250 MB upgrade I don't know why I am not being upgraded even my lot of friends who have done after me all have 250 MB now.But yes this trick works.
  15. One night I have found that my windows XP have been automatically updated to windows XP SP2. I have found the features of SP2 very good like the new Firewall and the pop up blocker in the internet explorer.But I have seen than in some of computers the system crashes out after installing sp2 and they have to format their system. It don't work even after switching back to last known configuration. In the last I would say that it is worth to update your xp to sp2.
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